Pacific Coast Modular Club
About our club
The club was formed in Janurary 2000 as the Prototype Modular Club (PMC).

The club had it's first show only two weeks after being formed. It was outside the Hobby Warehouse in Lakewood. It was on a Tuesday evening, and only took us half an hour to set up. We continued to have weekly shows outside of the hobby shop. Everytually we became too big, and had to move down the street to a local park, in the picnic area.

The original club corners were very small and had a track radius of onlly 24", with the tracks spaced close together. This allowed only one train to be run at a time if it had cars that were too long, as they would strike anything on the other mainline.

About this same time, the members modules started falling apart, due to poor construction. The decision was made to rebuild almost all of the modules in the club. This included four new corners with a wider radius and tracks spaced farther apart.
Another local club, the 20s and 30s Model Railroad Club, helped us by giving us a place to set up indoors with them when they had their open houses.

In September of that same year the club decided to change it's name. The members is the club at the time voted for the new name, Pacific Coast Modular Club (PCMC).

The club was able to get two different hobby shops to sponsor two of the corner modules. All Aboard Model Railroad Emporium and Hobby Warehouse both completely paid for their respective corners.

The club had a good year in 2001, doing many shows, and making alot of improvement on sceanry. We also improved our trackwork, lowering the amount of derailments on the club.

In 2002 the club did not have such a good year. We no longer had a place to set up, needing an indoor venue, now that it took us 3 hours to set up. We only had two shows the whole year. In turn we lost several members.
In 2003 the club focused on making improvements and not so much on trying to get new members.

In 2004 the club participated in it's first
Great American Train Show (GATS). This marked a milesone, beacuse these shows were very hard to get into.

In 2005 we were accepted to participate in
Fullerton Railroad Days. This is the biggest annual show in the Los Angeles Area, and had an estimated 20,000 visitors. This meant the club was finally accepted as being one of the premeir model trainclubs of Southern California.

In 2006, although we lost a couple of members, we had a major growth in membership. We have also made many improvements to the club. New standards were aslo put into place, for the first time since 2002.

The future is bright for the club. This year we look forward to making more improvements on scenary, facias, and operating systems. We also will try to have shows every two months.