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From SOCINIANISM IN POLAND, 1932 by Stanislas Kot

Even in their exile [1660 from Poland of the Socinians], discussions about war and the magistrate did not quiet down. They disputed about them the more warmly as they sought for the causes of the hostility of public opinion towards the brethren, which had led to their banishment from a most tolerant State. A trace of this discussion has come down to us in a letter to the brethren sent in 1666 from Kreuzburg by Jeremias Felbinger, a Silesian from Brieg, formerly a minister assisting Ruar at Straszyn near Danzig. Among the chief errors of Socinus, which had a fatal effect on the fortunes of the brethren, he reckoned the prohibition of holding office and engaging in war.19 At the same time, on Dutch soil, one publication after another bore witness to the vitality of this question in sectarian circles.

      19Ad Christianos . . . epistola, in qua Socini et ejus discipulorum errores graviores . . . succincte refutantur (Kreuzburg : Feb. 21-22 1666), printed in 1672, and again at Rotterdam in 1681. In an earlier work, entitled Politicae Christianae compendium (Breslau : 1648 ; a Dutch translation by Antonius Van Koppend, Amsterdam : 1660), Felbinger had already taken a stand opposed to the doctrine of Socinus, and in the spirit of Przypkowski he wrote, "If any believe that Christians are entirely apart from the government of the State, I do not condemn nor hate them for their views ; indeed, it is well for States if they have as many citizens as possible who hold aloof from public offices ; but I warn them as a friend not to backbite secretly those who differ from them in their understanding of the Gospel ls and not to bring them into hatred by cunning tricks." (Etc.)

SOCINIANISM in Poland : The Social and Political Ideas
of the Polish Antitrinitarians in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
( Ideologia polityczna i spoleczna Braci Polskich zwanych Arjanami, Warszawa : 1932. )

Translated from the Polish by Earl Morse Wilbur.
Beacon Hill   Boston : Starr King Press 1957, p. 205.


From A HISTORY OF UNITARIANISM, SOCINIANISM, etc., 1945 by Earl Morse Wilbur

Another witness of changing thought among the Socinians in Holland was Jeremias Felbinger, born in Silesia as a Lutheran, who after teachings for years in Germany adopted the Socinian faith, became an ardent opponent of Trinitarian views, and suffered much for his boldness in attacking them. He at length came to Amsterdam, where he published several religious works, and translated into German a Socinianizing version of the new Testament by Courcelles, professor at the Remonstrant seminary. But he had become an eclectic in theology, inclined to Aranism, and therefore was denied a pension (etc).8

      8 cf. van Slee, Socinianisme, pp. 216-219 ; Bock, [Antitrinitar.], i, 340-355.

A HISTORY OF UNITARIANISM, Socinianism and its Antecedents.
Cambridge, Massachusetts :
Harvard University Press 1945, p. 573.



...     a work of Jeremias Felbinger entitled Doctrina syllogistica published in 1646.4

      4 Sand, Bibliotheca anti-trinitariorum, p. 157 ; a rare work not in the British Museum or the Bodleian.

page 183

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...   Evidently Bidle's fame had spread as far afield as Danzig, for on 24 August 1654 an eclectic Socinian scholar, Jeremias Felbinger (1616-post 1687), wrote thence, expressing his delight . . .     'Parvenit ad aures meas', he writes, 'fama de tua in rebus fidei Christianae sinceritate et constantia,'4 He is delighted that whilst he and others are fighting 'in oris Sarmaticis pro Dei et Christi gloria', God is stirring up faithful men in far distant parts. Let Bidle use all the means at his disposal to disseminate his opinions not only in England but also in America : 'Perge sic, Clarissime Vir, non Angliae solum et finitimis provinciis, sed etiam novo orbi (quem Angli frequentes adeunt), pandere. . . .     Felbinger inquires about the state of the 'truly Christian religion in England' ('statum Religionis vere Christianae') . . and closes with the intimation that Bidle may learn the most recent news of the Danzig Socinian congregation from Andreas Sanderland, the bearer of the letter.

      4 The letter is printed at the close of the Latin edition of Bidle's Twofold Catechism, Duae catecheses quarum prior simpliciter vocari potest catechesis scripturalis posterior brevis catechesis scripturalis pro parvullis (1664), pp. 209-14.

pages 198-9.

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Nathaniel Stuckey . . a pupil of Bidle in grammar and logic . . translated his master's Twofold Catechism into Latin, (etc). The longer Catechism is dated 1664, the shorter has its own title-page and is dated 1665. To these were added a sixteen-page essay . .  and a Latin letter from Jeremiah Felbinger to Bidle, (etc).

page 292

Oxford, 1951.

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FELBINGER Das Neue Testament, treulich aus dem Grichischen ins Deutsche übersetzet : eine neue ausfertigung, in welcher fleissiger als imals zuvor in irgend einer dolmetschung di mancherlei lesungen, so wol aus geschribenen alß gedrukten büchern vorgestellet, und di übereintreffenden örter der schrifft angemerket sind / [Jeremias Felbinger] Amsterdam, 1660. - 14, 714 S.
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Author Felbinger, Jeremias, 1616-ca. 1690 Title Christliches Hand-Büchlein, [microform] : darin gehandelt wird I. Von des Menschen Erschaffung, seinem Abfall, und Wieder-Aufrichtung. II. Von Aufnehmung der unmündigen Kinder, in die sichtbare Gemeine des Herrn III. Von der heil. Taufe. IV. Von der Kirchenzucht V. Von dem heil. Fusswaschen. VI. Von dem heil. Abendmahl. VII. Von dem Verbot des Eidschwörens. ... / Von Jeremias Felbinger. ; Rechten und Ordnungen des Hauses Gottes, in Frag und Antwort. Grundforschende Fragen, welche denen neuen Täufern im Witgensteinischen zu beantworten vorgelegt wurden, nebst beygefügten Antworten auf dieselben, von Alexander Mack Edition Dritte Auflage Publisher Baltimore: : Gedruckt by Samuel Saur,, 1799
Description [4], 129, [1], 99, [1], 41, [1] p. ; 18 cm. (12mo) Series Early American imprints.First series ;no. 35475 Note Signatures: pi² A-L⁶ ²B-M⁶ ²N⁴ (²N4 verso blank) "Kurze und einfältige Vorstellung der äussern, aber doch heiligen Rechten u. Ordnungen des Hauses Gottes, wie es der wahre Haus-Vater Jesus Christus befohlen, und in seinem Testament schriftlich hinterlassen. ... von Alexander Mack ... Dritte Auflage. ..."--99, [1] p., with separate title page "Eberhard Ludwig Grubers grundforschende Fragen, welche denen neuen Täufern in Witgensteinischen, insonderheit zu beantworten auf dieselben, vormals schriftlich heraus gegeben von einem aufrichtigen Mitglied der Gemeine zu Witgenstein ... Dritte Auflage. ..."--41, [1] p., with separate title page. The "aufrichtiger Mitglied" was Alexander Mack, Sr. (1679-1735) Language German
( per University of California )

Author Langennecker, Christian Title Eine Vertheidigung der Warheit [microform] : den Geboten Gottes und der Heiligen Schrift wie die rechte Taufe von Christus an seine Juenger und Nachfolger befohlen wurde / alles in der kuerze verfasset ; bebst einen kurzen Auszug aus des Jeremias Felbingers Schriften Publisher [Ephrata, Pa. : s.n.], 1806
Description 79 p Series Early American imprints.Second series ;no. 10692 Note "Und ist eine Gegenschrift, gegen das Buechlein ... welches handelt von der Taufe, und so weiter." Language German [apparently reprinted in 1968 (WPT)]
( per University of California )

Felbinger, Jeremias. Christian handbook. / Rights and ordinances, by A. Mack, Sr. Dayton, Ohio: J. W. Miller, 1975. Pp. 105.
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