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    To give you an idea where to find the outlets

    HOTEL DU CENTRE 2, rue de suisse - 06000 Nice /tel 7h-1h

    A gay receptionist doesn't make a gay hotel. Here information is hard to get but they are able to give you a gay-guide of the town. Rooms are small but the hotel is near the mail shopping avenue and therefore quite a way from the beach.
    HOTEL MEYERBEER BEACH 15, rue Meyerbeer - 06000 Nice - France /tel - fax 8h-12h/15h-20h

    This is what I call a gay hotel. This little one star hotel, but could easily be a 2 star, has everything you want. It's next to the sea (50m) in the center and near the gay-scene, all rooms have kitchenette, TV, telephone, WC, Shower or bath, double or twin beds. And at least it's gay-owned !! But more important the rooms are very clean and breakfast is served from 8am till 8pm (handy for the late queens). Every guest has his own key and bringing someone to your room is no problem, the free condoms in the room are proof of that.They are also in contact with a professional masseur, RICHARD, who can come to the hotel for just 40 Euros and give you a complete massage for one hour. They will call him for an appointment if you ask at the reception desk.

    If you say you are sent by PJP upon reservation you get a book full of information in your room (gay town maps, cards, an excellent homemade gay beaches map, local gay newspapers, (ask for it if its not there) and if all this is not enough David and Robert & Firudin will be more than happy to help you further since they know the whole gay scene. Prices : double room : 54 - 90 Euros per room, breakfast : 6 Euros. OPEN FROM 8am to 8pm (if you arrive earlier or later it's no problem if they know in advance).The reception stays open until midnight from May 1st to October 31st. There is no problem bringing someone in with you.

    CONNEXION HOTEL 65, Rue de la Buffa - 06000 Nice - France /tel - fax 9H-21H

    The hotel offers all the comfort of a large hotel but with the friendly feel of a guest house. Located just 100m from the beaches it is at the heart of the local life. Every room is equipped with WC, shower or bathroom, air conditioned, with WIFI internet acces and satellite TV. It is a completely 100% male gay hotel and some of the rooms come with "special equipement" if you see what I mean!!!Look at their web site for rates just by clicking on the name of the hotel.

    To give you an idea where to find the outlets

    HOTEL MEYERBEER BEACH 15, rue Meyerbeer - 06000 Nice - France /tel - fax

    For non guests of the hotel breakfast starts at 9am.

    SHOPPINGTo give you an idea where to find the outlets

    ABSALON 8, rue Meyerbeer - 06000 Nice /tel

    Little barbershop for men only but you are cut by a woman !! Annick even shaves your beard (one of the few addresses in Nice) Annick is a great girl with a great personality and gets all the gays in the area. She will welcome you with open arms and she really knows how to cut hair. They are located right across the street from the Meyerbeer Hotel. Arnaud is a barber we know who will come to your room and cut and color your hair on appointment only.Ask the recption for the telephone number.

    BLUE FASHION BOYS 5, Rue Meyerbeer - 06000 Nice /tel 04.93 87 90 2810h-12h30/14H30-19H30

    ThIs shop right close to Hotel Meyerbeer, in the same street in fact has a great collection of clothes, T shirts, tank tops, underwear, basically a lot of stuff you don't find elesewhere. Well worth going along to have a look.

    UN MONDE à PART -Rue de la Prefecture 06300 Nice - France /tel - 9h-12h/14h-20h

    Without doubt the most beautiful shop in Nice. Just go there and have a look and if on top you love special clothing, in the Jean-Paul Gaultier style, you will love this place. There is a wide range of clothes displayed with a lot of space. In one word : perfect.

    ENGRENAGE 3, rue Francis Gallo - 06300 Nice - France /tel - 9h-12h/14h-20h

    One of the trendiest clothes shops in Nice and one where you will certainly find something for yours
    URBAN SYSTEM 5, rue Francis Gallo - 06300 Nice - France /tel 04.93.13. - 9h-12h/14h-20h

    Next door to the previous shop and they really do have quite a selection of clothes so well worth a visit.

    INSTITTUT MINA H. 22, Rue Massena - 06000 Nice /tel

    I haven't had time to visit this place but this is what I heard from people who went there. This body shop takes care of your whole body (your most private parts included) and it's done by a woman who only allows men in her shop.


    Beauty institute 100% gay in the old part of the town. Prett expensive. Its cheaper to get Richard to come to your hotel. (See Hotel Meyerbeer)

    VOG' 2, rue Mascoinat - 06300 Nice /tel

    Not really gay but clothes very trendy. Well worth a visit.

    - 06000 Nice /tel ?


    THE LITTLE SHOP 3, Rue de la Loge - 06300 Nice /tel - 19h

    For the more artistic among us. You will find everything to decorate your wall's and furniture.

    LUNCHTo give you an idea where to find the outlets

    LE CD 22, rue Benoit Bunico - 06000 Nice /tel

    Little salad bar in the old town. If you're looking for a cheap meal at lunch this is the place to be. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Free gay information available.

    THE NAUTIQUE 24, Quai Lunel Port de Nice - 06000 Nice /tel

    A great spot overlooking the port in Nice for breakfast,lunch or dinner.Midday there is a menu served at 17 euros but also a "plat du jour" for 10/12 euros.The food is great and the boys who serve are good looking and friendly.

    SAUNATo give you an idea where to find the outlets

    BAINS DOUCHES 7, rue Gubernatis - 06000 Nice /tel

    The newest sauna in Nice. 4 floors of pleasure with a bar, cabins and darkroom and of course all the equipment you want in a good sauna (hammam, sauna, jacuzzi, air conditioning). Lots of action on wednesdays and at the weekend. Mixed clientèle but fairly young atmosphere.Entrance fee 10 Euros.

    BLUE GYM'S 7, avenue Désambrois - 06000 Nice /tel

    .Has now closed.

    LE SEPT 7, rue Foncet - 06000 Nice /tel

    The oldest sauna in town and therefore not always so clean. Older clientèle.Lot of action on Sunday afternoons.

    L'INSOLITE 50, Boulevard Stalingrad - 06000 Nice /tel ?

    More details in my next update Latest news though is that it is not much good.

    To give you an idea where to find the outlets

    G.I. 8, Descente Crotti - 06000 Nice /tel

    Sexshop with a small selection of gay videos and toys. Upstairs is a big screen (hetero) and downstairs are individual cabins where you can watch a movie (mostly hetero) and it is a little cruisy. Nothing spectacular.

    To give you an idea where to find the outlets

    TRAXX 14h-02h

    If you like sexbars, you will LOVE this place. Outside you have a door on the left-hand side which is the entrance to the sexshop that sells everything from cockrings to poppers. The entrance on the right brings you to the bar. There is an entrance fee of 7 EUROS. Once inside there is a small bar where they serve non-alcoholic drinks and from there you can go to the big darkrooms on 2 floors. There are small corners, dark corners, private cabins, glory holes, videos at the bar,urinoirs and a sling in one of the rooms in the cellar. As you can see, plenty to do in the Traxx. And it's always full with lot's of action.. BEST TIMES : 21H00-24H00 11 Avenue Maréchal Foch Telephone 04 93 80 98 10. Right next door belonging to the same place is a new bar called X cube.

    THE BLOCK 14H - 4H

    The latest sex club in Nice on 3 floors situated Rue Gilles Gilly at the end of the Cours Saleya. The telephone is 04 93 80 18 55. A nice bar on the ground level. The first floor is full of cabins and free internet and the basement is where the action is!!! Naked parties usually last friday of the month.

    APERITIFTo give you an idea where to find the outlets

    Le Couloir 12h-24h

    To describe Michel, I would need more than one page !! To say it in one word he's great and so is his bar. It's only very little but that's the charm of it. I'm sure you will have a great time with Michel and his guests. The bar fills up around 17h00 . Have a great time. 1 Rue Alberti Telephone 04 93 85 43 90

    THE NAUTIQUE 24, Quai Lunel Port de Nice - 06000 Nice /tel

    A great spot overlooking the port in Nice for breakfast,lunch or dinner.Midday there is a menu served at 17 euros but also a "plat du jour" for 10/12 euros.The food is great and the boys who serve are good looking and friendly.If you do not want to eat there you can just go for an aperitif. What could be more romantic than sipping a glass of champagne overlooking the fabulous scenery of the port in Nice!

    X CUBE Avenue Maréchal Foch ( next to the Traxx sex club) - 06300 Nice /tel 09h-01h

    This great place has just opened and although I have not had time to go along first reports say that it is good. Its right next door to the sex club Traxx so could be a fun evening if you go along to that spot.


    This café/restaurant is at the end of the Cours saleya which is the flower market in the mornings.It attracts the gays especially when the weather is nice sitting outside and watching the world go by. mainly for aperitif before going on to a restaurant. Located at the end of the Cours Saleya.

    To give you an idea where to find the outlets

    LA CAVE/Chez Memere 6, rue Françis Gallo - 06000 Nice /tel

    This used to be the most visited gay restaurant in town but the gay owners have sold it so its no longer gay. But if you are looking for a typical Niçois meal then just close by almost on the Place Rosetti you'll find "Le ROMARIN" The staff and owners are really friendly and although its not gay they used to know the gay owners of La Cave so are very gay friendly. I've been several times and have never been diappointed. The gay owners of La cave have now opened a restaurant in another part of the old town. Its called Cote Marais. See below.

    THE NAUTIQUE 24, Quai Lunel Port de Nice - 06000 Nice /tel

    A great spot overlooking the port in Nice for breakfast,lunch or dinner.In the evening there is no menu but the prices are reasonable around 14/18 euros for a main dish.The food is great and the boys who serve are good looking and friendly.A fabulous place to go on a summer evening as you can sit outside and watch the world go by as you taste their delicious food.Inside the decor is great and looks like some of the new bars you get in Barcelona.All in all you will not be disappointed.

    LE CD 22, rue Benoit Bunico - 06000 Nice /tel

    For a quick and cheap salad this is the place to be. Lot's of gay clientèle. It's also becoming a popular place to have a drink before dinner.

    LE CHAT GOURMAND 1, ruelle de la Boucherie - 06000 Nice /tel

    The only place in Nice that is owned by lesbians and that stays open !! The two girls give you a warm welcome and the food is good. This restaurant is to be found in the old part of the town, not far from the restaurant 'La Cave'.

    CAFE BORGHESE 9 , Rue Fodéré - 06200 Nice /tel

    Taken over by Jacques one of the nicest guys around who knows evrything about the gay scene in Nice. Great place inside, very Italian and just round the corner from the Castro sex bar. BEST TIME : 20H30

    COTE MARAIS 4 Rue du pontin - 06300 Old Nice /tel from 18H30

    Michel, the cook from the ex La cave has opened his own restaurant with the same recipe that made the success of La Cave. And the latest news is that he has now got together with the other 2 ex La Cavers, the 2 sexy Laurents who will be serving in the restaurant.For 22 euros you get a full menu with the aperitif thrown in for good measure. Lots of choice and a nice atmosphere whether you are inside or sitting outside. You can just go in for a main dish if you think you cannot get through the whole menu.A very nice place and I recommend it.

    CHERRY'S CAFé 35, Quai des Etats-Unis - 06300 Nice /tel

    This restaurant is closed for the moment.

    The HI 3 Avenue des Fleurs - 06000 Nice /tel 04.97. 07. 26.26 ?

    This place is actually a hotel but a lot of gays go along for an aperitif at the bar and sometimes eat at the restaurant. Worth a visit.

    JUNGLE ARTS , 6 RUE LEPANTE - 06000 Nice /tel ?

    Although this place is not specifically gay , a lot of gays go along for the atmosphere. As the name suggests there is a lot of food on the menu that comes from the jungle!!!Certanly worth a visit if you are in Nice for a few days.

    LE Kf'bis 11, Rue DELILLE - 06000 Nice /tel

    New Restaurant in Nice. This place has a Barcelona feel about it. The decor and atmosphere has tried to recreate the feeling of the Catalan capital. The owners are gay although the clientele is mixed but makes for a nice change if you are spending several days in Nice.

    AFTER DINNER BARSTo give you an idea where to find the outlets


    The place has been taken over by a new owner Jacques who used to own the Rusca bar and now also ows the restaurant Borghese. This is THE hot cruising bar 4 men with bar,labyrinth,cabins,glory holes,sling,videos X 7/7 from 16H00 with a happy hour from 19H-22H. So fun to be had. Probably the best cruisng bar in Nice at the moment. 18 bis Rue Emmanuel Phillibert, behind the port, telephone 04 93 26 35 50

    The NEW RUSCA 18h-2h30

    This bar has recently changed hands and is becoming a nice place to go. They often have cabaret acts and also evenings for bears and their friends. BEST TIME : 24H00 2 Rue Rusca Telephone 04 93 89 46 25 . Its just behind the chuch on the port.

    LE TIP TOP 30, Quai Lunel - 06000 Nice /tel from 18H

    mixed bar with little interest

    TBM 20, quai de Lunel - 06300 Nice /tel

    It's very young and very good fun. Near the port, in summer it's nice to sit outside. The interior is kitch but with good taste. The two barman are very friendly and Thierry, the owner, a bundle of fun. A place to discover where sometimes you can have mad evenings and it's very popular at the moment. There is also a terrasse outside in the summer.BEST TIME : 23H30 The restaurant next door Le Nautique is gradually becoming more and more popular with gays.

    AU 6 18h30-02h00

    80% gay, 10% lesbian, 10% hetero. That is what the mix looks like in this new bar. It is 'the' bar at this moment and as soon as you walk in the pace you'll know why. There are always many guests, every table has a telephone, dial 16 to give your order at the bar or just phone to another table. They now have great singers that come in on weekends and many evenings there are gogo dancers or some other act. This is one of those addresses that you would like to have in every town. BEST TIME : 23H00. 6 Rue de la Terrasse Telephone 04 93 62 66 64

    DISCOSTo give you an idea where to find the outlets

    BLUE BOY ENTERPRISE > 9, rue Spinetta - 06000 Nice /tel

    This is THE place to be in Nice. If it's not happening here it's not happening anyhere. People start coming in as from 24h and by 1h the place is packed and this every evening. Mostly techno music and around 2h there is a show. Lot's of theme evenings and in summer the 'soirée mousse' is not to be missed (very hot !!). Later in the evening there is some action in the toilets.BEST TIME : 01H00

    DOLLY PARTY Le Duc, 142 Bd Wilson, - Juan les Pins /tel Also at the disco DIABOLIKA in Cannes.23h-06h

    Once a month, this is still the talk of the town !! Every time they give this huge techno party in a different place, the best way to find out the date and place is to phone. It's great fun and most of the time there is also a backroom, no need to go to Ibiza anymore, the best party is now all year round on the French Riviera. To know where and when the next Dolly takes place, you can also check it out in the gay outlets

    LE KLUB 6 rue Halevy - 06300 Nice /tel

    This club open now for the past 3 years is the new sensation in Nice. Jean-Pierre (who used to be the owner of the Latinos restaurant) knows how to do things, so there is no wonder this place is a success. The club has a VIP lounge where you can sit, have a drink and look at the people on the dance-floor. The music is house, dance and disco. Although it is 99% gay, wednesday evenings and very often sundays too, are 100% gay. Packed out at weekends and the latest gay rendez vous.Wednesday nights are 100% GAY with the downstairs part of the club transformed into a cruising area with a lot of action!!! Its also just a few minutes walk from the Hotel Meyerbeer Beach if you are staying there.


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