Brat Revolt Against Tops
Assville. A small community nestled in the spanko valley. Home of the once famous Barbarian Revolt Against Tops (B.R.A.T) uprising. It was a historic event and one that Tops swore would never again occour. Tops had been brought in to control unruly folks, mostly of the female gender. Theory has it that once these females reach a certain age, rebellion sets in and the only way to control it was with corporal punishment. It was now the twenty-first century and females all over the world had become unruly. Brats in Assville knew that such behavior would easily get them punished. Application of the hand, hairbrush,strap,paddle or switch usually curtailed any wrong doing that any brat might be inclined to attempt. Tops were hired and sent to towns and cities all over the country to put an end to unruly females. Assville felt that with their strict inforcement of corporal punishment that such behavior would not occour. The females off Assville had been planning and plotting for some time. They had a secret hiding place called the Brat cave and held meetings while Tops ate donuts and watched tv, however one particular Top named Starship was wise beyond his years.  He had seen many Brat uprisings and decided to take no chances.

Brat Uprising in Assville

Act One:

     It is a Saturday afternoon and several Brats have gathered on the sidewalk across the street from the park. There seems to be a discussion going on between Daisy_do_write  and Muffy about a misunderstanding. The events that are about to occour no one would have thought would lead to an out right Barbaric Revolt against tops..........(B.R.A.T. War....)

Daisy:             Muffy hurt my feelings. I was being very nice when all of a sudden
                       Muffy called me spoiled for no reason, and she said I was bad for
                       no reason and she started jumping up and down and pointing at
                       me, which everyone knows is really rude. I have proof too:

                        (Aagghh! Papa! Daisy "spoiled! Ooooh, bad Daisy. Muffy hopping,
                        pointing, going pale)

Daisy:               I know people are busy and I wanted to be helpful and make sure
                        people didn't accidentally not see what Muffy did.

Muffy:             Oh, DAMN, did I screw up? I must've forgot to post as well as email!
                       I'm so sorry, Daisy, didn't mean to leave everyone out of the loop:
                       <clears throat, ahem> DAISY DID A "SPOILER" ON ONE OF PAPA'S
                       POSTS! SHE TOLD THE STORY RIGHT OUT LOUD! There, I hope
                       that's corrected my little boo-boo. I didn't mean to make a mistake.
                      <eBrattyg> (Muffy, bolting for the nearest exit......)

Jeanene:          Daisy, I think this is called being a tattletale and I remember getting
                      spankings for this. Maybe you shouldn't have done this? After all,
                      us bottoms need to stick together against the big, bad tops. Remember
                      we were going to burn the brushes and stuff?   {grins}

Ssparks:           Uhm.... This sounds like snitching! What is the consequence for

Sherry:            Oh no. Tattle telling is a spankable offense.

Karilyn:           True, we bottoms and Brats must stick together. But I don't see where
                      we have a whole lot to be concerned about. Ain't seen no Big, Bad
                       Tops 'round here for quite a spell. Must all  be in "snooze mode".
                     "  Talks of bonfires and even jokes about not having enough Tops
                       around here to bring a barrage of  Brats to tears has brought narry a
                       one out of hiding. Seems as though we could have done burnt all
                       those nasty brushes and such. It would be long after the smoke
                       cleared out before they would notice "a few toys missing." <BG>

Tanya:             Shhhhhhh, Karilyn!! (looking around furtively, stage whispers)Ya
                       wanna get 'em all mad at us?? {peeking out from behind tree}     

Kathi:                First of all Jeanene, I'm sure Daisy would never have tattled  if she
                        thought for one minute that any of the sofa surfin, donut eatin Tops
                        would get up long enough to do anything about it. So let's all forgive
                        Daisy and Karilyn. You couldn't  be more right. I'm not sure if they're
                        in snooze mode or if they're just busy spankin. {The monkey that is}
                        Perhaps the Tops are just comfortably Brat trained, and only come
                        out when we order them to. Don't take chances though. Keep your
                        eyes open for the untrained ones. 

Jeanene:            Welllll, Ok. I wasn't really mad at you Daisy, just kinda wondering
                        why you would tell on Muffy is all. But you came through in a pinch
                        {Ouch!} so I guess it's Ok again.  Hugs to Daisy and all the other Brats, 

David:               ALRIGHT, THAT IS ENOUGH OF THIS!!!!!!!!! Some of you are tattling.
                        some of you are trying to keeps secrets and  others of you are trying
                        to provoke people for no good reason other than you bratty attitude.
                        THIS IS GOING TO END NOW. The following brats will line up.
                        Bend over with hands on the wall:
                        Ladies, prepare your selves and take your punishment. You brats
                        need to be taught a lesson.
                        {David who thinks this could be a lot of fun) <EG>

Sherry:            Whew!!!....No Sherry on this list.

Karilyn:            No good reason you say, other than our bratty attitude... and because
                        we can! Bend over? Why, did ya drop something? Sorry, but you may
                        not have heard. We are Brats on a mission. You have to catch us if ya

David:              Ok Karilyn, I want you to know that running only makes matters
                        worse. I am sure that our local janitor will help me catch you. What
                        do you say Steve, you go around one way and I will go around the
                        other, then we will take turns while one holds her down and the
                        other spanks.

Karilyn:            Okay, so now I know. But you should also know that Steve, our local
                        Janitor is busy elsewhere. So you are all alooone.. na,na,na,nah!
                        (and I have heeelp!>) Come on Tanya, we're outta here. Off to save
                        sweet and innocent Zoey from the meanie Top...Da Janitor!
                        (hang on Brats....I'm bringing help.....)

Kathi:               That's ok Davey Doright, my little chickadee, Karilyn is done running
                        and we ain't scared of no steenkng janitor. (put on your rollerblades
                        Karilyn. Ummmm David, why do you need two big bad Tops to
                        spank one Brat anyway? Could it be to many donuts?

Tanya:              YEAH, what she said!!! (looking frantically around in search of other
                        bottoms to hide behind) HEY, KARILYN, WAIT UPPPP!!!!!

Jeanene:            Karilyyyyn, why'd you go and get him mad? David, I'm with Karilyn
                        you gotta catch us first! You big old MEANIE TOP!{ sticks tongue out
                        and then runs for the hills} I think I'm going to like being a Brat.

Kessely:            HAHAHAHAHA *sitting on a bench and getting popcorn out for the
                        upcoming show!*

Laura Ann:      Boy. am I glad I wasn't on this list!!!(adjusting her halo)

Tom:               {Bringing the pop and asks to sit next to Kess, who has a  good idea,
                        and popcorn.............

Muffy:              Ohh, yeah, Kess, like we're all gonna cooperate.LOL. Oh. BTW, can
                        I borrow the pool for a day or so, if I promise to not disturb the sharks
                        too much? I have some boxes of jello and some rotten fruit and some
                        invitations to lure the Top into the "pool party" and well, you're better
                        off knowing all the details. But I promise to clean up all the mess. The
                        sharks can eat some of the jello, and well. if you want a show-part the
                        curtains on your picture window and get comfy on your couch. Your
                        first off/season pool party will be a real riot.  The plot Thickens and
                        so does the jello wench(p&e)

Kessely:            Actually Muffy feel free... The sharks have been depressed lately...
                        moping around and such. I'm sure they would enjoy a party and a

Muffy:              Yay! Kessely gave us permission to use her faboo pool behind the
                        estate and to borrow the pool sharks. Once we rescue Zoey and
                        gather the scampering, scattered Brats we'll canfab about a Top
                        party to end allll past Top parties. But first there're Brats to save!

Kathi:               Ok  Muffy, lets start saving. Sorry I'm late but  I had weapons to pack..
Kevin"              You know, I really think Kessely should be added to that list. I can't
                        think of anyone who needs a spanking more than Kess. Her name
                        not being on the list must have been an oversight, right? Good to
                        know I'm still trying to get you spanked isn't it Kess?

Kessely:           snort* Kevin ya know really need to find a new hobby.

Kevin:               Why? I quite like the one I already have <g>. I shall keep this hobby
                        until it actually gets you spanked.

Ang:                 Seeing all the other Brats in town out and about, grabs her super
                        soaker super charger monster XL and covers Laura's retreat. Then
                        runs herself, to refill and hide.....

laura:                Laura runs in carrying a bag of half melted taffy and throws it in
                        front of two very BAD Tops, to save the poor Brat from certain
                        unfair spanking AND RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!

David:              I have just invented a new vehicle. It is like a motorcycle in that it can
                        go anywhere, including the hills that all of you are running to, but it
                        also includes a back section. This section has a net to catch helpless
                        and hapless brats as well as an armless chair for a perfect OTK session.
                        I also keep a tool box in the back section with a number of hairbrushes
                        in it. I think I will chase Karilyn first, but I am coming after you all.
                        (David, busily kick starting his new bike and eyeing Karilyn's retreating
                        backside. p.s. yes Kevin, I will include Kess on my list if you want me to.

Jeanene:           Doesn't this sound kinda like the Planet of the Apes where the big
                        mean gorillas throw nets over the poor innocent Brats, oops I mean
                        humans? oh, I'm sure I didn't mean YOU are a big mean gorilla Dave.
                        RUN Karilyn! (Jeanene trying to distract Dave who is far too close to
                        Karilyn's bottom with a brush.

Kathi:               No no no, this won't do. (Kathi takes #10 scalpel out of Brat pack and
                        leaves Davey Doodle with two flat tires.) BTW I'' put five bucks on

Kessely:           Thats alright Dave, I'm enjoying just watching the fun. Sitting quietly
                        and eating popcorn and soda with Kathi

Daisy:               I would like to stay and stuff but I heard that I'm needed at the
                        bowling alley  RIGHT AWAY. It's an emergency, so I have to leave
                        now. (Daisy running away)

Tanya               (left alone in the dust of Daisy's passage, yells after her. "HEY, you
                        rat-fink. Why don't you stay and finish what you started???? "Is that
                        a motorcycle I hear???? (Tanya makes like a banana and splits)

Karilyn:           Kathi to the rescue. So glad you showed up! Davey Doodle~

David               Thanks, Karilyn~Davey Doodle~yep, works for me-LOL!!!!! The
                        funny thing about this name is that my mother called me something
                        similar all the way through college. If you Brats start calling me this,
                        the spankings get harder and longer... You have been warned.
                        (David, who has always liked adding gas to a fire)

Sherry:             "Daaavvvvey, Davey Doodle, King of the wild brat-tier"       
David:              Sherry, you need to read my latest response to brats vs. Tops. Then
                        you need to know that you are next on my list of Brats to catch.
                        (BIG EVIL GRIN)

Sherry:             Yeah, but ya gotta catch me first.... hehehehehehehehehehehehe.
                        (Smiling sweetly back at Davey Doodle... toodleloooooooooo!!!

Karilyn:            Oh.. Davey. Seems to me that you may be busy making out a repair
                        list! Not sure though..... looks as if R.I.P. is more appropriate. Come
                        on Sherry, it's back to our secret hiding place.      

Doc Tsai:          Sherry! There you are. I've been looking all over for you. I need to
                        talk with you for a minute.

Sherry:             You looking for me Doc? What'd I do? I didn't do anything. Can't
                        you see how innocent I am in all this? (Batting my eyes at Doc and
                        smiling so he can see how sweet and innocent I am.

Doc:                 Sherry, I am going to ask you three simple questions, and I need
                        answers from you. I know you will be honset with me.(looking you
                        right in the eye.

Sherry:             Sir. I would never lie to you, you know that. I know what happens
                        if I ever even thought of lying to you (Looking you right in the eye)

Doc:                 Is that your Thunderbird parked on the street? (speaking very calmly
                        and clearly)

Sherry:             Uhhhh, well, yes Sir it is, but that doesn't prove anything!
                        (stomping my foot!)

Doc:                Is that your pack of cigarettes on the dash?

Sherry:             utoh, well, uh, yes Sir...but I... but I... but..ok, I see that look in your
                        eye... Yes Sir, they are my cigs.

Doc                 (Now speaking even more slowly and softly, emphasizing every word.)
                        And_what_ did I say I was going to do if you did not quit smoking?

Sherry              You said you were going to take down my panties Sir and put me
                        over your knee and spank me long and hard.

Doc:                (Looking you right in the eye. My arms are folded and my shirt
                        sleeves are rolled up.

Sherry:            Ohhh no, that is not a good sign.

Doc:                 Sherry, I know you have tried to quit, but trying is not good enough.
                        I care for you too much to allow you to smoke.

Sherry:             Well I will try harder... I swear.. nooooo, I know that look and what
                        it means... pleaseeeee I really will try!!

Doc:                 As you know, I have a cozy apartment in the second story of the
                        clinic building.

Sherry:             Yes Sir, I remember very well how cozy it is and how comfortable
                        your lap was, but I on't seem to recall it being all the comfortable
                        the next day when I tried to sit.

Doc:                (Taking yo by the arm) Lets go have a little talk.(exit together)

Sherry:             Ok fellow Brats... I must go. My temporary, but small part in the Brat
                        war is being halted. I am currently being led, by the good Doc, upstairs
                        for an attitude adjustment. I will probably be unable to sit for the next
                        few days and therefore I will watch from my pillow as you get your
                        selves into more trouble. I am really reallt going to try and be good
                        now. Doc um does that earn me any points??? No? I didn't think so.
                        (shuffling my feet as Doc leads me to my fate.)

Act Two

Starship tapped his foot impatiently as he waited beside the mailbox and checked his watch for what seemed like the thousandth time. Where was it? He craned his neck to peer down the winding road leading up to his little cottage. Suddenly there was the sound of an engine. Starship smiled in anticipation as the mail truck came around the corner and quickly drove up the road, halting directly in front of him. At the wheel was an attractive black-haired woman, her uniform shorts seemingly too small and too tight to be regulation. "Here you go Mr. Starship," she said as she handed him a package. "Sorry about the delay."She drove up before he could answer, but Starship wasn't particularly bothered. He had to go to the post office later on anyway, and then he could make sure she was indeed _very_ sorry for the delay. But first things first. He quickly carried the package inside and shut the door. A second later the wrapping was off and Starship held in his hand the treasure he had been anticipating - a genuine antique silver hairbrush, completely fireproof and guaranteed to have twice the impact force of an ordinary wooden hairbrush. He grinned and nodded to himself. Lately there had been an increasing number of brats in town who seemed to be suffering from overly cold bottoms. It was high time somebody did something about that...

Tanya:             Uh oh, fellow Brats. This looks like a threat. Muffy!!!!Whaddawedo
                        now??? (biting nails and looking for another hiding place)

Mischief:          I'll get out the bubble wrap. You find the glue and hurryyyyyy
                        (Susie shaking in her panties)

Kathi:               Quit it Tanya. Ya never let 'em see you sweat.

Tanya:              (slapping self and shaking head back and forth rapidly) Ok, ok. I've
                        got a grip on myself. Where's that bubble-wrap? We'll take that brush
                        by the bristles, so to speak....

Sherry:             Muffy..(leader of the brats)..he has a fire proof brush!!! What do we
                        do? We have to make plans quick. (placing both hands on my bottom
                        and hiding till our fearless leader sends further instructions.

Kathi:               Ok girls, lets just arm ourselves, take deep breaths and wait til Tuesday.
                        Muffy can handle this so lets not start decompensating sides. These
                        Tops have a winters worth of donuts to work off. They'll never catch us.

Jeanene:            Hey guys, it's only silver. It will still MELT in fire. Now if he had an
                        asbestos brush, well then.... I really would hate to see a beautiful
                        antique brush reduced to a smoldering blob of silver though. Don't
                        you think you could reconsider Mr. Starship?

Sherry:              Ok the silver hairbrush will not ignite, but it can melt... Melting point
                        961.93 C(1235.1 K)... so we need to get this bonfire going bigger than
                        ever. Hurry and add more wood.... grabbing Da janitor Steve's brush
                        simply of necessity, of course <g>

Starship:           Two points: 1) A bonfire is unlikely to get anywhere near that hot.
                       2) The hairbrush is in_my_possession.

LadiKath:          Listen you mean old Top. Do you think silver is any match for witch
                        craft. You come near one of us Brats with that thing and I'll turn it
                        into silver dollars and you into a toad, so watch it buster! (Of course
                        there is a secret way to keep the witch from using her magic but you
                        have to figure out what it is and get close enough to her to actually
                        do it without her putting a spell on you.)

Jklbot:              Seeing as I'm not a brat, not by choice mind you, I can do something
                        about that evil hairbrush! I have the invisibility cape! Seems to me
                        that the last time there was a proliferation of hairbrushes in town.
                        They all mysteriuosly disappeared. Don't you think hiding it would
                        be the best thing for all concerned, not to be taken out while with a
                        second person, especially if that person is a sub or Brat?

Sherry:             I need some of the 22 other Brats help here please. If you hold him
                        I think I can get it away from him....

Tanya:             Well I don't know. Why don't we just let Spark hold him? She seems
                        to be doing a good job... The perfect distraction.

Sherry:             Ok I have the keys to the local funeral home in town. Now if they can
                        cremate bodies in there, certainly a little ol' silver brush would not
                        be a problem now would it?

Muffy:             Ooooooo. Calling out the heavy artillery are they? Curse those Tops!
                        Brats, check your secret mail delivery places Tuesday for secret Brat
                        code alert and meeting place instructions. We have to organize and

Kathi:               (keepin an eye on Starship) Hey Muffy. I know this guy is trouble but
                        I stole a defibrillator. Yea, yea, I know I have kleptomania, but when
                        it gets bad, I just take something for it. I think 360 jewels will calm
                        him down (way down)

Muffy:              Those 360 will really get him if he's holding that hairbrush when you
                        turn on the juice. Ouch. LOL. hey, we don't wanna kill 'em- wait...ok,
                        just thinking for a sec- No, we don't wanna kill 'em. We just wanna
                        stop 'em from beating Brat butt mostly

Kathi:               You're right Muffy, we don't wanna kill 'em, but maybe 50 joules.
                        Thats just enough to singe his short hairs.....

Starship:           Why not just set my house on fire and wait outside with a shotgun?
                        Sheesh! (Wondering how a Brat thread escalated to attempted homacide

Muffy:              Attention all Brats!!! Zoey has chosen to sacrafice her bottom to save
                        all us Brats. She has chosen to take the hairbrush to save us from a
                        hideous fate. A moment of silence in her honor. Now shake your
                        pleats out and straighten your berets and super soakers. We have to
                        gather per the instructions we'll receive by Brat Code Tuesday to
                        plan our next attack......

Kathi:                Bows her head in silent tribute, but curses the janitor and vows

Jeanene:             Zoey, you are my hero (YKIMK giggle)

Zoey:                I'm (sniff) deeply touched at this honor and will write a book about
                        my selfless life as a Brat martyr in the near future. < Cheesy grin>

Tanya               It isn't right Brats! No one should have to take the hairbrush to expiate
                        all others' sins! C'mon Brats, there're far more of US that there are of
                        THEM!......... Bratwar!!!!!

Mischief:          Wow!!!! Brat war under wayyyyyy. Thanks to all my fellow brats,
                        I'm no longer shaking in my panties. I am now fully dresses in my
                        camoflage army brat gear and ready to play. United we stand, divided
                        we fall(get yanked) over the knees of our Tops for a long session with
                        the hair-brush.... Don't let me down fellow Brats..... Shhhh I am armed
                        with A-K Eggie sevens. Real stinky ones that I've kept hidden in the
                        garage just in case a Brat revolt ever happened. I also have sling shots
                        and powder puff granades. They are loaded with white paint.
                        (look innocent but very messy.) I have M-16's (Marshmallows left out
                        to harden for 16 days) Very painful for Tops, bottoms when pelted in
                        the Assville with one. Any other brats been saving up arsonal?

Tanya:              That's the spirit Miss Mischief!! We Brats will rule the day! D'ya hear
                        That starship?? We've got it all over you Tops! We're gonna smear
                        ya! We're gonna make you wish you'd never even SEEN that hair-
                        brush, let alone threaten our innocent little tushies with it! Isn't that
                        right, guys? Uh, guys? (looking around frantically for the other Brats)
                        Guys? uh oh. Hey Gotta go! Bye! (beating a hasty retreat)

Ladikath:          The resident witch of Asssville, who through magic can be adult or
                        Brat as she chooses, thinks,"Who needs a super soaker when you can
                        from water into balls as if they were snow and hurl them by magic."
                        (Taking her "Brat" a girl of ten with long blonde braids, she dons
                        T-shirt, jeans and sandals and picks up her magic bag of herbs lotions,
                        potions and talismans, checking the contents. Yep itching powder to
                        sprinkle down the pants and shirst of Tops. Matches to give a hot foot,
                        numbing lotion to keep a spanking from hurting, magic rope that will
                        tie up a vicious Top at her command, Magic potions of all kinds to
                        put in Tops' coffee and all sorts of assorted naughty tricks."How dare
                        that mean old janitor spank poor innocent Zoey! Maybe he'd like a
                        nice batch of "magic" brownies with prunes, exlax and red hot chilies
                        baked inside.

Muffy:              Let's see, we have two Tops (Statship and Dave R) verses 23 Brats (
                        here to remain nameless) I think that's a fair fight.<g> Plan well brats,
                        Tops are a trucky bunch.

DaisyLane:        Hey Muffy, make it twenty-four Brats. Count me in! I haven't copped
                        an attitude or had a lick of fun lately. High time that changes..

Tricia:               Gosh Muffy... I don't think it's fair at all... And I think you know
                        better too. I think the Tops are gonna need some back up! Two of
                        them? HA! As if..LOL (wondering if she was counted in the Brat
                        troop/group of ONLY 23?)

Tanya:              Okay, guys, who's got the shaving cream> Anyone bring eggs? Who
                        knows the complete words to "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts"?
                        If we sing it over and over at 'em we're sure to send them screaming
                        to the hills!!

Ladikath:            Shaving cream and eggs? Hey, baby, I got magic. Want to see me
                         make a water balloon without a balloon? {The witchy Brat cups her
                         hands as if making a snowball. A ball of water drawn from the air
                         shimmers in her hand. She bounces it up and down in her hand.
                         Seams about right for soaking a nasty old Top.

Sherry:              Oh no. I don't know this it in the handbook? (running to
                        the bratcave, digging through my bratpack... where is that damn

Peaches:           I want to be counted. I am a BRAT of the SSS and I pledge to make
                        each and every hairbrush I come in contact with just a stinging memory.
                        I may be held up sick in camp... but if anyone needs a hiding place
                        I'm not infectious. The Tops no not the location of my campsight.

Kathi:                Now how could you not be counted sweet pea. You've got the fire
                        burning don't you?

Basket:             Only two Tops Muffy??? You forgot me. And I have been known to
                       wield a pretty mean cane, among other things. You can ask some of
                        my friends. One of which is due here for a rather lengthy time
                        across my lap, and bed, etc

Starship:           For some reason this Brat revolt is turning out to be a bit less cute
                        and more vicious than previous events. Being pelted with rotten
                        eggs and electrocuted or having my possessions stolen and destroyed.
                        sounds like the precise opposite of fun, so I think my best bet is to
                        just ignore the Brats until they get bored and go attack someone else.
                        Sorry guys maybe next time I'll be more in the mood......

Kathi:               Yikes Muffy. I forgot about the big bad secret weapon that the Tops
                        have. You know the one I'm talking about? Guilt. It's worse than any
                        hairbrush. (Kathi taking off her skates)

Tanya:              Well that took the wind right out of my sails! I'm sorry, starship.
                        You're right, we've been getting way out of hand. Maybe it's an
                        exaggerated reaction to the stress a certain nameless troll has
                        placed on the entire ng. We Brats want to distract, not distroy. I
                        feel heartily ashamed. If you have any strength after dealing with
                        Sparks, I'' willingly submit to your correction. (offering Starship
                        her grandfather's fireproof and Brat-proof lockbox for the silver

Ssparks:           Well...after the bottom warming, will there also be a Starship-style
                        ravishment? (coyly considering the erotic possibilities while she
                        approaches Starship. warily

Ilsa:                  Now there's a smart girl who knows how to get some fun out of it
                        while giving herself up. You go, Sparks!

Sparks:             Thanks Ilsa. I'm a firm believer that one should never let opportunities
                        pass one by....

Starship:           Oops! I'm afraid the rest of you brats will have to excuse me. Something
                        has up <ushering Sparks into my lair and closing
                        the door behind her.>

Spark hesitates, suddenly uncertain under Starship's unwavering gaze. Feeling the electricity crackling between them, Spark blushes and lowers her head in an attempt to regain composure. Starship doesn't allow Spark to hide from him and raises her chin, slowly smiling when he sees that she is now looking up at him trustingly. Spark trembles, wet and aware, as Starship ushers her through the doorway. Hearing the door close is a profound reminder to Spark that her fate is decided and there is no turning back. The thought of surrendering to all of Starship's whims makes her shiver deliciously in anticipation.

Starship leads Spark into a living room panelled in rich, dark wood. A fire was burning in the fireplace, and on the floor in front of it lay a bearskin rug. A pair of long leather couches provided an L-shaped frame for the scene, and scattered about on the low end tables were various implements of pain and pleasure - a leather riding crop; a matched pair of rectangular wooden paddles, one quite small, the other larger; a pale pink vibrator, torpedo shaped; a set of leather hand and ankle cuffs; nipple clamps; a narrow black tawse. Starship quietly set the silver hairbrush down beside the other implements, then turned back to face Spark.  Gently, he ran his finger along the line of her jaw. "Welcome to my home," he said quietly, then lifted her chin as he leaned down to kiss her. "Remember that you are here of your own free will, and you may leave whenever you choose." He paused for jsut a moment before continuing. "But you're not going to leave," he told her; a statement, not a question. "You're going to remain here and submit to my will in so many different, exquisite ways, aren't you Spark?. Spark's breath caught in her throat, but she managed a weak nod. Starship leaned down and kissed her again, then smiled. "I already know that you're going to please me completely." He took a step back. "A now let's start by getting you out of those clothes. You look beautiful in them, but I think I prefer to have you feeling just a little bit more vulnerable right now."

Spark looked around the sumptuous room. The lush surroundings accented her feeling of almost drowsy sensuality, yet the hot look in Starship's eyes made her feel exquisitely alive. Vivid images flashed through Spark's mind as she glanced at the neatly arrayed implements. She could feel the heat rise in her face while gazing at the erotic accessories. She noticed Starship carefully watching her reactions to the display. Spark fretted for a moment, feeling unsure and out of her depth. She remembered Starship's wicked reputation as a strict and devastatingly sensual Top and was overwhelmed with doubt. Spark worried that she might disappoint Starship.
Starship's deep voice stirred Spark out of her musings. His softly-spoken words made her melt and her desire to please him grew stronger. She shifted uncomfortably at his demand that she undress. Spark looked up at him questioningly, but knew by his implacable expression that he expected her to obey him without argument. With a resigned shrug, Spark slowly unbuttoned her sweater, pulling her arms out of the long sleeves. After slipping off her shoes and socks, she unfastened her jeans, sliding them down over her hips and buttocks. Standing before him in her matching underwear, Spark noticed Starship watching her intently. He slowly nodded, prompting her to continue.

Taking a deep breath, Spark reached back and unsnapped her bra, holding it to her chest protectively for a moment before letting it drop to the floor. Starship's avid gaze on her breasts felt like a caress, causing her nipples to harden in responses Quickly, before she lost her nerve, she lowered her panties and stepped out of them. Spark resisted the urge to cover herself and stood quietly in front of Starship with her hands at her sides, meeting his gaze proudly. Starship's eyes moved lingeringly over her pert, round breasts, roamed down her trim stomach and gently curved hips to trail down her legs. Spark felt her pussy twitch and moisten at his silent perusal. Was it her imagination, or was the bulge in Starship's pants more pronounced? Her awareness of her nudity was enhanced by her knowledge that he was still fully dressed. Her jaw tightened perceptibly and her expression turned defiant. The sexual tension in the room increased as she waited for his next move.

Starship licked his lips and felt his cock stiffen as his eyes drank in the gorgeous woman standing nude before him. He considered throwing her to the floor and taking her right there on the carpet, but he restrained himself. There would be time for that later. Looking up into her face, he couldn't help smiling as he saw the tension in her jaw. This little one was going to challenge him, was she? Good. It would make the game ever so much more delicious, for both of them. He reached down to the end table and picked up a riding crop. Still smiling, he slowly walked around her, allowing the tip to lightly trail across her skin. He used the cool leather to gently caress Spark's bottom, then continued all the way around her so he could run it up her side to stroke her breasts as well. Spark closed her eyes and inhaled deeply as Starship used the tip of his crop to trace circles around first one, then the other of her nipples."Come around to the front of the couch," he told her quietly. "All the way around; that's right. Now bend over and place your hands on the cushion. And spread your legs for me - a little wider. That's perfect." When he was satisfied with her position Starship lightly ran the crop up along the inside of Spark's left thigh, all the way to her crotch. Then he used the tip to gently stroke her pussy as he continued speaking."You know what's going to happen now, don't you my beautiful one? I'm going to whip you, and you're going to stay in position for it. You may make all the noises you like, but I don't want you to try to get up until I'm finished, do you understand?"

Act Three:

Ashthorn stands at the top of the hill, thoroughly tapping a hairbrush against his hand as he watches a group of silly little girls capering about below. THIS SHOULD STOP! He begins to move slowly towards the town, sending his faithful brat-hound, Ben out to find the girls and drive them back towards his colleagues, waiting below. Ash

And as the forces marshalled, even the switches like LurkingCol were recruited to the cause; such brattyness unable to be tolerated. With my trusty hairbrush in my hip pocket, and my rattan cane slung over my back like a samarai sword I begin the slow march into town, eyes scanning from left to right like a predator, looking for brats attempting to escape from their certain doom. (lurking Col)

David:              It's about time. With starship *ahem* occupied, I was beginning to
                        feel all alone out here. Can one of you please get me out of this damn
                        house so we can chase some brats?

Kathi:               Hey Brats! Did you hear Asstorn call us silly? <pout> {Fortunately
                        Kathi brought her French Poodle, with the spandex collar, to other-
                        wise occupy Ben.....

Pest:                 What a meanie! Almost makes me feel SORRY for these Brats.
                        (Might need to observe more evidence before reaching any rash
                        conclusions though)

David:              I gave some thought to the "Do you want to punish the innocent
                        along with the guilty" ideas and decided that there is no such thing
                        as an innocent Brat.....

James:              Tops fight fairly..... Brats fight to get a fair spanking!
                         Should I count myself here??

Kathi:                Pssst Sir. Not only should you count yourself, you should also
                        spank yourself. <Giggle> {Learning to rollerblade at warpspeed}

James:              You know Kathi, I am mentally challenged in math.... so I think you
                        will have to keep count for me. And a little brat like you should
                        never make an invite so I can pull out the paddle so your allergy
                        to pine would arise again? Or were those your origional intentions?

Kathi:                Sir, I didn't make an invite! I didn't. I just made a funny. Didn't ya
                        get it? and I am terribly sorry that you're mentally challenged, really
                        I am, but how did you know that I'm allergic to pain? (Trying to
                        sound very innocent and wondering just how handy Sir James is)

James:              Um well being so mentally challenged I could not help butt(oops)
                        notice that broken paddle you are hiding under your situpons! And
                        I did not say alergic to pain bratty Kathi, I said alergic to wood!  I
                        have also been known to be able to adjust some bad attitudes and
                        put a special gleam on a sassy tush.

Kathi:               Kathi sits on a broken paddle and squirms nervously, wondering how
                        to manipulate her way out of this one. Aha, perhaps a little pout and
                        innocent batting of the eyelashes.

James:              Don't bat those cow eyes at me little girl. I think you are ready for an
                        brattitude adjustment!!!!!(looking for the glue to repair the broken
                        paddle that's being warmed up by Kathi's situpons.

Kathi:               This was a Brat Revolt gone awry Sir. No more batting yeys, no more
                        feining innocence, no more being incorrigable. Only remorse Sir.
                        (wondering how much longer her situpons will be warming the
                        paddle before the paddle starts warming her situpons)

Act Four:

Mischief brat still dressed in her camafloge colors, see's Ashthorn standing at the top of the hill weilding a pretty mean looking hairbrush and cane. Ohhh girls, top on the top of the hill quickly approaching. quickly the girls retreat to a nearby yard behind a tall hedge. Mischief unloads her arsonal of weapons from her backpack and quickly distributes them among the other brats. With slingshot in hand she loads it with a powder puff granade filled with orange paint. Each of the other brats load their slingshots while a few others load up on M 16's (dried marshmallows sprinkled with ceyanne pepper) As Ashthorn becomes more visible Mischief notices he is distracted. Ohhh nooo girlsssss two more tops fully armed at 3 and 5 oclock. READY SET FIRE AT WILL. Brats everywhere pop up and pelt the tops from all directions. Ashthorn goes down first with red, green and black paintballs and a couple rotten eggs, Dave is covered in ceyenne pepper and can't stop sneezing. Suddenly they are surrounded by several brats in which the Brats demand that they give up their hairbrushes but they refuse. Ashthorn reaches for Haron but she  quickly jumps out of the way with both hands covering her bottom. "I don't think so" she replies. Mischief steps forward with slingshot armed and ready. "HA HA. you don't stand a chance for u will never spank me so what color would you like to be? How about yellow for without your hairbrush you are nothing. She lets the slingshot fly at close range and Ashthorn is covered in yellow before he can jump out of the way. Quickly the brats run for the bratcave.

Kessley:           Ok look, I am almost out of popcorn and I have yet to see anyone
                        getting spanked! Sheesh some of us are WAITING ya know! (giggle)

James:               Hey Kessley. My palm is worn out so bad it is almost down to the
                        bone. Do you think I should get out the paddle. Do you have any
                        alergies to wood or plastic??

Kessily:             LOL....You misunderstand! lol I want the Brats to get spanked now
                        so I can enjoy it before my vacation and or before I run out of popcorn.
                        Giggle, why would anyone wanna spank me, sheesh I'm just sitting

Nadia:              Can I have some of that. I don't have any alergies to anything.

James:              Well Nadia. I did make offers to Kathi and Kessily first, so I guess you
                        will have to stand in the 3rd corner and wait your proper turn. Nose
                        closer to the wall little girl.....(hmmmm, no alergies to ANYTHING?

Nadia:            (goes and stands in the corner rubbing bottom already in anticipation)

James:             (places one of his old vinyl 33's on the turntable. Ge it's Carly Simon....
                       ANTICIPATION....ANTICI...PAAAA...TION Is making me late. Is keeping
                       me waiting. Ummmmm Nadia, is that what she was singing about?.... I
                       never knew!

Kevin:             Yeah, and I'm waiting to see Kess get spanked and it hasn't happened.
                       Life is SO unfair at times. Oh save me some of the popcorn will ya?.

Kessily:            LOL poor Kevin. How very frustrating for you... Here have some

Act Five:

I slip down to the Assville fishing hole. Within minutes, I've got a jumbo coffee can full of slimy, squirming crawdads. A pair of brand new soaked tennis shoes, too, but who gives a hoot about that? I zip back into town, staying in the brush along the roads, using the darkness and the commotion between the other Brats and the Tops for cover. Cool beans, nice motorcycle that one has! Hmmmmm, needs a little decorating! Give me time! I dart into the crawl-space of the restaurant where the tops like to hang out and make plans. Stuff a crawdad here, drop one over there. Yes, a couple of fat ones between the floor joists, another crammed into the hole the squirrels have made. Hot damn, I can toss those minnows from down here right up into the pantry! There they go, behind the flour sacks! What luck! That should do it. One in the place where the water from the kitchen drains down. Yummy, that ought to smell good in the heat of the day!

Daisy Lane:           Now where does David live?  His house is next! and Starship? This
                              will be great. They'll never want to eat fish again! Or mess with Brats!
                             And nobody will be able to pin a thing on me. I only distract the Tops
                              so the other Brats can stop and reload!

Act Six

I was gone yesterday. I had to take my Motorcycle into the shop and have the tires repaired. Now I have spares and am ready for all of you. BUT WAIT. I come back and find a full on Brat rebellion underway. Are we ready? Are we up to the challenge? Then I think about the opportunity to spank 23+ brats and I think, Hell yeah, I am ready. Here I come. Not only that, but Tops are coming out of the woodwork. Lets go get em guys. As I return to our favorite 'ville, I see a brat running down the street. She is in full camo with an odd shaped contraption that looks like it fires some kind of oval projectile. The chase is on. My cycle is loud, so she notices me quickly. At first I can see the fear in her eyes, but then she calmly pulls her weapon and begins to fire ...what are those? They look like eggs, but that can't be it. The first one misses, so I don't get a good look, but the second one hit the windshield. Yep, its an egg. An old smelly stinky egg. She has a good aim. I am hit by two eggs myself and the bike is hit by three before the net encloses her. I think some shaving cream has hit me from behind a tree as well, but I already have a target. As I get closer I can see the fear in her eyes. Her mouth is slightly open and she is breathing fast. While I am still 15 feet away, she decides to turn and run. She is yelling for help from the other brats in the area. That's OK I think to myself, they will get theirs soon enough. She has not taken more than five steps when several things happen at once. Several Brats appear from around buildings and trees. I am pelted with more eggs, confetti, silly putty, silly string and water balloons. I am thankful for the water balloons though. The eggs were stinking pretty bad. My net also scoops up the running brat. She is yelling, pleading and saying she is sorry all in one breath,, but I think she knows that her fate is sealed.  Her only hope is that the other brats can catch me before I turn her bottom bright red and/or bruised. Small chance of that. Most of them are on foot with one on rollerblades. I am going off road into the mountains. (I want to make sure we are not hit by any black limos.) After about 20 minutes of a bumpy ride, we are in a hidden area near a beautiful lake. There is green grass growing and some lovely trees surrounding us. I think that my prisoner/Brat should at least enjoy the scenery while she is crying and sobbing over my knee.  So far I have been silent. She stopped talking herself about 10 minutes ago, but as we stop she starts again. I take her out of the net, holding onto her very securely. I lead her up to the chair on the trailer of my bike. For some reason she has stopped struggling. Her eyes are looking at me, pleading with me. I see in her a mixture of "please let me go"and "please don't let me get away with this" I am going with the latter. Her pants are still up when I put her over my knee. She only offers token resistance. I give her the first swat. She jumps a little on my lap. (Ouch.) I continue giving the swats with my hand. Little moans are escaping, but I am not sure if it is from pain. I have to do something about this. I stand her up and she looks disappointed. I smile... And then I unbutton her camouflage pants and take them down. She is wearing white full panies and I leave them up. Time enough for them later. While she is still standing there I speak for the first time. "You Brats have gotten away with too much around here for too long. It is notgood for any of you to run around so undisciplined like this. I am doing this so you learn that there are consequences to being a brat. Maybe you will learn to behave from this. (I doubt that, but I can hope) Back over my knee she goes. This time I pick up a HAIRBRUSH from my tool box. I spend a long time going over every inch of her pantied bottom as well as some forays down onto the upper thighs. She is crying by the time I reach for the waistband of her panties. She does not help me by lifting up, so it is a bit of a struggle to get them down, but I am determined. Down then go. Now the spanking really starts. Fast hard stingy swats with no time in between. She is crying and sobbing. Her legs are kicking and she really wants off my lap. I am not done though. I want to make sure that my message is clear. I work from her mid thigh to the top of her bottom and all of it is a deep dark red by the time I am done. She is sobbing over my lap for a good couple of minutes before she is calm enough to hear me, much less answer. I tell her that she is not done yet. She has 12 strokes with the cane coming. This is for running. I tell her that all brats in rebellion will get the same OTK treatment, but only those who run when I come to them will get the cane. I ask her if she will submit to the cane or if she needs some more time over my knee meeting the hairbrush. Tearfully, she tells me that she will take the cane. What else can she do? I stand her up and bend her over the back of the chair. I reach down and pull my rattan cane from the sheath on the side of my motorcycle. I lay the cane across her rear end tap lightly and then pull back for the first stroke. CRACK She yowls like a wounded banshee, stands up and puts her hands back. I put my hand on her back and gently put her back over the chair. "That one did not count" I say. Stand up again and I will start entire spanking over again. I..I...I c..c..can't ss sstay ss sstill she chokes out. "Fine" I get some smooth ropes and tie her hands together and then tie them to the chair in such a way that she stays bent over. I then pull back the cane and start over. CRACK She howls and cries through all 12 cuts with the cane. I am carefull not to break her skin, but I know that she will not be sitting comfortably for awhile now. After this is over I untie her and give her a hug. she cries into my shoulder for a long time and then is able to calm down. I tell her that it is time to go back to town. I am going to stand her facing the wall of City Hall and that she is to stay there, bottom on display until I tell her that she can move. As we go back through town, this time with her sitting on the back of the bike (uncomfortably) I am not attacked. I know that the Brats are watching, but I get the impression that they want to see what we will do. I pull up to city hall, take her pants and panties down to her knees and turn her to face the wall. I tell her that I expect her to be in that exact position when I return. I now only have two questions for the group. I picked a brat at random to capture. I do not know which one it is. Who of you will admit to being captured and will you still be standing there facing the wall when I get back, or will I have to do this to you agian. For the rest of the Brats. You all have a spanking coming, but you can avoid the cane if you give up now. Whats it going to be. Will you come and take your medicine, or will we have to run you all down and catch you. You will be sorry if we do.  As for me, I am going to go and clean my bike and take a shower.

Kathi:               Damned net! (Kathi makes a mental note to dole out Boy Scout pocket
                        knives to all her girls with a brattitude.)Most of them are on foot with
                        one on rollerblades.(Kathi whistles with innocent smile quickly skating
                        away proud that she remembered to turn off the hot water and coat the
                        floor with crisco.

Tanya:              Ok, Brats, as soon as he's gone you gotta tell me. God, goes my ass
                        hurt! Davey wields a mean cane! Izzy gone yet? I want you to know
                        Susan that if you hadn't been so quick  with those damn eggs...!
                        (rubbing bottom furiously) We may have lost the skirmish, but the
                        war is not over yet!! Haron HAVE YOU GOT MY PILLOW READY??

Karilyn:           Tanya, he's gone. So is his bike! come with Sherry and I back to our
                       secret hiding place. (Wondering if I should have sprinkled that powder
                       on Davey's bike. It was so nice an clean and I just wanted to dirty it up
                       a little. Hey Katie, the brat witch.... what was that stuff???

Haron              (handing Tanya an air-cushion and a card that reads"Smartass' Advice.
                        Ask Katharine   for a healing spell..Shaking my head I retreat back to
                        the Smartass' Lair....

LadiKath:          Ohhh Tanya, here is a numbing cream for your bottom and aloe vera
                        gel to heal the skin. I am going to put a spell on that Davey Doodle
                        and take care of him. (Katie the Brat witch contemplates taking her
                        adult form to give Davey Doodle twice what he gave Tanya)

David:               Now wait a minute... Isn't magic for revenge too much like the black
                        type? Besides I have a number of people here that think it was perfectly
                        just. They were coming to town just as the revolt was getting out of hand.
                        (David meditating furiously to put a pire white shell around himself to
                        avoid a red, much closer in color.

LadiKath:          Nope. Wait till you get a load of me in adult form, baby. But we'll
                        help you clean up your place, first. Then watch your pants, because
                        they might just disappear.

Mr R.:               Haven't we already talked about this sort of thing? Perhaps you should
                        mind your own business. I'm all for teamwork, but as you know, I'm
                        also for keeping one's nose out of where it doesn't belong. Unless of
                        course, you're volunteering to take what she got?

Haron:              Ohh my word Mr R. what hole did you crawl out of? Uh I mean, gee
                        whiz glad to see you. Who could have thought you'd be interested in
                        Brat revolts of all things <smirk> I do keep my nose out of where it
                        doesn't belong, but at the moment it belongs right here, where
                        sympathetic advice from a cool-headed individual <cough> seems
                        to be all welcome. So here it stays. And I'm staying here along with
                        it, because I'm sort of attached to it, literally.

Tanya:              Hey I'm taking a REAL big chance, here, but listen! I really appreciate
                        Haron's advice. And that air-cushion. Too bad I couldn't use it later
                        with Mark. Still it is her business to help a fellow Brat... She knows
                        that when she's in trouble, I'll help her (doncha, honey?) even if she
                        gets a dose of the same. Uh what i mean is, gee Mr Rider, Sir, please
                        don't yell at Haron. she was just tryin' to be a good friend.

Michelle:           You can't fail to have noticed, Tom, that I have been totally uninvolved
                        in any and all "Brat" threads? and I wrote my check out for the valentine's
                        Day party correctly, too, didn't I? Well, didn't I? ( righteously convinced
                        that if Tom spanks me tomorrow night, it will undoubtedly be

Kathi:               Oh tanya, you poor thing. I not only brought you a nice fluffy pillow,
                        but I also have some lotion and a Boy Scout pocketknife in case that
                        mean Davey Doodle catches you in his net again.

Tanya:              Thanks Kathi. I eye the pillow and ultra-fluffy notwithstanding, I
                        decide to remain standing  But ooh, that lotion feels good! Knowing
                        my bottom can't take any more just yet, I will remain in the Brat-cave,
                        strategizing. Thanks for the offer of the Scout pocket-knife, but Mark
                        doesn't allow me to have any sharp instruments! (Do you know how
                        hard it is to cut the toes out of your Top's socks with safety scissors?)

Mr.R:               As I just reminded Haron, some things are not your business. Perhaps
                        we will discuss this tomorrow evening?

Tanya:              Kathi, don't let this Top push you around. You were tryin' to help
                        me an I appreciate it. (I know I'm not allowed but I gotta defend my

Kathi:                Or perhaps we could just get it out of the way right now. (Kathi slips
                        into make excuses mode) I was simply trying to be kind and considerate
                        in taking care of my poor friend Tanya. I was not trying to interfere(even
                        though she is a good girl and didn't diserve to be punished) I was just
                        trying to be helpful. Oh, the pocketknife, well, uhhhh (slip into fibbing
                        mode) That was not my idea, that was ummm Sherry, yea Sherry. (sorry
                        Sherry) So you see Mr.Ryder (time for sweet and innocent mode) I was
                        actually being very good. You can thank me tonight.......


Sherry:             Ummmm, thanks alot there Kathi. I hope he did see that part where
                        you admitted you were fibbing. I am innocent I tell ya!

Mr R.              Don't worry Sherry, I saw it and we *discussed* it this past Saturday.

Act Seven

Most of the lights are out in Asssville now. I creep up to the back door of the garage where the evil motorcycle is parked. There's a padlock on the door, but I make short work of it. Breaking and entering? Naw, c'mon, lighten up. I'm not gonna swipe anything, I'll just put my artistic talents to work. (Grin!) I tear open a package of Oreo cookies. Fighting the urge to feed my face, I split each cookie in half, work up a good spit, lick the white frosting, and squish the gooey circle onto the bike. That ought to be fun to wash off, and those little white circles won't be easy to scrub out of the paint job! See if Mr. Biker Dude looks so cool racing around town then, huh! There, every single Oreo is used up, and every inch of metal on the bike is plastered. I get out my water gun and spray down my handiwork, makes it all the more sticky. Now, a touch of Tobasco sauce for the handlebars. Old Man Spoilsport will get on his bike tomorrow, then pick his nose or rub his eyes, and hot mama! Hahahahahahahahaha! I tiptoe out of the garage and snap the lock into place. Then, just for kicks, I pull a couple of boxes of plastic picnic forks out of my backpack. I scamper all over the lawn, praying the moon stays behind the clouds, and jam the forks down into the grass. In the summer, those tough little handles would chew the hell out of lawn mower blades, but in any case, the tops will have their work cut out pulling up all the forks. Which means the brats will be left to their own devices! And what else is in my overflowing backpack? Let's see, toilet paper!All over the trees and bushes! Not too original, but the mess is quite impressive! Now, I better quit the scene before somebody hears me rustling around. Have fun, terrible top, when you wake up in the morning!

Karilyn:            Dear Davey Doodle. You better take a look outside. Looks as though
                       your bike took a direct hit! OOPS! Wonder how that happened? Any
                       ideas Brats??? Me? Oh no way, no how. I never saw a thing. Cause I
                       always close my eyes when there is about to be a big BOOM!!!! (So sorry)

Mischief:           HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. You won't ever catch us now. Not ever
                        You can try but you can't help it if you're SLOWER that a turtle without
                        your bike, and Starship left you alone. Shhhh secret code language to all
                        Brats. While Mr Meanie is in the shower, super glue the doors of his
                        house shut, get our fellow Brats at city hall and hide her. Don't forget to
                        put sugar in the gas tank of his bike. That outta solve that problem for
                        awhile. Come on girls lets kick some Top butt......

Act Eight:

I had traveled day and night for the last two days. News of a particularly virulent brat uprising had reached my ears. News by way of the spankwire was that a number of brats had attempted an uprising in Asssville, a generally quiet village to the south. When I heard the news I quickly grabbed my satchel kept packed and ready for just this purpose and headed out on foot to the scene of the uprising. I arrived without notice and set up camp on a heavily wooded knoll overlooking the peaceful village of Asssville. The forest would provide needed shelter and the trees were tall enough to survey the area from. I decided to wait until the morrow to seek acquaintances and knowledge of the struggle. I observed that there was no show of force by the tops: indeed, no one was in sight. I found this vaguely disturbing but was emboldened by the words of the great top General Blastivus Rumpis, "A hidden army is an invisible army and therefore superior." If the tops here were experienced in these things the matter would be resolved quickly. However it had been my experience that the best tops never allowed an escalation of events that would lead to a conflagration such as was developing here (so I had been told). As I climbed a tree to observe the area it occurred to me that I may have made a trip in vain. Perhaps there were no brats in need of servicing and the rumors had been exactly that. This line of thought was broken by a thunderous roar rising out of the valley. My head snapped around to identify the source. In the center of town was a glorious sight! A man sat on a great motorbike which spat out flames. On each side hung large saddlebags emblazoned with a scarlet flaming skull and crossbones,grasping a cane and hairbrush. A strange contraption I did not recognize was attached to the back of his vehicle. Suddenly I saw a figure dart out from behind an ornately decorated building in the town square, holding what appeared to be a weapon of some kind. The distance was too great to see clearly and I reached for my spyglass. At first it appeared the man did not see the figure, but it had seen him. Through my spyglass I could see it was brat. The signs were unmistakable. I could now recognize the weapon as a gun. As I made this observation the brat opened fire drawing the attention of the fierce rider, just as clearly a top. Something splattered on the windshield. He gunned his engine and rode directly towards the brat. She fired a few more shots hitting the rider before attempting escape, but it was clear she had underestimated the speed of the motorbike. A few steps were all she managed before the purpose of the mysterious mechanism I did not understand was revealed to me. A great net catapulted from the rear of the vehicle and engulfed the helpless brat. She was swept up onto the rear of the motorbike without the rider being required to stop! I was amazed and thrilled. With technology such as this it appeared my services would not be required here.As the rider left town with hapless cargo in tow I could see a large band of brats concealed in some trees along the main road leading out of town. The unknown deliverer of vengeance absorbed many direct hits from various weapons but was undeterred and sped up the road quickly out of sight. Some brats gave halfhearted chase but quickly ceased. I decided I had seen enough and would get some rest, planning to return to my province the next day.Later in the evening I was awakened by the now familiar throaty roar of the motorbike returning to town. Eagerly I climbed up to my perch and placed my spyglass to my eye. The brat sat (clearly uncomfortably) on the rear of the motorbike. The avenging angel had returned. But what manner of man was he? I strained to see clearly in the fading twilight. The bike rolled to a halt by the heavily decorated building in the town square. The man dismounted gracefully and lifted the obviously subdued brat from her perch. A change in attitude was quite evident, and I silently congratulated my unknown friend for a job well done. Any doubts concerning his abilities were purged. He led the brat to the side of the building where she publicly displayed the rewards of her behavior, a just and fair response. Then, as quickly as he had appeared, he was gone, but by the sound of his bike I could discern the location of his abode. The brat was left facing the wall, rubbing her bared bottom with great care. I considered the event over and prepared to climb down when I made out the vague figures of two men bearing down on the town from the foothills across the way. In the town square I could see a swarm of brats surround their punished partner. A brief discussion ensued, and the men closed rapidly on the group. My heart leapt with the anticipation of seeing these miscreants treated the same as their cohort earlier, but my joy soon turned to dismay. As one group escorted their punished to safety another took refuge behind a thick hedge. The unsuspecting tops walked into an ambush and were subjected to withering fire from the enemy. I prepared to climb down but realized that I was too far away to be of assistance, and had no choice but to observe the carnage. Although vastly outnumbered the tops put up a courageous fight but soon had to retreat. When they did so the brats behind the hedge quickly made their withdrawal. My earlier sense of elation had turned to bitter anger. A disgusting display of impishness and most puerile conduct by recalcitrant brats clearly in need of serious behavior modification. Do they not understand the sacrifices we tops make to assure them of an environment conducive to proper deportment? It's not easy to apply discipline firmly, lovingly and consistently. Maintaining these standards requires great resolve and fortitude. Without frequent reminders of our high expectations a brat would be doomed to an existence of unrealized potential. We offer opportunity for personal achievement through benevolent reinforcement they cannot provide for themselves and for our efforts we receive naught but this day's insolence. The last of the scoundrels made their way quietly into the darkness, but I knew that this day's mischief had not yet ceased. When all was still and the moon had risen high in the sky I slipped softly into town, keeping in the shadows. I did not wish to draw attention since I was in unfamiliar territory and needed to determine the lay of the land. As I had suspected brats had been hard at work. The brave top who had singlehandedly taken on the group and captured one of them had obviously been a target of vicious and depraved scalawags. It was clear their hatred ran deep. The foliage around his home had been attacked by reams upon reams of bath tissue, and it appeared the yard was in shambles as well. Closer inspection revealed the grim truth-plastic cutlery forced into the sod. Horror of horrors! Was nothing sacred to these barbarians! Not since before the Night of One Thousand Birchings had I witnessed such atrocities. If only I had anticipated the resolve of these rebels I may have been able to deflect this tragedy. But I was convinced this was not the end. Surely the magnificent chariot of corporal punishment that had been used to mete out his vengeance would not escape unscathed. With great trepidation I forced myself around to the back of the residence, for I felt in my bones that I would soon discover that which I least wished to see. A quick inspection revealed the awful truth-the glorious instrument of destruction was a shell of its former glory,covered in putrid disgusting slime and clearly out of commission. In order to get to it the lock on his garage door had been broken and the door forced rudely open. Woe, woe, woe to the doers of this deed! Vandalism has been our wine and vile misdeeds our repast. This days work shall not go unrewarded, I swear it on the Roving Paddler's grave (May His Days and Nights Be Spent Paddling Bottoms). I was now lamenting my slowness and cursing my temerity, but fools dwell on the past. The self assured rise up to meet the sun of a new day with head held high and arms open. I can feel the fires of my wrath being stoked white hot, firming with ever greater intensity my steely resolve. The breeze carries to my nostrils a familiar scent, an odor I have smelt often in times past. It is the smell of burnt brat backside. The hunt is on. Tremble at your impending doom and marvel at my fury.

Mischief:           Uhhhhhh Ohhhh Brat girls. Looks like we have a new top in the works
                        Do you think he is up to the task of rounding up all the remaining Brats
                        in Assville that have run amuk??? He can try but he won't catch me...

Karilyn:            this one sounded promising if only he would have come out of hiding
                       during the brat  revolt I would have bought you the popcorn (thinking
                       maybe if the brats left a trail of panties leading from the woods and
                       directly into Asssville.......

Mischief:           I am guilty. Been a bad bad Brat I have. (Grining Big) But once you
                        get with all your Brat friends and get a taste of Bratdom, It's hard to
                        turn back. So I say this to Mr. Pain Sir. Let the Bratgames begin. Let
                        the Brat war continue for I am at the moment having soooo much fun.
                        (Secretely shaking in her panties and hoping Mr Pain. changes his
                        mind and returns to where he came from)

Karilyn:             Mr. Sir. (insert an appropriate term of respect here) Trembling for sure.
                         I reach for my dictionary(been awhile since I needed this) and make
                        myself comfortable. Let's see... first word.... purveyor....p..p..pu..pur...
                        purv... oh my... a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable
                        especially in sexual behavior...oh dear...a stalker in the woods of
                       Assville? No no no Karilyn stay focused. Read on purveyor... much
                        better or is it? purveyor.. a procurer, a pimp, a bawd. Can't be. This
                        sounds like our mysterious one In the woods... purveyor... one who
                        provides provisions. Provisions of what type, and to who? Yeah right
                        Karilyn. Buy a clue! Lets just look up some of these other words.
                        virulent...  it wasn't meant to turn out that way... we really should have
                        listened more clearly. conflagration... I'm not allowed to play with fire.
                        recalcitrant... me, stubborn.. defiant, against authority. Maybe, sometimes,
                        but hey I'm working on it. puerile... CHILDISH,,now I resemb...I mean
                        resent that. Now how do I find out about the dude General Blastivas
                        Rumpis? Silly name, huh Brats? <g> Hey one of you Brats laughs just like
                        a dangerous Top with a sense of humor! You know... like this <EG>
                       A Night of One Thousand Birchings... must research this. Karilyn~who
                       after reading this tantalizing story is so-emboldened to take a night time
                       stroll through the surrounding woods of Assville. Just in case an
                       Avenging Angel would be so kind as to hear my side of the story.

DaisyLane:        Mr P. It wasn't me you got hold of! (giggle and grin) How do I know?
                        Because I wouldn't have denied my doings(the cutlery in the lawn, the
                        sticky motorcycle, the toilet paper on the trees and the dead crawdads 
                        under the restraunt... Ohhhh maybe you never knew about the  
                        crawdads. At least till I saw the paddle and got sizzling hot scoldings,
                        I might have been proud of myself and gotten smart about it. I
                       deffinitely would have played it cool. although an experienced
                       disciplinarian like you, would be able to tell that I felt remorseful. Even
                       after I saw the paddle. I wouldn't have stripped off my jeans and panties
                       and laid down over that log nice and sweet like a good little girl. You
                       would have had some persuading to do, believe me! That point of broken
                       releases sounds wonderful, though I'd like to get there some day. Maybe
                       I'll have to kick off an even bigger rebellion soon so you can come back
                       and visit. Oh, but I'll need to wait till ms skin cools. I got busted for the
                       crawdads after all. You know.

Act Nine:

The local weather forecast from WWW.SPANKO <http://www.SPANKO> WEATHER Channel.. Mostly cloudy with highs near 104 and the low temps at 98.6... swinging palms will be landing on pantiless full moons and these moons will be glowing red and lusciously squirming about..... a brat outbreak will be moving in from the north tomorrow in the early morning... a verbal admonishment will push the brat front out in the afternoon.....LMAOROTF

This is the headline I hear on my radio news report. I check back and what do I find? Out of control Brats who are doing out of control damage to a perfectly good Brat Out! I have to take time out of my busy schedule to sneak back into Asssville, under cover darkness of course, and round up a troup of rowdy, leaderless Brats for a good scold. I have to put the Top toppling pool party plans (say that fast five times) on hold and leave fresh supplies unpilfered while I gather the wayward ones together to tell them there are no-no's in a Brat Out and that they have committed MOST ALL OF THEM! <head shake> Tabasco in eyes. Slashed tires. Obliterated ornate expensive silver brushes. Gang-ups to assault Tops instead of to just rescue Brats. This must cease. I mean, a few eggs, a dampened oreo cookie, toilet paper, and a hardened marshmallow here or there are understandable, but all this other?......... There will be an accounting to be made to the Tops and the town in general. We can't have Asssvillagers (Asssvillians? Asssvillites? I STILL don't know what to call these people! Geez!) living in terror of big bands of Brats gone bad. (another doozy to say fast) After a round-up and straightening-out, I will be speaking in an address to Asssville about what happens next. From undercover, of course..........

Karilyn:              Muffy I am sorry. I would hate to see a new found friend get in trouble
                         becasue of my thoughtless and destructive actions. You warned us
                         before this revolt started that there would be boundaries of acceptable
                         bratting. Looks like we (Meaning those involved. Not Muffy. I repeat
                         not Muffy) forgot? Not acceptable? Ok... we just didn't listen. I have
                         been trying to make amends all day.

Ladikath:            Katie the brat witch begins to undo the destruction using magic to
                         repair the tires and undo any further damage that was not cleaned
                         up with a mop, pail, rag or broom. Returning to Brat form, she picks
                         up a broom (naturally) and begins to help Davey clean up the mess,
                         giving her fellow Brats a look that challenges them to do the same.
                         She has not forgotten however that Davey unfairly spanked her
                         friend Tanya and she is determined to take revenge of her own at a
                         future date in her adult form. (ok that should do it)

James:               Kathi, Remember that paddle we were repairing with the Gorilla
                         glue (The best wood glue known to mankind) I think we should
                         see if the manufacture's warrantee would hold up as stated?

Kathi:               "Gulp" Alright Sir. I guess I may as well get it over with so you can
                        move on to Kess and Nadia. Unless of course you want to follow
                         Starships lead and give us all a hug instead?

James:               I always hug my little girls before and after a tushie warming Kathi.
                        That is if they are good little girls who diserve hugs. Now show me
                        that paddle that we fixed so we can commence.Yes Kathi, The paddle
                        that you are sitting on. The directions said specifically to keep the
                        wood clamped for 24 hours and you did apply that pressure with those
                        lovely cheeks of yours.... Stand up Kathi! Ohhh my Kathi... The Gorilla
                        glue has cemented the paddle right to your situpons... Now what am
                        I going to do with you My little Brat? (Respectfully reading the directions
                        on the Gorilla glue bottle.)

Act Ten:

As a one day brat revolt got out of hand and turned into several days, the brats began to tire and some surrendered to the tops to do with what they wished to the conceeding brats. Some offered to help undo the damage that they had caused.A few still lingered wanting to apologize but feared the smack of the hairbrush on the tender little bottoms might be more than they could bare. Mischief brat (who has never been spanked by the way) still dressed in camoflage along with daisylane(also an unspanked brat) entered town in the early morning hours in search of fellow brats. They wanted to surrender but the shadow of fear hung over them as they continued to walthrough the still quiet town of assville. Not knowing what to do they continued their way through town half fearing capture by a top (especially dave or Mr Pain himself) but at the same time wishing for some guidance from their mischievious ways. What is an unspanked brat to do. Better yet what is a top to do with an unspanked brat that is running a muck around assville???? (wanting to surrender but can't rid herself of the brat bug without help) Big grinnnnn

Karilyn:            I have removed myself from the revolt. I am going to the park to swing
                        and reflect on the past few days. I do my best thinking when I can
                        swing high and let the breeze blow my hair. The higher I swing the
                        better I feel. I may not come down for awhile. Anyone care to join me?

Ang:                  I'll come join you. I could use some time to reflect as well... I'll meet ya at
                        the park....

David:              (David walks up to the park, hands out to show that there is no hidden
                        hairbrush. He walks over to the no quiet Brats on the swings and gives
                        them both a hug. "If you want to talk, I'll be at my place cleaning up.
                        (After David leaves, Ang talks to Karilyn for a bit and then hops off the
                        swing and heads over to Davids place.)

Ang:                 Ummm..... David, can I help you clean up?

David:              "Hi Ang, Glad your here." (Hands her a drink and a mop and points
                         to the rest of the cleaning stuff) "We'll talk later"

Ang:                 "Thanks" Ang grabs a quick drink and then heads over to the cleaning
                        supplies and gets to work... not really looking forward to the talk later.

Daisy Lane:       I already took care of the crawdads and I don't mind appologizing to
                        David for plastering his motorcycle with oreo cookies

Karilyn:             Being Rebellious at times, more naughty than nice.
                        Yes it's true. We're not always sugar and spice.
                        Our intentions are good, but at time misunderstood.
                        There are the times that require your guidance and instruction.
                        When our actions become acts of distruction,
                        please know that this is sincere and true.
                        Our intentions were NOT to anger you.....
                        Anyone care to add their signature?

Sherry:             Raising my hand up slowly in the air, hand lowered, eyes staring at
                        my feet.

Tanya:              Hear, hear. We're sooooorrrrrryyyyy!

Kathi:               I'm with ya. do ya think there's room in the corner for all of us?

Jeanene:           Yes please(feeling really guilty)

Kathi:               Me too! Me too! I promise never to say Davey Doodle again.

Day Of Reckoning {Brat War Over}

I awoke to the cheery chirping of birds in the soft predawn sunlight. The sun had not                      fully risen but the sky had a reddish hue and I recalled the ancient mariner's warning. I thought it a fitting omen for the day's business and briefly pondered the reddened bottoms I would witness by day's end. Soon however my attention turned to my preparations for the day. From my dusty satchel I withdrew the tools I would doubtless be utilizing frequently. I had brought only two. The first, a sturdy hairbrush of my own design. It had a longer handle and greater heft than most with a circular rather than squarish head. The second was my most treasured possession, a stout well-sized paddle made of yew made by a paddlesmith in a distant land I had known in a time long past. It was a fearsome instrument designed to strike terror in the hearts and bring heat to the seat of the misbehaving. As beautiful to behold as it was to wield. The finish was well sanded and burnished, and the natural ruddy orange hue of the wood caused the it to seemingly burn with a life of its own. On one side it was perfectly flat, and on the other a relief had been lovingly carved with great precision. It was a scene depicting the paddle being applied to a deserving subject. With such skill had the paddle been crafted this decoration only added to the functionality, the extra weight of the carving packing added punch. The paddle was not as heavy as it appeared, and could be exercised rigorously without fatiguing the user. Many a naughty brat has recognized the error of her ways and promised tearfully to mend them after encountering this tool. It cost me dearly at the time of purchase but had proven its worth to be far more than what I paid. The effects linger long after after a spanking is administered, providing a physical reminder of the punishment for misdeeds for days on end. I had found it to be the most effective implement at my disposal for purposes of long term deterence. I removed a vial of spank oil from my bag, thoroughly polishing the brush and paddle until they glistened. When I was done I put the oil in my travel pouch inside my waistcoat. I clipped the brush to my waist, harnessed the paddle to my back and made my way towards a small stream. There I found a young sapling and cut myself three green switches of suitable size. I joined them together at one end with a small cord I kept for just this purpose, forming a makeshift handle. This I also clipped to my waist and set out in search of brats in need of my services.

I had made careful note of the direction taken by the brat troop the previous evening, and circled around the village in that general direction. Soon enough in the distance I saw a solitary form hurrying along a path up ahead. It was a female, and her brattitude was umistakable. I saw that by cutting through the underbrush I could outflank and apprehend her without extraordinary effort on my part, and did so. The element of surprise had served me quite well in the past and it was no different now. I leapt directly in front of her and she stood stone still, paralyzed with fright and shock at my unexpected appearance. I scooped her up around the waist and carried her swiftly into the woods. In a short time she gathered her wits and began to writhe furiously, but her efforts were fruitless. In a few moments I reached a small clearing. A great log that lay on the ground would serve as a useful aid for the execution of my judgement. As I had carried her she questioned my purpose and motives in tremulous tones, and when I was satisfied with the suitability of my surroundings I answered her in a voice solemn and clear.

"I have witnessed the misdeeds of the past day of which you played an integral part. I saw you and your cohorts carry out a savage attack on a Top who was merely doing his duty to punish a transgressor. I later observed you in the group that spirited away the punished one, and no doubt you had knowledge of the nefarious actions later that evening of the same group." At this point she complained bitterly that she was not at fault, it wasn't her idea, she was caught up in the moment and other various tired excuses that brats frequently employ to deflect blame and responsibility, but I thought it reasonable to address these issues. If a brat is made to see the error of her ways before the actual spanking begins I find a state of true remorse and repentance is achieved quicker and with greater effect. To achieve these ends I addressed her in a flat voice void of emotion and queried her vigorously, all the while holding her firmly.
"Are you of sound mind? Are you capable of making proper decisions? Are you aware of your wishes and desires, what you wish to do and not to do?" After a brief pause her answer was yes. I then informed her that since she had a sound mind and could indeed decide for herself what she wanted to do that she was entirely at fault. "Any action you have undertaken was done because it reflected your desire and intent. Group influence may help determine the direction of your wishes but responsiblility for your actions rests entirely with you. Were you aware of the possible consequences of your actions?"

Again the answer was yes, but this time it was softer and less convincing and I had her repeat it. "And yet you chose to persist in your wicked endeavors, knowing full well the penalty." She began to weep softly and pled mightily that she was not responsible for the violations of property that occurred. "Did you have knowledge that these actions were intended before they occurred?"

"Yes", she answered in a small voice.

"Did you counsel against them?"


"Then you are as guilty as those who carried out this evil, and now you shall have your day of retribution. I am going to stand you on the ground, and I advise you not to flee. I am prepared to follow you to the four corners of the earth if necessary, and when I catch you your sentence shall increase fourfold. There shall be no escape. Do you understand?" With a weak nod of her head she showed she did, and I at last lowered her to the ground. I directed her to face me. She did but her eyes were focused on the ground and her lower lip quivered. She clasped her hands behind her back and scuffed one foot on the ground nervously, the implications of her misdeeds taking root. Stripped bare of excuses to defend her decisions she was forced to confront the reality of her culpability, which clearly made her uncomfortable. "Your sentence will be pronounced and dispensed immediately. You are found guilty of malicious mischief and will suffer the penalty of 24 paddle strokes followed immediately by ten strokes of my switch. Sentence shall be divided thusly-eight with the paddle over outergarment, followed by eight over the undergarment alone, followed by eight with the paddle then ten with the switch on your bare flesh. Do you understand your sentence?"

She signaled she understood and began slightly trembling . I directed her to lay over the log. It was as near to the proper size as one might expect to find outside of official surroundings and I was quite pleased with the way her bottom rose up pertly to receive its due. I drew the paddle from its sheath and carefully measured the first stroke. On impact it seemed an electric shock pulsed through her body. A mighty rush of air exited her lungs and left her gasping for breath. With each following stroke her body convulsed mightily, and her discomfort was expressed audibly. This was repeated as I carried out the first portion of her sentence. When I had finished I ordered her to rise and remove her outergarment. There was no hesitation although her movements were somewhat jerky and pained. She placed herself back in position without pausing for instruction and I was very pleased with her obeisance. Her undergarments revealed the lower curve of her buttocks, and I could see I had applied well the first portion of her punishment. She had suffered that courageously, but how the next eight were received would begin to truly tell the tale. Again I meaured the first stroke, and it fell true to the mark. Her bent form became ever more animated. As I bade it my paddle landed with unerring aim repeatedly on the lower half of her buttocks near the crease of her thighs and she whimpered and mewled with each cruel blow.When the second portion was complete she was breathing very heavily and shifting her rear from side to side seeking a reprieve from the pain, but none was found. Occasionally she would emit a choked gasp as though she was holding back tears. I was convinced it was the clear focus on her guilty conscience brought by the pain and anticipation of what was to come. In every proper spanking comes a point when pain brings a spankee to face themselves and the emotions causing their improper behavior. I have often thought of it as approaching a wall. If sufficiently compelled by a Top the subject may break through this barrier, leading to a cathartic release of pent up emotions otherwise beyond reach. If they do not their guilt and frustration will be assuaged briefly and retreat, but soon they will revert to their old ways, leading to more bratty behavior and a general ill-temper. I sensed that the heaving form before me was approaching such a point now, and I resolved that any failure to breach it would not be on my account. I now realized that the source of her actions was a lack of attention to her needs. A hedge untrimmed grows wildly in all directions seeking a purpose, but a trimmed hedge grows surely because it knows its function. So it is with the self-proclaimed brats of our society-an occasional "trimming" is required, otherwise events occur like those I have witnessed here. When this occurs it is more difficult to restore balance. Greater extension of time and effort are required, just as a hedge ignored for years becomes unmanageable. I assisted her to her feet and softly but firmly commanded her to remove her undergarments for her remaining punishment. With trembling hands she did so and returned with a labored sigh to her previous positon. Her lower buttocks glowed an angry pink. This pleased me because it told me my effort was paying off. I took dead aim and swung freely at the upturned bottom before me. The effect of each impact was mesmerizing. Her backside rippled as though a tidal wave was raging within it. A pained groan was forced out through clenched teeth, and the veins in her neck stood out as though they would rupture from the pressure. I recognized immediately that she unwittingly shrank from the release she so desperately needed and laid on the latter strokes heavier than before, but I was careful not to compromise my aim for force. She became increasingly agitated and her moans increased in intensity. She fought bitterly against the pain and the relief she did not know she desired. At last the paddling was completed and I placed it back in its harness. As she lay on the log spent her body shook. Her buttocks had progressed from an angry pink to a furious shade of crimson, and she tried to rub the throbbing out as best she could. After a moment she prepared to rise but I stopped her and reminded her of the final ten strokes with the switch. With a groan of resignation she lay back and presented her punished globes tme. I could tell she believed the worst was over but I knew better. I have found the best treatment for brattitude is to lay on punishments of different texture in the same session. An acclimation to a particular implement that results in desensitization to pain during a session can often be reversed by switching to a new one. The sharp sting of a switch layered over the deep throb produced by a paddling will often produce results far greater than can be achieved by the use of either tool individually. I intended not only to thoroughly punish but to bring this young brat to break the barrier constraining her guilt. I removed my triple-switch from my belt and took a few practice swings, getting the feel of the instrument. After using the paddle I wanted to be as sure of the balance and weight as possible before applying it to the angry flesh upturned before me. It hissed angrily as it cut ferociously through the air and the shuddering form on the log winced visibly. When I was satisfied of my feel I took the first cut, bringing it down full force on the quivering flesh of my target area. A  tortured howl erupted from her gaping mouth. Without hesitation I laid on the second. Her body trembled forcibly and quavering sobs escaped her lips. Within two more strokes she had reached the point I sought to bring her to. A mighty cry escaped her. It seemed the core of her very being was torn in two. As she wept shamelessly I concluded her punishment. She seemed to barely take notice and shed many bitter tears. I returned my switch to its place on my belt and sat waiting for her to regain some sense of herself. At last the sobbing ceased and she rose stiffly from the log. Her face was tearstained. Her bottom glowed a dark and angry red and carried with it the weals and bruises from her ordeal. She looked at me with teary eyes and whispered brokenly, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." Gently I reached out and pulled her to me. Her body still shook from the effects of her struggle, and I sought to comfort her. "I know that you are. I see the contrition in your eyes. You have paid fully for your misdeeds. What you have done here shall no longer be held against you. Before I go I shall leave an official writ with the High Council of Tops detailing the circumstance of your penance and see to it you are fully reinstated in good standing with the members of that council and the residents of this town." She mangaged a brave smile through her tears and I laid her gently across my lap. With hands that now soothed instead of punished I applied spankoil to her battered rump, covering every bruise and welt liberally until I was satisfied her pain was soothed. I helped her to her feet, and as one last condition told her to report to the instigator of the uprising to demonstrate the penalty for their actions. She turned to leave and made her way towards the town. When she reached a tall tree and was nearly out of sight I called out to her, "Wait." She turned hesitantly and looked at me with a puzzled expression. In a voice soft and low I told her, "You're welcome." An expression of wonderment filled her face, then a soft smile brightened her face, a solitary tear tumbled down her cheek, and she was gone. I severely chastised several more deserving brats that day in similar fashion as I deemed fit. Some tasted the brush as well as the switch and paddle depending on their temperament. I did not have the success with the others I did with the first, but each one that faced my avenging arm will be uncomfortable for some time to come. I am convinced that any further revolts will be easily quelled without difficulty. I conducted my business with the High Council as I had promised and received an invitation to stay. It seemed the revolt had been utterly shattered and life was slowly returning to normal. I was tempted by their offer of pleasant hospitality, but I have received an urgent message from a distant city to the east. It seems my services are required there and I must be on my way posthaste. My work here is complete. Farewell, brave citizens of Asssville! Godspeed and good spanking!