Driver Education

Course Guidelines and Requirements

 1.        Materials – You are expected to bring your covered textbook, notebook paper, and something to write with to class each day.  Do not come to class unprepared!  For each simulator you need to bring simulator score sheet, classroom score sheet and something to write with each time.  When driving you will need your instruction permit each time (no exceptions), glasses (if restricted), etc.

2.       Class Time – You are expected to take notes!  Driver education notebook or folder is recommended.  Lectures will complement the textbook material.  For each day of class you will be responsible for a chapter or an assignment.  Refer to assignment sheet for each day’s assignment.  If you miss a class (for any reason), you will have a make-up assignment for that class.  Get make-up assignment from your class instructor.  It is your responsibility to get these make-up papers and to get them done!  When you miss class you need to get notes from someone that was in class.  Notes will be very helpful to you! 

3.       Simulator – You will be assigned one hour a week for simulator.  This will be your scheduled simulator for the entire semester.  You need to make every effort not to miss your assigned time.  If you miss a simulator session, you must make it up!  Make-up is your responsibility!  Schedule all make-ups with your instructor in advance.

These are four simulator classes that meet during the week at Senior High School

        Monday                                      Wednesday                                     Friday

  1st Hour Simulator Make-up 1st Hour Simulator Make-up
  3rd Hour Simulator Make-up 3rd Hour Simulator Make-up
  4th Hour Simulator Make-up 4th Hour Simulator Make-up
5th Hour Simulator Make-up 5th Hour Simulator Make-up  
  6th Hour Simulator Make-up 6th Hour Simulator Make-up

4.       Driving Time – You will be assigned a driving time that will meet once a week.  This time will be your scheduled time to drive for the entire semester.  The majority of the driving groups will have 3 students in them.  This means about a 13-minute drive per week if you have a full 42-minute class.  You must have your instructor permit to drive no exceptions!  If you miss a drive, you will have to make it up!  Contact your driving instructor to do this.  Making up one drive for a semester is easy to make-up, the second missed drive is tough to make-up, and the third missed drive is virtually impossible to be made-up!  No one will be permitted to drive with a cast, sling, brace, or wrap on right foot, either hand, either arm, neck, back, or shoulders.

5.       Instruction Permit - This is a state issued legal document that you must have with you each time you drive.  If you violate your instruction permit, the state will take it away from you and you will be dropped from driver education.  If you attempt to use someone else’s instruction permit you will be dropped from driver education.

6.       Attendance – It is very important for you to be in class, simulator, and driving.  State law regulates the amount of time you need to be in class, in simulator, and behind the wheel.  It will become difficult to pass if your attendance is poor.  Any class cut will not be made-up!

7.       Homework – Read chapters assigned before chapters are discussed in class.  All outside assignments must be turned in on the due date, no late assignments.  Test preparation will require you to review chapters and notes from class.

8.       Tests – You will take all tests with your class if you are in school.  If you miss a test, see your instructor to schedule a make-up time.  Failure to get tests made-up in 2 weeks will result in a “zero” on that test.

9.       Tardy – You are expected to be in your seat when the bell rings.  Current school policy for tardiness will be followed.  Each time you are tardy you will be asked to sign “The Tardy Book”.

10.    Grades – Driver education is a pass/fail class consisting of three phases, Classroom, Simulator, and Behind the Wheel.  All three phases must be passed in order for you to complete driver education.  You must have 75% of the total points offered to pass the classroom phase.  If you have 85% going in the final, you will not have to take one of the finals.  If you have 95% going into the final exam, you will not have to take either of the final exams.  Note: to be exempt from one or both finals you can not miss more than three days of class for any reason. Listed below you will see the grading scale:

95 – 100 = A                 83 – 84 = C

93 – 94   = A-               81 – 82 = C-

91 – 92   = B+                79 – 80 = D+

89 – 90   = B                 77 – 78 = D

87 – 88   = B-                75 – 76 = D-

85 – 86   = C+               0 – 74 = F

Remember it takes 75% to pass the class.  You will need to work at getting 75%.  Your test scores and current grades will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the classroom.  There will be no surprises!  If you do not get 75%, you will not pass the classroom.

The State of Iowa mandates the guidelines in driver education.  You need to be aware that any of the following infractions will result in the failure to obtain you license.

1.        Poor attendance – in classroom, simulator, or behind the wheel.

2.       Not getting 75% in the classroom phase.

3.       Not doing make-up work after you miss a class.

4.       Missing three drives (for any reason).

5.       Violating the use of your instruction permit (driving illegally).

6.       Trying to use someone else’s instruction permit to drive.

7.       Cutting class, simulator, or behind the wheel.  Cuts will not be made up!

8.       Missing a simulator (for a legitimate excuse) and not making it up.

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