Description of Services 

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Setup a newly bought PC, or a PC received from a friend or relative.  Remove or delete old software.  Evaluate needed software/hardware upgrades to make this PC work for you.

Trouble Shooting 
Determine and fix hardware or software problems on your PC. 

I provide basic tutoring in computer usage, such as Windows, word processing, Internet and can get you started with most any piece of software. 

If your pc has nagging problems, is sluggish, slow or has been in use for several years, sometimes it can be only months, with one or many users on the same  computer, you may be experiencing a corrupted operating system.  A  reconfiguration of you entire Windows operating system may be in order.  This is the only way to ensure your system is returned to the state it was on the day you bought it.  Please call to discuss you particular situation!!

Data Backup / Transfer

Backup and transfer your personal data to another computer and teach you how to regularly back up your own data in case of disaster.

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