PDK Market Strategies
"strategies ahead of the curve"


PDK MARKET STRATEGIES, now in its fourth year, was borne out of the desire of founding Principal, Phyllis Dubinsky to help service firms and owners strategically understand the market place in their respective areas and formulate strategies for success.   The focus of her professional life has been almost entirely with service firms and closely aligned businesses and institutions.  During the course of her 25-year career, she has been in leadership roles for smaller regional practices and multi-national architecture and architecture/ engineering firms, as well as related consulting practices.  During that time a pattern emerged from her work with these firms.  She discovered that she had this laser sharp ability to clearly determine issues that were complicating the business efforts of firms, issues that were often market driven, often service driven, often culture driven and always solvable. Her greatest successes have been in jump-starting and positioning firms in markets either previously untapped or dormant, positioning firms ahead of the next wave in these markets and finally solving problems on projects or internally that for one reason or another (usually communications) had fallen on to difficult times.

In addition, she takes great pride in staying out in front of business cycles.  The result has been success in positioning firms for work at the start of the business curve.   Phyllis has an extensive knowledge of architectural and engineering firms, as well as key market sectors, most notably education and science & technology.  As a result, she has gained a national reputation as an innovative marketing leader for service firms and industry clients. 

What makes PDKMARKET STRATEGIES unique?  What does this firm have to offer that is different from many of the other consulting firms?   The answer is simple.

•       25 years of “in the trenches” marketing and business experience.
•       “Ahead of the curve” thinking, strategies and alliances that are also grounded in reality.
•        Research/market driven ideas that help to differentiate client and service opportunities.
•        A history of thoughtful, innovative, doable and measurable strategies for owners and service firms.
•        Experience as a mentor, a teacher and a problem solver specifically devoted to market and client

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PDK MARKET STRATEGIES, "strategies ahead of the curve"
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