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pink iris

This is a picture of the only pink iris that I had in my back yard.

flower vine
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flower vine

God Bless orange marigolds
This is our first year at our new "old" house, and we weren't sure what all might grow in the flower beds. So we bought Marigolds in yellow, orange, and a yellow-orange mix. We also bought this flower that I have always heard called a cockscomb, but I am not sure, it is just bright and adds life to the flowerbed (it's the red one with the orange mix marrigolds).

marigold line
This is the line of Marigolds going down the right side of the yard. There was nothing planted there, at least we didn't think so!
We dug up what we thought was wild strawberries, and left a few plants just to see what would happen to them, and much to our suprise, they were actual strawberry plants!
My 3 year old just loves it, he can go out and get his own berries in our back yard!
red roses
My husband's favorite flower is a rose. So we dug up a half dead shrub, and bought him a red rose bush and planted it where the shrub was. My sister says that if roses are in the bright sun all day, they tend to open up all the way faster than in partial shade. Well, she didn't tell us that until after we planted it in the sun. As you can tell from the picture, it has over-bloomed.

field of Iris's
Going down the left side of the yard, is my favorite flower, the Iris. These were already here, we just had no idea of the colors. They were very thick, and we divided up several of them and planted some down the right side of the yard, and that was where my only pink Iris bloomed.
purple Iris
We ended up having several Iris plants that bloomed. We had a solid light blueish-purple, a blueish-purple with a dark purple beard, tan with a brownish-maroon beard, and my one pink iris.
We just seperated about 10 dozen Iris plants, giving my brother a dozen, and my mom a dozen, and my mother-in-law a dozen, and I still have a lot left. We seperated them, and we will see in the spring how they look -- if they live!
We also had several petunias in purple and white, but my pictures didn't come out on those. We also had several Daffodils in yellow and white, but they all died out, along with the Crocuses.

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flower vine
Sorry for the typographical errors, we got a version of cybersitter to help block sites from our young son, and it took out meaningful words from my website. It was just recently brought to my attention!
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