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Pucklechurch Twinning Association - How it all began!!

It all started in Cesson (the town twinned with Chipping Sodbury).  At the official ceremony in Cesson during a chance meeting between Jean-Claude Arligue and a member of the Chipping Sodbury committee, Jean-Claude expressed Pringy’s disappointment at the failing of a possible twinning with Alveston.  The Chipping Sodbury committee offered to circulate it’s neighboring parishes seeking a possible twin.  A phone call to the Chairman of the CA resulted in the formation of a steering committee.   In October 1986 twelve parishioners set off for Pringy in a mini bus and received a most enthusiastic welcome.  A reciprocal visit to Pucklechurch took place in March 1987, after which it was mutually agreed that the two villages were happy to become partners.  A further French visit took place in June 1987 and a party of twenty-one Pucklechurch twinners were received most hospitably in the homes of Pringy residents in September 1987.  In June 1988 the Twinning between Pucklechurch and Pringy was made official by the signing of the Charter during the official ceremonies.


The aims of the Association are:

- To promote and foster friendship and understanding between the people of Pucklechurch and District and those of other communities with which the section may form links.

-To encourage visits by individual and groups to and form linked towns, the development of personal contacts and by so doing to broaden the mutual understanding of the cultural, recreational, educational and commercial activities of the linked towns.

-To organise fund-raising activities to foster the aims of the section.

-To foster the aims and objects of the Pucklechurch Community Association.


Twinning Charter

We the freely elected representatives of the villages of PUCKLECHURCH and PRINGY declare to our fellow citizens that in accordance with their wishes the signing of this charter will recognise the special relationship between the two communities.

We will encourage and assist social, cultural, educational and sporting organisations to communicate with and visit each other thereby developing friendly relations and mutual respect in order to improve European Unity.

Dated - 19th June 1988

Nancy Cleevely (Chairman, Twinning Assoc.)
Geoffrey Wilcock ( Chairman, Parish Council
Jeannine LECUYER (Presidente de l’assn Euro-Pringy)
Michel Cerisier (Pringy Mayor deputy)


Twinning Oath


being the freely elected representatives of our fellow-citizens,

certain that we interpret the sincere wishes of our populations,

aware that western civilization found its origin in our ancient local communities, and that the spirit of liberty was first recorded in the freedom won by them,

considering that history must continue in a wider world, but that this world will be truly humane only in so far as men live freely in free cities,

do take, on this day, a solemn oath

- to maintain permanent bonds between our two municipalities, to promote exchanges of all kinds between their inhabitants with the aim of fostering, through greater mutual understanding, the true spirit of European brotherhood;

- to combine our efforts in order to further, to the greatest extent within our power, the success of that essential undertaking for peace and prosperity:

european unity.

Executed at PRINGY
The 10th day of September 1988


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