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The  Patient  Care  Centre  (Singapore)  began  in  1995   as   the  Patient
Education  Centre.  It  was  organised  by  a team of doctors, nurses and counselors to  develop a  comprehensive 
HIV/AIDS programme to cope
with the increasing trend  of  HIV-positive  cases who were largely males
with little education.

In February 1996, the  Patient  Education  Centre  was  transferred  to the
Centre for Communicable  Disease  (CDC) in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. As
there  was   poor  understanding  and  support  from  families  of infected
individuals and the community, approval was sought from the Ministry of Health (MOH)  to  rename the Patient Education Centre to the Patient Care Centre. The MOH provided  funds to renovate the premises for the newly-created Patient Care Centre (PCC).

By  September 1997, PCC  was ready  to open its doors.  Currently, there
are only  two paid  staff  working  at  PCC. The  Patient Care Coordinator
handles  the  administrative  duties and programmes  run in the centre.The home care programmes are coordinated by the home care nurse.With only
two  paid  staff, PCC is run mainly by volunteers, who provide assistance, transportation, food  and other  essential services to implement the various programmes at no charge to patients.
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Our Vision
To  provide  support  to, and  eventually adapt  patients to society, where
they may find meaningful work.

To convince potential employers that HIV patients  have the  capability of contributing productively.

To  achieve  gradual  acceptance  of   HIV  patients  in  society,  through
education on the illness.
On behalf of PCC, Ace Productions will launch
"Overcoming [AIDS]norance Campaign" between 1 March - 15 April 2002. In  conjunction,  a roadshow will  be  held  at  Heeren, Orchard on Saturday, March 16.(Layout)

IndoChine, together with Studio for Conservation and Restoration- Renate Kant Pte Ltd is organising a fund-raising event to raise money to help set up
a Coffee and Art Corner for HIV patients.
Date: March 8, 2002 (Friday)
Time: 1830 hours
Venue: Studio for Conservation and Restoration- Renate Kant Pte Ltd
2 Mandalay Road (black/white bungalow opposite the National Skin Centre)
Cost: $35 per person (inclusive of IndoChine buffet and wine) to be paid at the door by cash or cheque. Further contributions will be greatly appreciated.
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