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From POLAND : Key to Europe, 1939 by Raymond Leslie Buell

The Peasant party today [1939] has taken a stand in favour of democracy and civil rights, which it seems to believe are more important than material improvement. The recognized leader of the party is Wincenty Witos. Although Witos is still in exile, he is ably represented in Poland by leaders such as the former Marshal of the Sejm, J. Rataj, and Professor Kot of the University of Cracow, who know how to organize the villages.   (..)  The peasant constitute the majority of the country, and although no one can tell to what extent they follow the leadership of the Peasant party, it seems clear that this party is stronger than ever and is the largest in the country The Peasant party has had a pro-French orientation, has supported collective security, and has advocated a common policy for all democratic countries, including an understanding with Czechoslovakia.

New York * London : A. Knopf 1938, 1939, p. 105.


From Translator's Preface, 1957 by Earl Morse Wilbur

This work here presented* . . . deals with one important phase of the history of a religious body (the Minor Reformed Church of Poland, known to its contemporaries in Poland as Arians, and to Church history in general as Socinians) which . . . was conspicuous not only for its daring innovations in Christian doctrine and for its outstanding contributions to Polish literature in its most brilliant period, but also, and even more, for its bold pioneering in the field of social and political reform, as it sincerely and persistently strove literally to apply the teaching and the practices of Christianity in all personal, social, and political relations. The history of this religious movement thus becomes a sort of laboratory record of experiments in broad fields and along lines in which the past two generations, have again been boldly and vigorously exploring. Here we find the record of early experiments . . . in every phase of social radicalism : socialism, communism, anarchism, non-resistance and pacifism, war, property, taxation, luxury, judicial oaths, office-holding, crime and punishment, Church and State. As the effort was made to put theory into practice in the face of often hostile customs and institutions, we see how far their theories were proved practicable, and at what cost ; in what respect and for what reasons they had to be modified in practice, and where and why they were abandoned (etc).

      * Stanislas Kot, Ideologia polityczna i spoleczna Braci Polskich zwanych Arjanami (Warszawa : 1932).


The Social and Political Ideas of the
Polish Antitrinitarians in the Sixteenth
and Seventeenth Centuries

Stanislas Kot

Translated from the Polish by Earl Morse Wilbur

Starr King Press     Beacon Hill     Boston     (!957)



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