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From Sun Wen Hsueh Shu by Sun Yat-sen, 1919

The science of naming is nominalism and is not logic at all. The former represented one of the two great schools of thought in the medieval age. The other opposing school was represented by realism. Followers of the rival camps waged bitter struggles during the 11th century which continued until the middle of the 12th century. Thenceforth the study of nominalism steadily declined.

Among recent students who sought to revive the subject John Stuart Mill was a prominent figure. Mill, however, applied the principles of nominalism to illustrate the science of logic; he did not entitle his book nominalism. The name of his book was system of Logic. . . .

The cult of Dr. Sun;
Sun Wên hsueh shu ... by Dr. Sun Yat-sen;
the translation by Wei Yung.
Shanghai : The Independent Weekly, 1931, pages 61-2.


From THE PROBLEM OF KNOWLEDGE, 1940 by Ernst Cassirer

The first prominent mathematician to restore this dignity [“of the human spirit”] by a strictly logical deduction of the theory of numbers was Frege, and his Elements of Arithmetic grew out of this endeavor. The pitiless acidity with which it exposed the psychological bias in Mill’s theory of mathematics paved the way for Husserl’s criticism in his Logische Untersuchungen (1900). According to Frege if the cooperation between philosophy and mathematics had led so far to no real result despite numerous attempts on the part of both it was because philosophy was still entangled in a prejudice of psychologism which it must lay aside if it was ever to recognize the true nature of mathematics.6 An interpretation like that of Mill, which regarded number not as a definite concept but only as an idea “in the mind,” consequently reducing it to the rank of the merely subjective, could never lead to any real development of the theory of numbers ; it must always remain “an arithmetic of cookies or pebbles.” The essential insight that Frege’s book means to vindicate against such an interpretation was that the actual truth value of the science of numbers as well as its strictly objective character can be established only when we sharply distinguish it from anything having to do with “things.” Statements about number and statements about objects are quite distinct in meaning, and whoever confuses the one with the other has not laid a foundation for arithmetic but rather has misunderstood and falsified its substance.

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