Hail to thee, our Alma Mater

Watch ye all our standard gleaming

Hail to thee, our second home



Rally to our blue and white

We, thy children, are thine forever



To these colors so full of meaning

Thine to call, to bid, to claim thine own



Raise your voices with all main and might



As we stand here we salute thee



Greet with cheers our banners waving

Good and loving PCS



March with stride that’s brave and free

Proud and happy we always will be



High our spirits and boldly daring

Of our school we all have learned to bless



Set to earn the price of victory



O’er the land thy dear name we praise



To our school we’ll give our all

To thy honor our hearts we raise



To our school her beck and call

For to thee, dear school, are due



For to her dear and true

All this love, all this care so true

All this love, all this care are due


Paco Catholic School

Batch 1991