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Computers can be a troublesome thing at times, with today's viruses and spyware spreading around users must be careful about what is downloaded or opened.  Some computers still are out there open to the Internet unprotected.  Some viruses and spyware are activated the minute they are installed and can cause major slow downs of your machine by eating up resources, deleting files, and even stealing data.  Don't let your computer be infected, or if it is don't let it infect you any longer.  Contact me for details on removing these unwanted pests or if you need service done to a computer due to a broken hard drive or other PC failures.

My goal is to remove PC breakdowns and prevent future ones, I will also teach a user how to protect their PC and data from viruses.  I will teach these in Plain English, my goal is not to scare a user using technical terms which even the average user may not understand.

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My Qualifications:
I am currently attending Lorain County Community College and taking courses in Networking and PC Repair.  I am currently working at
System Care Inc. gaining experience in this field of work and learning how to help customers in anyway possible.

2 years of Cisco Networking Courses
3 years of PC Hardware Courses
2 Years of Web Design Courses