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Sometimes this site is unavailable due to the huge bandwidth being used in the ECG strips. In this event, just wait for an hour and come back. Sorry! But hey, it's free hosting -- you get what you pay for.


I've added to the FAQ with a response to a question about Fetal Circulation. Also, it seems Geocities is getting smarter with their advertising scripts... damnation! Well, I'll keep an eye open for a workaround....I hate ads too!

I located an older BTLS exam for everyone to view and study from. It's not the same test that will be administered for qualification, in case anyone thinks this seems like a cheat. It's just up here for everyone to get an idea of what a BTLS exam looks like and the kinds of questions that can be expected. It's in Adobe Acrobat Reader format, and you're welcome!

Time for an update! I've added a brief section on the abdomen. I doubt anybody really needs it but I thought it'd at least be helpful for me to write it.

I understand that there are outsiders utilizing this site now too, so I hope it helps them at least. Anyone and everyone is welcome to make a contribution or request information. I have my email somewhere on this page.

Well, I lied. I got caught up with studying and everything at the same time and then went to Grayson for a baptism for the last few days of the weekend. I planned to do some work there, but instead I did other things. :(

They are all up (done to page 10) if you use the links at the bottom of each test page....I just have to put the answers on each page (done to page 5). If you spot an error or I'm wrong -- PLEASE WRITE ME AND SAY SO!!! These strips didn't come with answers and I'm so very tired....

Autonomic System page has been updated with an EXPERT submission from Jason that really helps clear up the functions of the Sympathetic system. Definitely an informative read!

I expect to have a buttload of ECGs up and ready for everyone by the latter part of this week (before the weekend is my goal anyway).
SOME NEW STRIPS can be viewed here while I finish uploading and coding.

The PCP Website is starting to flourish. I will continue to update regularly. All students are encouraged to contribute to the development of this site! I would like to see a section started where each student contributes brief information on a particular subject, like an EXPERT PAGE, to educate other student's and better learn the material as well. If you have a subject you'd like to write about or would like suggestions, contact MEPH.

Good luck to everyone on the Cardiac Exam! Be sure to see if you're an ECG master by taking the website tests!

Most content is original to this website -- some is being used while permission is pending.
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