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Technology Education, as part of the Massachusetts Science and Technology Frameworks, will help prepare the students to meet the rigorous standards set in the MCAS tests by reinforcing important Math, Science, and Language Arts concepts. All eighth grade PCIS students will take this test and passing the MCAS test in the tenth grade is required for High School Graduation.

In order to be successful on the MCAS test students "must be able to apply, demonstrate, and evaluate what they know... not just regurgitate what they supposedly know!" (Center for Human Resources, Brandeis University).

While the demand for unskilled labor has dropped dramatically, there is an existing (and growing!) shortage of workers with technical skills:

"The fact is, careers requiring technical skills comprise the largest percentage of available employment in our economy. These careers offer high pay and will make up 65 percent of available jobs as of this year." --Bureau of Labor Statistics, Tech Directions , March 2000".
Good jobs await students possessing the type of skills we are beginning to foster!

The Four Quadrants of TE

Tech-ed is divided into four quadrants or "clusters". All Tech-ed classes incorporate these four elements into the learning process through the "hands-on" application of concepts during project work.

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