Mandy's Momma Gets A Spanking
  Boy, do I have a story to tell you! This is top secret! You got to swear to keep it between just us. My momma got a spanking from her momma today! Can you believe it? And guess what? Me and Lisa saw the whole thing! Sit down and I’ll tell you what happened………

  We all went to grandma’s house today. Grandma is the most funnest person in the whole world. She loves to play with us and we love to play with her. The only thing I don’t like is Momma and Grandma don’t always get along too good. Momma has a real bad habit of sassing her momma too! Boy oh boy, she sure did learn you don’t ever sass your momma if you like sitting down!

      Me and Lisa were playing in Grandma’s yard when all the sudden we heard a whole bunch of yelling. It was coming from the house and our momma was doing all the yelling! We heard Momma sassing her momma something fierce. Grandma was getting mad because all the sudden we heard real familiar words.

   “Girl, you keep that mouth going and you and I and my brush are going to have a very lively conversation!”

      Lisa looked at me and I looked at her. At the same time we got up and kind of sneaked over to peek in the window. Grandma had her hands on her hips and looked like she was going to start spitting nails any second. Momma just wouldn’t hush. Grandma went over to her and smacked her on her butt! Why, I was so shocked I almost fainted! Never did I ever think our Momma was on her way to getting a spanking!

      Even after that whack Momma just kept on mouthing off. Grandma must have had her fill of momma coz she started yelling for Momma to get the brush. At that moment Lisa started to cry because she hates to see anyone get a lickin’! I had to put my hand over her mouth till she controlled herself. Finally Lisa hushed up and we watched some more of this crazy show. In my head I was rooting for Grandma. Ain’t I a devil??

          Momma was begging and pleading not to get a spanking. I guess I must have learned all I know from her. It was a sight to see! Grandma didn’t budge and eventually Momma did get that nasty old brush. She handed it to Grandma but didn’t look real happy. She kept asking Grandma why they couldn’t handle this like two grown women. Grandma looked at Momma and told her that when she acts like a grown-up she’ll get treated like one. Grandma sat on a chair and had Momma stand right in front of her.

       Boy, this was getting better by the second! Me and Lisa were just shaking our heads. This was better then any action movie I ever saw! We couldn’t wait to see what happens next!

     Grandma made Momma tell her why she was about to get this spanking. Momma was kind of crying and holding her butt just like I do before I get a spanking. Momma told her everything and then it was quiet for a minute or two. All of the sudden Grandma pulled down Momma’s jeans and panties and pulled her over her knees. Right then Lisa let out a big gasp and I had to slam my hand on her mouth. I kept telling her if we get caught we’ll get a worse spanking. Lisa did quiet down because she sure didn’t want to be taking Momma’s place!

    Grandma started that spanking with no warm up at all. Wham! Whack! It was a sight to see! Momma started kicking and crying right from the start. She never tried to get away because I bet Grandma really spanked hard if she did. I could not believe our Momma was getting a real live honest to gosh spanking.

Grandma spankings were way different then Momma’s. Grandma spanked here and then there and you never had a chance to judge where that brush was going to land next! I bet that hurt a whole lot! I decided to be good as gold at Grandma’s because I never want to find out exactly how hard that woman can spank!

After Momma was crying like a little kid Grandma stopped spanking her. She helped Momma up and held her. Momma relaxed in her arms and promised to never sass Grandma again. I bet she does it again and again. My Momma has a problem. It’s called…….I’m talking and I can’t shut up disease! Now don’t you be laughing. Come over to our house and judge for yourself!

We went home soon after the fireworks were all done. The funniest thing was seeing Momma sit down in the car real gentle like. Me and Lisa almost wet our pants. By the way we never did get caught seeing that spanking and boy oh boy am I happy about it!