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Awareness by law enforcement, fire departments and personnel of emergency preparedness plans, location of fire hydrants, building layouts and surrounding streets can help ensure quick response to emergency situations.

A CD may be supplied to fire departments and law enforcement agencies with vital information to help protect and insure the safety of all personnel.









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Aerial Photographs

Provides a unique “birds-eye” view of a facility. The Emergency Response CD includes directional aerial views of your facility, which can be enlarged for more detailed viewing.

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Blue Prints

Serves as a detailed means of viewing interior room layouts in a facility.  The Emergency Response CD contains a facility’s footprint that can be magnified to view the floor plan of a particular building or area more readily. Hazardous material and other "Hotspot" areas are noted, along with utilities cutoff locations.

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Escape Routes

Knowing the appropriate escape route and location of fire hydrants is vital to emergency personnel in times of emergency.  The Emergency Response CD provides the location of fire hydrants on the facility’s footprint and highlights escape routes on the detail floor plan view.

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Street Borders

Streets boarding a facility give emergency personnel information about the exact location of the facility.  The Emergency Response CD identifies the surrounding streets on the facility’s building plan footprint.

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Emergency Preparedness Plan

A written emergency preparedness plan describes appropriate actions to be taken in case of fire, police or weather incidents.  The Emergency Response CD provides easily accessible instructions, written by each facility, to be followed in case of an emergency.

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Contact List

Knowing who to call in a time of emergency assures an appropriate and timely response. The Emergency Response CD provides a list of names and telephone numbers of appropriate administrators and emergency personnel to contact in emergency situations

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Timely Information

Current information is necessary to maintain current emergency procedures. The Emergency Response package can be reviewed and modified on a yearly basis to reflect new additions or renovations to facilities.

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Panoramic Views

Additional enhancements to our basic package include having “life-like” exterior panoramic views of buildings or interior views of rooms or halls.  These views can allow emergency personnel to scan an area prior to entry as well as allowing them to zoom –in on particular areas.

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