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...to my website I hope you enjoy your stay while you are here please bother yourself to take one of the voting questions or sign my guestbook, you could also email me if you rather. This website is on Dragon Ball/Z/GT we also have many quizes.

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Hey a new update coming soon with all new gifs and lots of other stuff to so stick around! We'll get our site rolling again soon.


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    September 1,2000
    Well it has been 7 moths since this site has been updated. Well great news I'm re opening the site and will update because now my Gundam Universe site is near completion. I will now update this site and Gundam Universe as well as help out with fusion force now that I'm co-webmaster of fusion force.

    Febuary 1,2000
    Well it's 9:00 at night and I felt like telling you that we have a new affiliate program where one another sites can be more known also I have a very new GIF program thats even better where if you put my banner on one of your pages I'll make and email you a different GIF every month if you put my banner on all your pages I make and email you a different GIF every week!!!

    January 25,2000
    I made a new link as you can see on my multimedia section called Slide Shows it's another site that has all slides made by me and the slides were built with Microsoft PowerPoint. Because of this I will be done with everything except my slides on the big finish day posted at the top.

    January 20,2000
    I know I started making animated gifs with the careful instructions by JKwok44's page and made a few cool ones nothing special but I haven't had the time to tell you except on my GIFS page where I explain everything anyways I also had to change the section where it talks about how I can't take credit for any of the GIFS to I can only take credit for a few. Anyways just felt like posting that.

    January 15,2000
    On my guestbook it will say from jose to make my own sign just remember when you go to his site you'll see the same dividers and the same flashing dragonballz sign at the top I may have copied his signs but but he copied those two things from me.

    January 14,2000
    I was updating my site since it's still being built and I thought of a great idea that a lot of people all over the nation and other countries love, Pokémon so I thought well I'll just add images and animated gifs to the Pokémon section and so I did and right now I haven't finished the images yet but the animated gifs are great.

    January 12,2000
    I made an update to my Quiz it is much better it has all right answers and it's not screwed up like before and #11 is pretty hard some true fans can't even get that one. See if you can!

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