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**Updates- I now have a pic up of my Legend in case anyone wants to know what it looks like. I am now also using Pioneer ODR.  I have the D2 head unit and P50 processor.  Pics are going up of them soon also.  Also, Rob Harrison is letting me try out his PPI PC amps that he no longer uses, and I plan to use them in my upcoming system.
I also attended 2 MECA SQ events recently.  One was in Pigeon Forge, TN which was in July, and the other was in Glasgow, KY which was Sept. 2nd.  In PF there was only myself and another guy(Brad Carter) in my class and I ended up taking first by 1/10th of a point. My averaged score of the 3 judges(Coy Hudnall, Vinnie, and Ronnie from Hifi Buys in Nashville) was an 83.5  That had to be the closest finish in SQ I have seen.  And in Glasgow, there were 5 in my class including myself.  I also took first at this event with an 83.5 again....winning by 9.5pts.  My friend Kliff took second with a 74.  Brad Eubank was the SQ judge at this show.  For more info on MECA goto
Check out my PF trophy....
And my Glasgow trophy ....

You can check out CarDomain and find my site on there. My nick is pd071. There is more info there about my current setup.

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#2- teamROCS is a car audio enthusiasts/competition group that I belong
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