Mark Feldman's Resume
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Feb '98-Present: Bullfrog Productions/Electronic Arts, UK. R&D Programmer.
Dec '96-Sep '97: Blue Dawn Interactive Inc., Chicago IL. Senior Programmer. Duties include technology development for real-time 3D multiplayer internet games. Gained skills in developing multiplayer network games. Also gained experience writing 3DSMAX, Netscape and Active X plugins.
Feb '96-Nov '96: Activision Studios Inc, Los Angeles CA. Duties included various programming tasks (particularly design and development of real-time 3D development tools) for a Windows 95 based interactive 3D adventure game. Gained further skills with Direct3D as well as experience in the management and transfer of resources between artists, modellers and programmers. (Languages used: Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0). 
May '95 - Feb '96: RunAndGun Inc., Chicago IL. Duties included real-time 3D engine development for both MS-DOS and Windows 95. Developed extensive skills with MFC and DirectX. Gained valuable experience in merging 2D artwork, 3D animated models and video sequences into a working game. (Languages used: Borland C++ 4.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0).
May '94 - Apr '95: NovaSoft Inc., Sydney Australia. Duties included algorithm design and MS-DOS/Windows 3.1 implementation of a videophone system. Gained skills in video and sound programming, codec development, low level optimization and communications issues. (Languages used: Borland C++ 3.1).
Feb '94: Edited and co-authored the PC Game Programmer's Encyclopedia. The PCGPE is a 2 1/2 Meg collection of text files covering numerous aspects of game development for the MS-DOS environment, and is available for free public download.
'91 - '93: Studied Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering at the University of Canberra, Canberra Australia. Course covered a variety of topics including math, physics, software and hardware engineering, project management, artificial intelligence, operating systems and interface design.
'91: Designed and developed FootBASE, a Windows 3.1 relational database for podiatrists (Languages used: Borland C++ 3.1).
'89-'91: Obtained Higher School Certificate. Reid T.A.F.E., Canberra Australia. Courses taken: Math 4U, English 2U, Physics 2U, Chemistry 2U, Geography 2U.
'89 Designed and developed S.I.R.V.E.R., an MS-DOS relational database for carnival businesses (Languages used: Turbo Pascal).
'88-'89: Certificate in Basic Electronic Engineering. Bruce T.A.F.E., Canberra Australia. Course covered a variety of theoretical and practical topics involved in the design and construction of electronic circuits. 


References available on request. Demos of my work will be presented at all interviews. 

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