Ashley's New Panties
Ashley stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom and
studied her hair.  She had teased the top, brought some of it
forward in bangs and pulled the rest of the long, blond, straight
tresses into a high pony tail on one side of her head.  She
shrugged.  It'd look cool if I could wear make up, she thought.
She picked up some clear gloss, all the makeup she was allowed to
wear, and applied a thick coat to her full mouth.  Her mother was
just unreasonable, the 12-year-old thought.  It's just makeup.
It's not like I asked for a month's supply of condoms, she
grumbled to herself, not sure of how many that would be.  She
glanced at her outfit, a snugly fitted mint green t-shirt with a
patchwork heart that matched her short skirt.  Her slender legs
were bare, as were her feet on which she wore flat-heeled
sandals.  She shrugged again.  One more year, she thought.  I'll
be 13 and in junior high and I'm wearing makeup.  I don't care
what my mother says.  I'm not a child.  She picked up her Pooh
Bear back pack and slipped it on before leaving her room.

Ashley walked downstairs and into the living room, where her
father sat watching a football game.

     "Daddy.  Where's Mom?" Ashley asked.

     "I guess she's still getting ready," he answered, not
looking up.

     "What's taking her so long?" Ashley asked, moving closer to
the television.

     Her father shrugged.  "You know how you women are."

     "Well, it didn't take me very long," Ashley defended
herself, stepping directly in front of the television.  "Of
course, I didn't put on any makeup.  That's probably what she's

     "She?" Her father asked, looking up at this daughter for the
first time.  "If I hear you use that tone of voice again when
referring to your mother, you'll be wearing makeup on your bottom
to cover the red from my hand." 

     "I should be allowed to wear makeup on my face, Daddy.  I'm
old enough. Tell her, tell Mom it's okay," Ashley pouted.

     "It's not okay.  You're just a little girl.  And if you
don't move away from the television set, you're going to be a
little girl over Daddy's knees."

     Ashley stomped away and stood in the entry way, arms folded
across her chest, while waiting for her mother to take her

     Linda, at 34, did not look old enough to have a pre-teen
daughter.  She walked down the staircase in snug jeans and a red
t-shirt that was just loose enough to allow her full breasts to
bounce.  She wore minimum makeup and her honey blond hair was
short and tucked under at the ends.  She smiled at her pouting

"I'm just going to say goodbye to Daddy and then we can go."

     Ashley rolled her eyes as her mother walked into the living
room.  When Linda returned, she cupped her daughter's face in her

     "Are you going to be a good girl for me today?" Linda asked.

     Ashley rolled her eyes up to the ceiling.  "Yeeeesss," she

     Linda sighed.  "Well, let's give it a try, anyway."  And
they left the house and drove to the mall.

     Ashley and her mother walked into the mall together, but
once there, Ashley moved a few steps ahead.

     "Ashley, stay with me.  Don't walk away," Linda ordered.

     Ashley sighed.  "Does everyone in this mall have to know I'm
with you? she asked.

     "Are you ashamed of me?" Linda asked.

     "Nooo.  It's just that no one shops with their mother.  I
should be shopping with my friends.  I'm not a child."
     "Well, just for today, let's pretend we're friends." Linda

     Ashley rolled her eyes and sighed.  She's hopeless, the pre-
teen thought.  She walked alongside her mother as she looked
around, hoping no one she knew would be there and see her in this
humiliating circumstance.

     "Sweet Sixteen," Ashley said and walked into the teen
boutique, her mother following her. 

     Ashley looked through the racks of short skirts and tops. 

     "This," she announced to her mother, holding up a short,
silver lame skirt, split to the hip. "And this," she said holding
up the matching tight t-shirt.

     "No," Linda said, closing her eyes and shaking her head.

     "Whyyyyy?" Ashley whined, slapping the outfit against her
legs, and stamping her foot.

     "Because, as you well know, that is not an appropriate
outfit for a young girl," Linda explained calmly, thinking even a
streetwalker would be embarrassed to wear such a thing.

     Ashley made a disgusted sound and held the outfit at her

     "I am not a child, Mother.  Besides, all of the girls at
school wear outfits like this."

     "I'm quite sure they do not.  And even if they do, you are
my daughter and you are not going to wear anything like that."

     "Fine," Ashley said, in a tone of voice which indicated it
was anything but, and put the skirt and t-shirt back on the rack.

     "How about this?" Linda asked, holding up a floral print
mini dress, with a clip in the back.  "This is cute."

     Ashley folded her arms across her chest and stuck out her
little-girl hip.

"A retarded five year old wouldn't be caught dead in that
thing," Ashley decided.

     "You know, Ashley," Linda said as she walked towards her
daughter, "we've only been in the mall for a half hour and I've
already had enough of your attitude. Now, I'm warning you."

     Ashley put on a neutral face while her mother spoke to her. 

     "Choose something appropriate," Linda advised her daughter.

     "I guess that means something she likes," Ashley muttered
under her breath as she looked through the racks.  She picked up
a stretchy white lace, pull-over shirt that crossed over at the
breasts and fit tightly at the waist.  Except for a white lining
at the breasts, the shirt was completely sheer.  Ashley held it
up to herself and liked what she saw.

     "This!" she advised her mother. 

     Linda turned her head away and sighed.  She looked back at
her daughter. 


     Ashley threw the garment on top of the rack.  Linda picked
it up and hung it back on the rack.  Ashley selected a pink lycra
spandex dress with narrow straps, a low-cut v neck and a hem that
skimmed the tops of her thighs. 

     "Put it back, Ashley," Linda calmly told her daughter. 

     The pre-teen shoved it back onto the rack and stomped away. 

     "You have one last chance to choose something appropriate
before I take you out of here," Linda informed her daughter.

     Ashley picked up a solid-colored mini dress in exactly the
same style as the one her mother had chosen. 

     "I guess this is cool," Ashley pretended nonchalance, having
already fallen in love with the royal blue dress.

     Linda a bit her tongue and agreed to the dress.  She then
suggested they go into one of the department stores to buy Ashley
some panties.

     Once in the lingerie department, Ashley picked up and
touched every silk and satin pair of thong and bikini panties she
saw.  Linda looked through packages of thick, soft cotton
underpants, some in solid colors, some with small flowers, others
with dancing ballerinas and baby dolls.  She chose one package of
solid, pastel colors and one with kittens and one teddy bears and
called Ashley to her.

     "I think these will do," Linda showed the packages to

     Ashley looked at the childish panties and shook her head

     "I'm not wearing those!" Ashley exclaimed, stepping away.
She folded her arms across her chest.  "Those are for babies!"
she stamped her foot.  "I want the silk bikini onnnnes," She

     Linda walked over to her daughter and stood behind her.  She
placed an arm around the pre-teen's waist and whispered in her

     "Silk panties are for grown up girls to wear.  Girls who
know how to behave themselves.  Girls who know how to walk with
their Moms and be nice to them," she explained.  "Cotton panties
are for naughty little girls who don't behave. Who are rude to
their mommies, and must have their little bare bottoms spanked.
Now, you have been a very naughty little girl today, Ashley, and
I'm buying these underpants for you to wear when you get spanked.
We are going to leave here, right after I buy these panties, and
I am going to take you home.  When we get there, I am going to
take you upstairs to my bedroom.  You are going to put on a pair
of these naughty little girl underpants. Then I am going to turn
you over my knee.  I'm going to turn up your little skirt.  I'm
going to pull down your new cotton panties,  pull them all of the
way down to your knees, and then Mommy is going to spank your
chubby little bottom very hard," Linda promised her daughter.
"If you continue to misbehave while we are in this mall," Linda
said, as she put her hand under Ashley's skirt and onto the pre-
teen's pantied bottom, "I will take you into the women's lounge
and I will turn you over my knee, in front of whomever happens to
be in there," Linda continued, patting Ashley's pantied bottom,
"and I will pull your panties down so that everyone can see your
pudgy bare bottom, and I will spank you, just as hard and for
just as long as I would at home.  Would you like to get spanked
in front of the women in this store?" Linda asked.

"No," Ashley conceded in a whisper, her face in a pink

     "Well, then, do you have something nice to say to me?"

     "Sorry," Ashley mumbled.

     "I don't think that's nearly enough," Linda said and she
slapped her pre-teen's pantied chubs.

     "Ow!" Ashley jumped and blushed a deeper hue.  "I'm sorry,"

     "A little more, I think," Linda decided, holding her
daughter's skirt up and slapping the plump cheeks again.
     "Ow!  I'm sorry, Mom.  I'll be good,"  Ashley promised,
looking around the store.

     "Not good enough, Ashley.  You know what I want to hear.
Maybe another spank, this time with your panties down."

     "No!  No!  Please.  I'm sorry I was naughty, Mommy.  I'll be
a good girl."

     "That's more like it," Linda said, patting her daughter's
bottom.  "I'll buy these underpants and then we'll go home.  And
don't think I'm not going to spank you when we get there.  I am
going to spank you and I might even tell Daddy what happened and
he'll spank you, too.  It's been a long time since Daddy has
spanked your little bottom."

     "Not Daddy, no, please!"  Ashley begged, remembering the
warning she had received from her father just a couple of hours
ago.  "I'm really sorry, Mommy."

     "Well, we'll see,"  Linda whispered, letting her daughter's
skirt fall back into place and removing her hand from the pre-
teen's bottom.

     Linda took the little-girl underpants to the cashier.

     "Oh!  These are just darling! The saleswoman enthused.  Some
little girl is going to be very happy with these.  Look at these
kittens!  And the bears!" she exclaimed while ringing them up on
her cash register.

     "Yes, aren't they cute? Linda agreed, putting her arm around
Ashley's shoulders.  They're for my little girl here.  She just
loves them.  Don't you sweetie?"  Linda asked.

     Ashley, her face red, nodded.  The saleswoman seemed
surprised.  Linda shrugged.

     "She's still mommy's little girl.  Aren't you, baby?"

     Ashley looked down and nodded again.

     "Look at the lady, Ashley," Linda demanded.

     Ashley lifted her blushing face to the smiling saleswoman.
"Yes," she said, nodding. 

     Linda put her hand on Ashley's bottom.  "Yes, 'what', baby?"

     "Yes, I'm still mommy's little girl," Ashley squeaked.

     Linda kissed her daughter's cheek. 

     "That's just so sweet!  To see a mother and her daughter so
close,"  The saleswoman said happily.

     When Linda and Ashley arrived home, Linda handed the package
containing Ashley's new underpants to her daughter.

     "Show Daddy your new panties, Ashley."

     Ashley was stunned.  "Why?"

     "When you were a little girl, you were always eager to show
Daddy your new panties.  Today, you behaved like a naughty little
girl, so, show them to Daddy."

     "Mommy, please don't make me," Ashley begged.

"March," Linda ordered.

     Ashley walked slowly into the living room where her father
still sat watching football.

     "Look, Daddy,"  Ashley murmured as she held up a package of
the childish underpants.  "I have new panties."

     Her father looked up and smiled.  He held his hand out to
his daughter.  "Give them to me.  Let me see."

     Ashley handed the cotton panties to her father.

     "Oooh!  Kittens.  And bears.  Wow!" her father teased.
"Someone must have been a very naughty girl today," he said

     Ashley nodded, not daring to look at her father.

     "Is Mommy going to spank you?" 

     "Yes," Ashley choked back a sob.

     "Good.  When she's through, maybe I'll take a turn," he
mused.  "Linda?  If she isn't properly respectful after you've
spanked her, bring her down to me."

     "Don't worry, honey, I think our little girl will be very
well behaved after I've finished with her.  Come on, Ashley. "

     Ashley walked out of the living room carrying her new
panties.  Linda held out her hand and Ashley took it.  The two
walked upstairs together to Linda's bedroom and over to the bed
Ashley's parents shared. 

     "What will it be, Ashley?" Linda asked.  "Kitties or bears?"

     "Kitties," Ashley whispered.

     "Okay," Linda took out a pair of cotton underpants with
frolicking kittens on them.   "Take your panties off, Ashley."

     Ashley reached up under her skirt and slipped her pink nylon
panties down her bottom, past her thighs to her ankles and
stepped out of them. 

     "Pick them up, Ashley, fold them neatly and put them on
Mommy's nightstand."

     Ashley obeyed her mother. 

     "Take your shoes off, Ashley," Linda instructed her

     Ashley sat on the bed and brought her foot up to the edge of
the mattress.  She unbuckled her sandal and slipped it off.  She
looked dejectedly at the clear nailpolish on her toes.  She was
not allowed to wear a color yet.  She brought her other foot up
to the bed and unbuckled her sandal and slipped it off.  She
stood in front of her mother.

     Linda held out the cotton underpants with the kittens on

"Step into these," Linda ordered her daughter.

     Ashley stepped into the panties and Linda pulled them all of
the way up. 

     "Look in the mirror, Ashley.  Look at your new panties."

     Ashley turned to face her mother's dresser with the large
mirror above it.  She lifted her skirt and looked at the kittens
chasing balls of brightly colored yarn.

     Linda watched her daughter.  The girl had not yet developed
hips.  She had no waist and her tummy was small and round, just
like a child's.  Her bottom, also like a child's, was small,
full, high and firm.

     "All right, young lady, come here.  It's time for your
spanking," Linda gestured to her daughter. 

     Ashley stood next to her mother.  Linda put her arm around
her daughter's waist and lowered her over her lap.  She lifted
the short patchwork, knit skirt up to the pre-teen's waist.  The
kittens on Ashley's underpants were stretched until their color
faded across the pre-teen's chubby cheeks.  Linda patted her
daughter's pudgy bottom.

     "I'm going to start your spanking over your cute little
panties," Linda informed her daughter.  She raised her hand and
spanked one pantied cheek, raised her hand again and brought it
down onto the other cheek.  She spanked each cheek quickly and
heartily with muffled claps.  Ashley uttered quick "ows", jumped
and clenched her bottom cheeks with every swat.  Linda slapped
her hand down again on the roundest, highest part of one cheek.
The spanks were not too hard yet.  These were quick slaps that
caused only a light sting on Ashley's pantied bottom.  Linda
spanked the other cheek in the same fashion and watched the plump
chubs jiggle. 

     "You know better than to be rude to Mommy, don't you,
Ashley?" Linda asked as she spanked each cotton-covered cheek.

     "Ow! Yes, Mommy.  I'm sorry."

     "I took you out shopping to buy the things you wanted and
you wouldn't even walk with me," Linda scolded, spanking the
chubby targets harder now.

     "Ow!  I'm sorry." Ashley jumped and cried out.

     "You were sassy and disobedient," Linda chided.  "You threw
tantrums each time you didn't get some trashy outfit you wanted,"
Linda began to spank harder as she remembered her daughter's
tirades at the mall.

     "Ow! Ow!  I'm sorry. Ow!  I won't do it again," Ashley

     "I'm going to see to that, little girl,"  Linda vowed as she
grasped the waistband of the underpants.  She pulled and tugged
the snug cotton panties down over her daughter's chubby bottom.

     "Lift up, Ashley, so Mommy can get your panties all of the
way down."

Ashley blushed and lifted and felt her panties sliding down
her thighs to her knees.

     "I'm going to spank your bare little bottom good and hard,
young lady," Linda assured her daughter.  Linda spanked up the
side of one cheek and down again in solid smacks. 

     Ashley clamped her teeth together and clenched her bottom,
but it did not keep her from bellowing.  Linda turned to the
other chub and gave it the same biting treatment. 

     "Do you think you're too grown up to be spanked, Ashley?"
Linda asked.

     Ashley hesitated.  Yes, she thought she was but knew that
answer would only make this spanking harder and last longer.



     "I asked you a question, young lady.  Answer me!" Linda

     "No.  I'm not too grown up," Ashley shrieked.



     " Not too grown up for what?" Linda asked as she spanked.

     "Owww!  Not too grown up for a spankiiiiing" Ashley cried.

     Spank!  Smack!


     "And you never will be, Ashley.  Mommy will always spank you
when you are naughty," Linda promised.

     Linda began slapping the underside of her daughter's bottom
and worked her way up the tender target with stinging claps. 

     "Owwww!  Pleeeeease, stooooop, Mommyyyyy," Ashley sobbed.
"I'll never do it agaaaaaain.  I'm sorrrrryyyyy!"  The pre-teen

     "When you've been well spanked for your naughty behavior
today, I'll stop," Linda informed her daughter as she continued
to strike the chubby plums with her strong hands.

      Ashley shrieked and wiggled her burning buns.

     SMACK! SPANK! SWAT! in brisk succession, the reverberating
claps landed and Ashley's wailing filled the room. 

     SPANK! SLAP!  WHACK!  Linda's hand traveled in hearty slaps
down her daughter's glowing bottom up and over the arch and back
to the girl's upper thighs, where she again struck the delicate

"Owwww!  Ohhhhh!  Owww!"  Ashley thrashed her legs and
pounded her fists.

     Linda ignored her daughter's childish display and kept on
spanking the plump, upturned bottom. 

     "Owww! Please don't spank me anymore, Mommyyyyy!  I promise
to be gooooood," Ashley screeched between spanks and sobs.


     Ashley's fleshy mounds were crimson.  She thrashed and
kicked, her little toes swinging through the air as she sobbed
and howled. 

     Linda began a long repetition of the forceful smacks she had
already landed on both of her daughter's red and sassy cheeks.
She began in the well padded middle, spanked up to the pre-teen's
dimples and back down the tender bottom to the part that curved
under at the top of her thighs. 

     "Owwww!  Nooooo!  Ooooooh! Noooo mooorrre  pleeeeease,
Mommyyyyy!"  Ashley pleaded through her sobs, as a fire raged
across her chubby buns, before beginning a continuous howl and
flailing her legs.

     "Owww!"  She cried in long, loud wails until her lungs were

     Linda spanked down her daughter's bottom until she again
reached the pre-teen's thighs.  She spanked while she searched
for a patch of ivory skin.  When she found it, she spanked it
until it glowed like the rest of the girl's bottom. And then she
spanked all of the red, squirming chubs again.

     "Owww!" the pre-teen shrieked.  "Owww!" 

     "I'm going to give you ten more; five on each of your little
chubs," Linda informed her daughter. 

     She raised her hand and slapped it down on one burning cheek
five times and then turned to the other while Ashley continued
shrieking and flailing her legs.

     "All right, Ashley.  That's all for this time.  Do you think
you can be a good girl for Mommy?"

     "Yeeeeesss," Ashley wailed, her bottom throbbing with heat.

     Linda helped her daughter off of her lap and stood the pre-
teen in front of her.  She reached around and stroked her
daughter's fiery buns.  Ashley put her arms around her mother's

"I know that was a hard spanking, baby, and I hope I don't
have to spank you ever again.  But if you are naughty, I will
spank you.  And Daddy will spank you.  We have to teach you to be
a good girl.  We want everyone to love you as much as we do, but
if you're not properly disciplined, no one will.  Understand?"

     "Yes, Mommy," Ashley murmured, her tears subsiding.

     "That's my baby."  Linda kissed her daughter's tear-stained
cheeks.  "Now, there's one more thing we still have to do."

     "What," Ashley asked.

     "Corner time.  I'm going to take you downstairs and stand
you in the corner of the living room."

     "In front of Daddy?" an incredulous Ashley asked.

     "Yes," Linda nodded.  "In front of Daddy, with your skirt up
and your little cotton panties down and your chubby red bottom on
display.  For a half hour."

     "Oh, Mommy.  Not in front of Daddy, please," Ashley begged.

     "In front of Daddy," Linda confirmed.  "If you're going to
disobey me, or be naughty again, Daddy's going to spank you.  And
then you are still going to stand bare bottomed in the corner."

     Ashley cried fresh tears but gave no further resistance.
Linda pulled her daughter's panties up, took her hand and led her
downstairs, into the living room, past her approving father, and
into the corner next to the television, her bare toes pointing to
the wall.  Linda tucked her daughter's skirt into its waistband
and pulled the snug little cotton underpants down to the top of
the pre-teen's thighs.  Ashley's shoulders heaved with an
occasional sob and she whimpered softly as she stood there. 

     Linda sat down on the couch next to her husband and 
stared the red, bare, chubby bottom of her daughter.  Now that's
my litle girl, she thought with a satisfied smile.
1998, Paris Annette Morreau
All rights reserved.  This story, or parts thereof,
may not be reproduced in any form without permission