Oliver Leslie Reiser


From The Integration of Human Knowledge, 1958 by Oliver Leslie Reiser

The writing of this book has taken about ten years. During these years I have had the benefit of comments from numerous friends and critics. My greatest debt is to Mr. B. G. H. Vanderjagt, who has helped me work out the pantheistic philosophy here set forth. Beyond that, my thanks are due Dr. Albert Einstein for his encouragement in this effort at developing a form of pantheism which, as he put it, "is very near my own." I am grateful for helpful comments and criticisms from John Dewey, Harlow Shapley, Alfred Korzybski, J. .R. .Kirk, J. B. Rhine, Stuart Carter Dodd, F. L. Kunz, T. Weiner, Julius Stulman, Joseph Bunzel, Mario Lins, C. K. Bliss, George P. Conger, C. Judson Herrick, Frank Sutherland, C. West Churchman, John Somerville, Lloyd Morain, George M. McKinley, Robert A. Clark, Samuel E. Gluck, Charles Francis Potter, Bebe Bruto, Boldwen Davies, G. W. Borecky, M. S. Kingston, A. Lowinger, and R. Piper. I am happy to acknowledge my indebtedness to these, and other, individuals, especially my students in philosophy over a period of three decades of teaching, so many of whom have helped me in the everlasting effort at clarifying my own thoughts.

Boston : Porter Sargent 1958, pp. 8-9.


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