Two Guys Living in San Francisco, CA

 James Dean    &    Patrick

A Little Background

Dean & Patrick met in New Orleans, Louisiana Thanksgiving Day 1980 and began a partnership which is now embarking on our 19th year together. We began living together Valentine's Day, February 14th, 1981 and have lived in many diverse areas, including, but not limited to the cities of San Francisco & Long Beach, California; Pear, Mississippi; Houston, Texas; Tampa, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; and New Orleans, Louisiana. We have both had careers in many different industries including Banking with major California financial institutions, as well as other Fortune 500 corporations, i.e., Gulf Oil Corporation, American Hospital Supply Corporation, Trans Union Railroad to name a few. After living the corporate rate race for many years, in August of 1996 we decided it was time to semi-retire and move to a more relaxed, laid back atmosphere, hence, our move in September, 1996 to Clearwater, (Tampa Bay area), Florida.  Florida was not quite what we expected for a gay couple so in June, 1999 we returned to Long Beach, California.

It is rare in today's society that two people, especially a same sex couple's relationship lasts.  But in this extraordinary case, with such mitigating circumstances as Patrick's acute stroke in July, 1995 which left the left side of his body paralyzed and totally dependent on his partner Dean for taking care of all of his personal needs, as well as working full time to provide income for both and taking care of all everyday household chores one might say that Dean is truly an exceptional individual and a rare find for anyone.  This demonstrates true love and demotion.  When we met, we verbally set off into a fiftyyear contract
and of this revision we are going on our 20th year with 30 years to go on this life's journey.  And I think we are actually going to achieve our goal of fifty years as a couple.


We began a consulting business in Houston, Texas in 1985 calling our endeavor P. C. Specialists and developed this logo for our business which is copyrighted and registered.


Now MEET Gracie (Chela)

We inherited this beautiful Siamese from a retired California school teacher who we leased our last condo from in Long Beach, California. Zack had retired and was moving to Mexico and could not take her with him. Since she lived most of her life with Zack in the same home, we offered to keep her. We instantly fell in love with her and Gracie became part of our small family. You might say, that she came with the condo. Gracie had lived most of her fifteen years with Zack so the trip to Florida was a new experience for her. For the first 3 months we lived in a mobile home until we were able to find a condo in Clearwater to make our retirement home more permanent.  Gracie did quite well on our return trip back to California in June, 1999 and is enjoying her new home better than ever before.  She has become more comfortable with us now and eats at the dining table with us during our evening meal and sits on the sofa and watches TV with us in the evening. Gracie was about 15 years old when we got her and she was with us for about 6 years. We lost Gracie to old age in October of 2002. Whenn we retire to our condo in Florida next year we will acquire Gracie II so that through a little replica of our Gracie we can enjoy our fondest memories of her and make new ones with another beautiful Siamese like her. Gracie is without a doubt in a better place now but we still love and think of here each day.  Wouldn't have traded our time with her in for all the tea in China.

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