Joachim Stegmann


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Twórca podrecznika do matematyki, w którym jako pierwszy w Polsce wprowadzil do wykladu logarytmy i ulamki dziesietne - przy jego opracowywaniu korzystal z dokonań J. Napiera i J. Keplera. . . . torowal droge racjonalizmowi religijnemu, . . Author of a text in mathematics, the first one in Poland to introduce logarithms and decimal fractions ; had used the results by Napier and Kepler. . . was one of the pioneers of the religious rationalism . .
Autor . . . Institutionum mathematicarum libri duo (1630), De judice et norma controversiarum fidei libri duo (1644).  

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Bibliographic ( University of Calfornia )

Author Biddle, John, 1615-1662. Title Brevis disquisitio; or, A brief enquiry touching a better way then is commonly made use of, to refute papists, and reduce Protestants to certainty and unity in religion.
Publisher London : Printed for Richard Moone, 1653.
Description [8], 48 p. ; 15 cm. (8vo)
Note Attributed to John Biddle by Wing and Halkett & Laing (new ed.); attributed to John Stegmann* by B. M. cat.
Clark Library copy bound with the author's The apostolical and true opinion of the Holy Trinity ... London, 1653; and 5 other anti-Trinitanian tracts. Language English

* Apparently, this was a translation by John Biddle of Brevis disquisitio, an et quomodo vulgo dicti evanelici pontificios, ac nominatim Val. Magni de acatholicorum credendi regula judicium, solide atque evidenter refutare queant, Eleutheropoli apud Godfridum Philalethium, i.e. Joachim Stegmann, 1633.     (cf. Socinianism in Seventeenth-Century England, John McLachlan, Oxford 1951, p. 92 ff.)   —   (WPT)

Author Stegmann, Joachim, d. 1632. Title De iudice et norma controversiarum fidei / Ioachimi Stegmanni ; ediderunt Iulius Domański et Sbigneus Ogonowski. Publisher Varsoviae : Państwowe Wydawnictwo Nauke, 1963.
Description 83 p. ; 24 cm. Series Biblioteka pisarzy reformacyjnych ;Nr. 4 Note Cover title: Joachimus Stegmannus. Errata slip inserted. Note Includes bibliographical references. Language Latin


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