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    HOTEL NEGRESCO 37, Promenade des Anglais - 06000 Nice /tel 0h-24h

    If you want to do Nice in BIG style, this is the place to be. It's a real palace and one of the most important buildings of the town. Rooms +/- 380 euros per night. Non-guest are not allowed to go in the hotel, the porter will make sure of that. But as always there is a way to see the splendid lobby with a chandelier of which there are only 2 made. One is in Russia, the other one in the Negresco. Also the carpet is a must. Now, how to get in ? Just go to the Carrousel La Rotonde, which is the coffee shop of the hotel. The entrance is at the other side but still on the Promenade. Take a coffee (it's not more expensive than any other bar) and than go to the toilet. Now you're inside. One last tip: you can also have lunch or dinner at the Rotonde, it's not very expensive and you will find things like 'spaghetti' on the menu. Every hour puppets start dancing to fair-music. A must

    To give you an idea where to find the outlets

    LA CIVETTE 1, Cours Saleya - 06300 Nice /tel 07h-23h

    What better idea than going to the 'Flower Market' and do as the locals do. Take any café with a terrace, sit in the sun, enjoy the view and comment on all the people walking by. If you really want to do it the french way, you order a 'café crème (big cup half coffee half hot milk) et croissant'. As an extra bonus you can enjoy the flower and vegetable market. Most gays go to La Civette at the end of the Cours Saleya.

    SHOPPINGTo give you an idea where to find the outlets

    Marché aux Fleurs Cours Saleya - 06300 Nice 06h-13h

    One of the main attractions in Nice. This market, much used by the locals, sells mainly fruit, vegetables and of course flowers. A must you will have to see.

    Cité de la Buffa 54, rue de la Buffa - 06000 Nice 07h-13h

    This covered market is very typical. Not many tourists here, because it's not mentioned in most tourist guides. They sell mostly food, from vegetables and fruit to fish and meat. The owners shout to sell their products which are coulorfully displayed. The market is to be found on the right hand side at the end of the rue de la Buffa (between the Rue Meyerbeer and Avenue Gambetta)

    Shopping 06000 Nice 9h-19h

    Nice has several shopping areas. There is the 'Vieux Nice' which is the old part of the town. Here mostly tourist shops with lots of souvenirs
    There is also the Rue Massena and the Avenue Jean Médecin. Here you will find mostly clothing and all the big department stores
    The Rue Paradis and Avenue de Verdun have all the chic stores (Chanel, YSL, Hermès, Laura Ashley,Armani, and many others)
    The Rue Meyerbeer and Rue de France is where most locals do their shopping. Special fruit and vegetables shop, delicatessen, restaurants, typical café where you can bet on the horses, etc.

    Alziari Nicolas 14, rue St François de Paule, 06300 Nice 9h-19h

    This is the place you need to know if you want to buy real and very good olive oil. OK, I know, it's twice as expensive than in the supermarked but, the taste is 10 times better. They still make their olive oil themselves in a stone press. Even if you don't want to buy go and have a look, it's worth it.

    TEA-TIMETo give you an idea where to find the outlets

    Patisserie Auer 7, rue St François de Paule - 06300 Nice /tel ?h-?h

    This is one of the oldest confectioner's in Nice. The pastry's are of an exceptional quality. You can either buy to take away or taste a pastry at the back of the shop with a cup of coffee or tea. Nice and very old interior, go and have a look and see if you can walk out of the shop without buying something, you would be one of the few !!

    APERITIFTo give you an idea where to find the outlets

    LA CIVETTE 1, Cours Saleya - 06300 Nice /tel 07h-23h

    The most favourite place of the 'Niçois' to start the evening. Enjoy a typical 'Pastis' and watch the people stroll by. You can either choose the "Civette" or "L'F", both at the end of the Cours Saleya but the Civette du Cours is the one that most of the gays go to. (Flower marked)

    To give you an idea where to find the outlets

    Brasserie Flo 4, rue Sacha Guiltry - 06000 Nice /tel 12h-24h

    A real 'brasserie Parisienne'. It's a very big place where all sorts of people come (from the jeans to the three piece suit). This restaurant was once a theatre and you can still see it. The kitchen is on the stage and you can see the cooks prepare dinner. For the less fortunate you can have a menu at 20 euros, for those who can afford a little more you can take the 'plateau de fruits de mer Royal' at 70 euros. Chez Flo is always a good night out. The waiters are very friendly and the food is good. It's situated just behind the 'Galerie Lafayette'.

    Grand café de Turin 5, place Garibaldi - 06300 Nice /tel 12h-24h

    If you're in to oysters or 'fruit de mer'(seafruit) this is THE place. The interior has nothing special and the tables are small but, the food is extremely fresh (delivery twice a day from their own growings) and it's very cheap. No reservations can be made and you have to be prepared to stand in the queue. In return you can enjoy a typical French atmosphere. The restaurant is situated on a nice square. Beware of the fact that they only serve oysters and seafood (so if you don't like this, sorry) and you have to pay for the bread (very unusual in France). Still this place is one of the musts when in Nice.

    Barracuda 2, rue Meyerbeer - 06000 Nice /tel 12h-23h

    For an honest good meal that is not too expensive. The restaurant is owned by Swiss and I've never seen anybody more friendly. A large choice on the menu and just wait till you've seen the sweets !! One of the better addresses in Nice in the lower price range

    Bistrot Saint Germain Rue Chauvain- 06000 Nice /tel 12h-22h

    A typical Parisian type bistrot with an enormous choice on the menu which they bring up to your table on a chalk board. Menus around 20 euros and its good value for money.

    La Claire Fontaine Place Rossetti - 06300 Nice /tel 04.93.?.?.? 12h-23h

    This restaurant, on the beautiful square Rossetti, is one of the cheapest in town. For 9 euros you have a 3 course menu !! And it's very good value for money !! On top of the cheap price you can enjoy the beauty of this square with it's great cathedral and thousand's of people passing by. What else do you want ?

    AFTER DINNER BARSTo give you an idea where to find the outlets

    Bodéguita del Havana 14, rue Chauvain - 06000 Nice /tel 19h-01h

    If you like Salsa and all the latin music, you'll have a great night out in this place. It's also a restaurant but, frankly the food is expensive and not great. On friday and saturday live music. One of the 'in' places for a drink with the younger people, also some dancing sometimes.


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