The Last Spanking
I always thought my parents were great. Mom took time off when we were little to take care of us, but as long as I could remember, Daddy always worked, Mother never spanked but Daddy did when he thought the transgression warranted it. It never happpened much when we were little. I remember Daddy giving me little smacks on the bottom for my
mis behaviors. At the time it was nothing major...but that all changed for me one summer..

I remember  when I was seven I disobeyed him on purpose and took myself down to the city park when I was told not to leave the yard. It was on a weekend and Daddy was busy with repairs to the house. I was told that we could go later in the afternoon. I waited but was getting bored. My little brother was four at the time and mother was busy with him so I just left. I knew right where the park was and I felt like a big girl. I knew I was disobeying , but I figured if Daddy gave me a couple swats for it, well I could deal with that. I was at the park for about 25 minutes, when one of my parents must have discovered me missing. I don't know exactly what they were feeling when this happened because I was at the park enjoying my big girl freedom. I was on the monkey bars, way at the top with some other kids when I saw my father walking across the grass toward me. All I could think of was that I wasn't ready to go home yet and that I hadn't been there long enough to deserve my swats. As Daddy got closer he looked pretty unhappy with me and that made me feel bad. Daddy pointed to me and then to the ground next to him  as he called my name. As I slowly decended the bars, my tummy was doing little flips and I didn't know why. I had gotten swats before, but they never bothered me. Not as much as making Daddy feel bad.
I walked around the toy and approached my father. skipping. I tried to act as if I had done nothing wrong. In a very cheery voice I asked him if he had come to play with me.
I knew he hadn't but it was all I could think of at the time.He told me that he hadn't and that I knew I wasn't allowed to walk to the park alone. We headed for home and when we got out of the view of the other children, Daddy took my arm and landed three swift smacks to my backside.They stung a little and I let out a little cry, just so Daddy would think I was sorry. I have to admit, they were a little harder than I had anticipated. I don't know if Daddy had intended on giving me a much bigger spanking when we got back, or if it was the fact that I skipped most of the way home. I really don't know what he was thinking, but now that I look back, I think it was my behavior on the way home that did it. When we did get home, I quickly sat down in the yard and started to play with the two dolls that I had abandoned earlier. My playing was very short lived as Daddy pulled me up and preceeded to take me inside the house. I didn't know what he was doing with me because in my mind, I had already been punished. We headed right into the living room. On the way I remember him saying something about learning a lesson as he pulled me over to the couch. He sat down and the next thing I remember is being pulled across his lap.  I then decided it was time to panic because Daddy was very upset and I was really going to get it. Daddy did give it to me, boy did he ever. I had no idea he could give such a painful spanking. I squirmed and kicked the best I could, but I couldn't get away. Daddy's hand kept smacking. He really set fire to my bottom that day and he actually brought real tears to my face.I would never forget it. I was the best behaved child in the neighborhood and I never received another spanking again until I was eleven.

     It wasn't my intention to get into trouble, of course it never is. It's just one of those things that happens when you least expect it. I remember it was a Friday and Mom had just picked us up from school. Mom was in the real estate business and had an unexpected request to show a house. We made a quick trip home for baseball equipment and a snack. Mom was going to drop me and my brother off at the park where his game was. Mom went over with me what she needed me to do and that we were to walk home after the game. She said that Dad would be home around six.
My brothers game had just started when a bunch of my friends showed up. They told me that they were going to the mall and wanted me to go with them. At first I didn't think it was a good idea, but my brother was playing a game and if I watched the time I could be back to the park before it was over. Well lets just say that the mall was quite distracting and time sure does fly by when your having fun. By the time I remembered my brother and the game it was six p.m. Talk about panic. I tore out of that mall so fast you would have thought the building was on fire. By the time I got back to the park there were just a few people floating around and my brother was no where to be seen. I felt sick, really sick. My brother was just seven and had been my responsibility. I didn't do what my mom had asked. All I could hope was that he had been able to get home ok by himself. I couldn't run any more because the sprint from the mall had pretty much done me in. So I walked as fast as I could toward home. When I got close enough to our house I could see that my dad was home. If my brother wasn't there what would I tell him. This was going to get me so grounded, but I didn't care as long as my brother was safe. I was so happy to see my brother sitting at the table when I walked into the kitchen, however as I looked at my dad, (who was also standing in the kitchen) I could tell that I didn't need to worry about my brother, but more about my own self. The look on my dads face was a look that I recognized. I had seen it once before when I was seven. I tried to act like I was innocent,but that didn't seem to help. I noticed as dads look changed to a much more disapproving one. He didn't buy my excuse. After I quit talking he asked me to enlighten him as to what Moms instructions were for that afternoon. Well I figured honesty was the best way to go at this point, so I repeated  Moms instructions to the letter. Little did I know that such accuracy was about to get me in serious trouble. He then told me that he knew I hadn't meant to leave my brother alone to walk home by himself, and that what Mom had asked me to do wasn't a difficult task. That I  just had to wait with him during the game and then walk home with him. Turns out that Daddy made it for the last part of the game and then they drove home together. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. My dad then sent me to my room I don't know how long I was up there, but I heard my mom come in and I could hear them talking downstairs. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but I knew I had definitely done a bad thing. I was sitting at my desk when my dad came in and started to lecture me. I looked down at my floor and tried to talk but he said that there was no excuse for my direct defiance of my mothers instructions. That by what I had told him, I hadn't misunderstood her instructions, but instead I chose to not obey them. Althought I had only gotten one real spanking in my whole short life, I knew that by the disappointment in his voice, this was going to be one of those times. I pretty much didn't hear the rest of his lecture and before I knew it I was once again across his lap. One thing was different this time. Daddy had one of those little wooden paddles that have the ball at the end. Well the ball was gone now and that little paddle soon set my behind ablaze as Daddy made a lasting impression upon me and my bare behind.That spanking made me think twice before I ever broke the rules again.. Well that was almost three years ago.

Now you ask me why I am telling these stories to you?  Well its because you told me that you wanted to know why I did what I did. the last three years I have not been in much trouble. I have been grounded a few times, but nothing major. So you have to believe me when I say I can't believe I'm in trouble again...I am just sitting here, letting time pass and trying to think of what it is that makes me deliberately disobey you. I love you and you are both really good to me, so I wish I knew why I did it. I feel so ashamed and this is the best way to tell you that I am sorry. I'm sorry for sneeking around behind you back. I'm sorry for going against what I knew was the right thing to do, but most of all I'm sorry that I lied to you and that I broke your trust. Dad,I'm not as nieve as I used to be and I know that you are going to spank me. I know that is why you are standing here in front of me. Now that I'm older I'm hoping that it won't be on the bare, but that is your decision to make, not mine, and what ever you decide, I will respect it. I know that you love me and that the punishment is one I diserve. I just want you to know before you punish me , how I feel. That this letter is not an attempt to get out of punishment ,but it is to let you and Mom know that I do remember your love and guidance and I have paid attention. That is why I retold my other two spankings, because I know I did wrong and I wanted you to know that I did learn my lessons then too. I'm sorry I broke your  trust.
I love you

I sat there trembling as my dad read the letter. I knew even before he was going to spank me that I would never disobey them again and this would be my last spanking. The look of hurt and betrayal on their faces was far worse punishment than any spanking Daddy could give me. Hurting them is not what I wanted to do and it killed me to see my mother cry. Daddy finished reading the letter and he laid it on my desk. He started to say something, but no words would come. Daddy took hold of my arm and pulled me from the chair. he pushed the chair away and turned me toward my desk.

"Sam, bend down and put your hands on the desk," he ordered.

I bent over and put them on the desk like he said to. There was a big round mirror attached to the desk, so even with my back turned I could see everything Daddy was doing. I told myself no matter what, I would not move. I looked in the mirror and I watched my dad unbuckle his belt and pull it from his pants. This was really really bad, but I won't move. He folded it in half and with his left hand he grabbed the back of my pants and pulled them uptight, practically lifting me to my toes.

"Sammy," me dad spoke. "Watch in the mirror, every swat, every single swat Sammy."

"Yyesss daddyyy," I cried.

Tears were running down my face already as I saw him rise that awful belt and bring it down again and again on my helpless backside. The pain was almost unbearable, but I didn't move. I wasn't going to disobey no matter what. I don't know how many licks with that belt I got, but finally I knew it was over as Daddy released the back of my pants. I had watched every swat like he told me to and that was very hard to do. When Daddy let go, I hung my head and sobbed all over the papers that lay scattered on my desk. My bottom was definitely on fire. It felt like I had burned my butt with hot coals. Daddy lifted me from the desk and held me tight.

"I'm sorry I had to whip you Sammy, and I hope you do understand that your mom and I love you very much and we can't allow you to behave in that way." he said.

"I know daddyy," I said in a trembling voice.

Daddy kissed my head. picked up the letter and left my room. I took all of my clothes off and put on my pajamas. I felt so ashamed and didn't know if I could ever leave my room again. Daddy had not spanked my bare. Don't know if it was beacuse of the letter or if it was because he used the belt. It didn't matter because my butt felt like I had a sun burn on it for  three days. I didn't care about that, I just wanted them to trust me again............