Volunteer Training Programme in HIV/AIDS Care 2002
SESSION        DATE          TIME                                          TOPICS

3rd Session   16th March 
2-2.20pm           Attendance Signing
                                        2.20-3pm           Legal Issues-Mr. Godwin G Gampos, L.L.B/(Hons) Singapore Partner of RODYK & DAVIDSON
                                        3-3.10pm           Q&A
                                        3.10-3.50pm       Infection Control-Dr. Brenda Ang, Consultant of Infection Control Unit of
                                        3.50-4pm           Q&A
                                        4-4.20pm           Tea break
                                        4.20-4.50pm       HIV & Workplace-TBC

4th Session  23th March   2-2.10pm           Attendance Signing
                                        2.10-3pm           Management of HIV diease-Dr. Leo Yee Sin, Clinical Director of CDC & Head of HIV
                                        3-3.10pm           Q & A
                                        3.10-3.30pm       Pre/Post Test Counseling - Roger Winder from AFA
                                        3.30-3.40pm       Q & A
                                        3.40-3.55pm       Special issues in HIV- N/O Dorothy Gomez
                                        3.55-4pm            Q & A
                                        4-4.15pm            Tea break
                                        4.15-4.50pm        Homecare Services - Mr. Jeff Thaya,Coordinator from HomeCare Programme of
                                        4.50-5pm            Q & A

5th Session  6th April      2-2.10pm            Attendance Signing
                                                                 Spiritual and Pastoral Care
                                       2.10-2.20pm        Christian Perpective- Rev Derek Dunn
                                       2.20-2.25pm        Q & A
                                       2.25-2.45pm        Buddhist Perpective - TBC
                                       2.45-2.50pm        Q & A
                                       2.50-3.10pm        Muslim Perpective - HJ. Daind Mohd Farhan Hashim,Chairman of Trustees Masjid
                                       3.10-3.15pm        Q & A
                                       3.15-3.35pm        Tea break
                                       3.35-3.50pm        Nutrition in HIV Diease - TBC
                                       3.50-3.55pm        Q & A
                                       3.55-4.50pm        Exercise in HIV Diease & Demo - Mr. Tan Chee Wee, Physiotherapist of TTSH
                                       4.50-5pm            Q & A

6th Session  13th April   2-2.10pm             Attendance Signing
                                      2.10-2.30pm        Introduction to PCC services - S. Mary Stevens
                                      2.30-2.35pm        Q&A
                                      2.35-3.35pm        Tour of CDC
                                      3.35-4pm             Tea Break
                                      4pm                    Signing of volunteer forms & feedback