All students needing to qualify for a certificate of completion must meet the following:

 State of Iowa Standards of Instruction in Driver Education

1.        Classroom - (1800 minutes/30 hrs.

A.      Satisfactory knowledge of classroom materials through testing and achievement 75% of all possible points offered.

B.       Presentation of satisfactory notebook anytime a notebook check is made (optional with teacher).

C.       Make-up work (worksheets) pertaining to the missed topic is completed satisfactorily and turned in within a reasonable time limit of one-week.

D.      Students must view Organ Donor Video and Railroad Crossing Video that is mandated by the State of Iowa and be tested to show satisfactory knowledge of material.

 2.        Simulation - (720 minutes/12 hrs)

 A.      Achievement of 75% of all points offered by displaying sufficient knowledge and proper response to simulated driving situations and /or written tests.

B.       Any make-up work should be on the unit missed, if possible and completed satisfactorily within the prescribed time of one-week of absence.

 3.        Behind-the-Wheel - (180 minutes/3hrs with a minimum of 115 drives)

 A.      Each student must master the rules of the road (Iowa Manual and textbook) and be able to control the car in a safe manner.  It is necessary to demonstrate the best application of classroom instruction while driving during every lesson.  An instruction permit must be in the studentís possession while driving.  There will be no exceptions.

B.       Attitude Ė The student must show that he/she wants to be a safe driver by doing his/her best in all phases of the course.  Anything less is unacceptable.  Example: A student violating his/her instruction permit, in any way, will be demonstrating an undesirable attitude towards the safety of themselves and others.

C.       Make-up driving is resolved with the studentís teacher.  However, because of the scheduling of 4 students per car, and the filled schedules of the teacher, makeup drives may be scheduled at times other than the studentís regularly scheduled time, if a make-up time can be scheduled at all.

D.      If necessary, the instructor will recommend that the Department of Transportation give certain students a driving skill test.

 4.        Attendance Ė The Dubuque Community School District offers a course that meets the state requirements.  Students enrolled in the driver education program will meet these requirements by:

 A.      Attending all scheduled classes, simulator labs, and behind-the-wheel drives.

B.       Work missed due to approved absence, the student will be allowed time to complete the work missed, within the prescribed time limit given by the instructor (one week).  Students who missed work due to an unapproved absence will not be permitted or allowed to make-up work missed.

 As a beginning driver, the opportunity to drive represents a milestone in the studentís life.  The privilege to drive is accomplished by the obligation to constantly demonstrate a courteous attitude and exercise good judgment.  An uninformed, skilled driver is a traffic hazard.