a little bit about me is I love to go stunt biking and I do a little bit of mountain biking and a bit of skateboarding. I am trying to be a pro dirt biker and be a pro biker.I also like tigers.
       I have a dog named Tazz  but he is really hyper.  He is a golden retriever. And his birthday is on November 3rd and he was born in 2003. but he acts like he was born last year because he is so happy. I also have two cats that are pretty old. there names are gadget and gizmo. Gizmo is about 5 years old and she is getting more playful and meaner ever day. 
Gadget is a baby of gizmo and she is getting stupider every day because she goes and meows and meows every five minute for no reason. She chases fuzz balls and she has a bushy tail. She meows like no other cat.  
 We got gizmo from a farm then she had to sets of babies. Then gadget was born.
I like dolphins and I love to listen to music. For me it doesn't i like girls to lol!!  
really count on what the music is, it's all about the beat if it has a good beat then I am fine with it. My favorite band is like some of nickel back's song's and some of enemies song's. I also like to listen to all the rappers like ludicrous and people like that.   
I also like to talk on msn well I am playing ps2. I really like working in the garage with my dad. My dad and me are supposed to get my 125 mh.dirt bike to run. But I don't think we and going to get it to run.  Because we we're supposed to get are garage heated this winter but we didn't.  We are going to build a go-cart next year and it will be awesome it will be able to go off-road.  
     All the "toys" that we have to drive around are: we have a trice, I have two dirt bikes a 125 and a 80, we have a ski-doo but we are selling it and we are selling our cabin and getting a 2005 ski-doo's. I have two tractor's, you know those are so fun to drive!!! and we might be getting a quad next year.