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Welcome to the unoffical Peace Corps Mauritania website. This site, created to address the information needs of volunteers, their families and friends, and those interested in Mauritania's Peace Corps program, is still in its beginning phase. If you have any ideas or content to add please send your files and ideas to Rhonda.

Locust Invasion and
Mauritanian Food Crisis
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Many of you may be aware of the crisis facing Mauritania. After several years of drought, abundant rains have returned to this country. At first a blessing to farmers, these rains have created the perfect breeding environment for locusts. The locusts have swarmed much of the northern third of Africa with Mauritania being the most severely affected country with swarms staying longer there than in any other country (FAO website, November 4, 2004). This year’s swarms dwarf any infestation in the past fifteen years. The UN continues to ask for funding for this crisis: (Hit by locusts and drought, Mauritania needs immediate food aid – UN agency--January 17, 2005). Please read more about this crisis and how you can help.

Locusts with decimated
peanut crop in background

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Peace Corps Director Gaddi Vasquez with
Peace Corps Mauritania staff and volunteers--June 2002

2003 COSing Volunteers at
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