Prayer Offices

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer (UMC)

Midday Prayer

Evening Prayer

Evening Prayer (UMC)

Night Prayer

Morning Prayer (UMC - adapt. for personal use)

These are prayer offices that I designed and (generally) try and use daily. When I use them, I often add things and mention specific folks and concerns by name.

Although I designed these offices, they are under no copyright and anyone is free to use them.

The primary sources I used, all of which are excellent, were...

Holy Scripture

The Book of Common Prayer
(used by the Anglican Communion)

Ken Collins' Web Site,
particularly his fine Prayer Builder

The United Methodist Hymnal

The United Methodist Book of Worship
(not available online)

The Book of Worship of the Methodist Church (1965)
(out of print,
not available online)

The Book of Worship of the British Methodist Church (1999)
(not available online)

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