Shannon's Story
1998, Paris Annette Morreau
All rights reserved.  This story, or parts thereof,
may not be reproduced in any form without permission


Shannon walked into the living room after school and
directly to her mother sitting on the sofa.  The 12-year old girl
sat down on her mother's lap and snuggled close as she did every
day after school.  Mrs. Parker wrapped her arms around her
daughter and lightly kissed her forehead, nose and lips as she
did every day. 

     "How was your day, baby angel?" 

     "Okay," Shannon replied and snuggled closer.

     Just okay? Mrs. Parker thought and knew something was wrong.
Although her daughter always cuddled with her for a few seconds
when she came home from school each day, it was only long enough
to receive her three kisses and give her mother a warm hug and
then she was off doing all the things active girls do.  For her
to stay in her mother's lap meant something wasn't right.  Mrs.
Parker knew that Shannon would tell her what the trouble was when
she was ready, so she held the girl in her arms and waited.

Shannon was not a big girl but she hardly fit in her
mother's lap anymore.  She folded her body nearly in half, her
legs drawn up, bottom sticking out.  Her short skirt barely
covered her in this position.  Mrs. Parker absently patted her
child's protruding bottom while waiting for the girl to talk to
her.  I can't believe she's 12 already, she thought and reflected
back to when Shannon was born.  The nurse had handed the bundled
pink baby to Mrs. Parker.  The child's blond fuzzy hair stood up
in a circle around her head.  "Oh, look." Mrs. Parker remembered
saying, still dazed, "I've given birth to a baby angel."  She
smiled at the memory and hugged her daughter.


     At last, Mrs. Parker thought.  Here it comes.

     "Yes, sweetheart?"

     "Something happened at school today.  Something bad."

     "Bad?  What do you mean, honey?" Mrs. Parker asked,
concerned.  "Did someone hurt you?"

     "No.  I think I did something, um, wrong.  Maybe."

     Mrs. Parker relaxed.  No one had harmed her child, so how
bad could it be?

     "Tell Mommy, baby.  Tell me what happened."

     "Well, I, that is, my friend Gina and I, took some money
from a girl in our class.  Her lunch money,"  Shannon whispered
the last part.

     "You what!?  You stole her lunch money?"  Mrs. Parker was
stunned.  Shannon had always been a good little girl with only
occasional moments of naughtiness.  She'd never done anything
like this, nor had her mother ever expected she would.

     "Yes," Shannon squeaked.

     "Why, Shannie?  Why did you do that?"

     "I don't know.  I'm so sorry, Mommy,"  The child began to

     "That was a very naughty thing to do, Shannon," Mrs. Parker
said.  "I'm glad that you are being honest about it, though.  I'm
very proud of you for having the courage to tell Mommy what
happened," she continued, hugging her child.  "However, You know,
of course, what the consequence is for such a naughty thing,
don't you?"

"Yes, Mommy.  And one more thing, Miss Evans from school is
going to call you about what happened."

     "It's not 'what happened, honey, It's what you did.  You are
responsible, aren't you?"

     "Yes.  And I'll never do it again. I'll be really g...."

     Shannon was interrupted by the ringing telephone.  Mrs.
Parker picked up the phone and Shannon listened to her mother's

     "Yes.  Yes, I know.  Shannon just told me.  I'm shocked that
she would do such a thing and,... excuse me?  She did what?  Are
you sure?  Oh my.  Yes, of course.  I will and please rest
assured, I will discipline her.  Her bare bottom will smart for
days and she will never do anything like that again.  Thank you
for telling me.  Goodbye."

     "Well, Shannon, according to Miss Evans, you told your
friend Gina to help you hold the girl down while you took her
lunch money.  Is that true?  Look at me, young lady."

     "Yes, Mommy,"  Shannon's face held fear and shame.

     "Not telling me the whole truth is the same as telling a

     "No, it isn't.  But, I , I was going to tell you, Mommy.  I
was getting ready to tell you."

     "Shannon?  That sounds like another lie.  Were you going to
tell me?" Mrs. Parker asked, her voice gentle.

     Shannon hung her head. 


     "Oh, sweetie.  You did a very naughty thing and then told
Mommy two lies.  Tell me, baby, what the consequence is."

     "A spanking," Shannon rasped.

     "Tell me, Shannie.  Tell me what you know is going to
happen,"  Mrs. Parker insisted.  As part of the discipline,
Shannon always had to describe the consequence of her bad
behavior in detail so that her mother could assure herself that
the child knew what she had done was wrong and what the
punishment was going to be.

"You're gonna to put me over your lap,"  Shannon recited in
a soft voice.  "And then you're gonna lift my skirt.  And then
you're gonna pull my panties down," Shannon choked, "and you're
gonna spank me on my bare bottom."

     "Yes, baby, I am.  I am going to spank you, but I think you
know there's more than that.  Besides the naughty thing you did,
you told Mommy two lies.  Do you know what that means?"

     "Yes, Mommy.  You're gonna spank me with the paddle?  "

     "Are you asking me, honey?"

     "No.  I know you're gonna to do that."

     "All right, baby," Mrs. Parker said, convinced her daughter
knew she was responsible for what she had done.  "Stand up now.
I'm going to take you upstairs to Mommy's room and give you your
spanking there in front of the mirror.  I want you to see what
happens when you've done something so naughty and then told lies
on top of it."

     "Mommy, please don't spank me with the paddle.  It hurts so
much and I'm really sorry I lied and I never lied to you before
and I'll never do it again and please give me a chance.  Please,
Mommy.  Just this once,"  Shannon pleaded, crying.

     Mrs. Parker hugged her daughter. 

     "I'm sorry, baby, but I am going to spank you with the
paddle, after I've spanked you with my hand.  I would believe
myself to be a terrible mother if I let you get away with lying.
Even once.  Come on now, sweetie.  Let's get this spanking over

     Mrs. Parker took her daughter's hand and together they
walked up the stairs and down the corridor to Mrs. Parker's room.
Shannon's knees were weak, her heart pounding.

     "Stand by the bed, honey.  I'm going to move the mirror in
front of the bed."

     Mrs. Parker walked over to the oak framed cheval mirror and,
with difficulty, moved it close to the bed.  She sat down on her
bed and looked at her daughter. 

     "All right, baby.  I'm ready.  Let's get you over Mommy's
knee.  Oh, I almost forgot.  Open Mommy's bedside table drawer,
take out the paddle and give it to me."

     Shannon was reluctant, but quickly obeyed.

     "Thank you, honey.  Come here now." She helped place her
daughter over her knees.

     She lifted Shannon's skirt and put her hand on the child's
bottom. She looked into the mirror.  She could see that Shannon
was watching.  She used both hands to peel the thin cotton
panties down the child's bottom and continued sliding them to the
girl's knees.

     "I know I sometimes take your panties off altogether, but
today I want you to see them at your knees to remind you that
that if you had behaved, that's not where your panties would be."

     She raised her right foot up onto the footstool by the bed.
Now Shannon's bottom was a high arch and in perfect spanking

     "I'm going to start your spanking now, Shannie."   Mrs.
Parker raised her hand and clapped it down in a sting.  She could
never bear to begin a spanking with hard smacks.  She always did
a little "warm up" first.  She stung Shannon's bottom with the
flat of her hand, up and down the chubs and on all sides.
Shannon winced and jumped at each little spank and her mother
continued spanking until her child's creamy white bottom was
completely pink.

     "Very good, baby.  You're taking your spanking very well.
I'm going to spank harder now, honey.  Be sure to keep your
bottom still.  And watch me, sweetie."

     Mrs. Parker raised her hand a little higher and brought it
down in a smarting spank that bit before it burned.

     "I want you to think about the naughty thing you did while I
spank you, honey.  I want you to associate the heat you feel in
your bottom with the bad thing you did."

     Shannon responded with yelps and ooohs as she watched her
mother raise her hand and smack it down onto her hot bottom.

     Spank! Spank! Spank!

     "Oooh!  Ow! Ow!"

     Mrs. Parker held Shannon firmly at her waist and raised her
hand as high as she could and spanked with all the strength and
speed she could muster.  Sharp claps that thundered in the room.
Again and again Mrs. Parker's strong hand slapped the pudgy
bottom while it hopped and danced in response.

     Shannon kicked.  And cried.  And her mother spanked hard.
And spanked again.  Shannon began screaming in a keening wail.
And still her mother spanked. 

     "Uh, uh, uh, Shannon.  Keep your bottom still for Mommy.
And watch."

     Her bottom was a glowing ruby.  The fire burned and spread
in a constant heat and her mother spanked and spanked. 

     "Owwww.  Mommy, please stop.  Pleeeease." 

     "No, baby.  You know I can't do that.  You need this
spanking and you know that.  Now, instead of asking me to stop, I
want to hear you ask me to spank you some more."

"Noooo!  Owwwww!  I caaaaannn't.  Please.  Mommmmyyyy!"

     "Shannon Angela Parker, did you hear me?  Obey me.  Now."
Mrs. Parker spanked even harder.

     "Owwww! Spa, spa, owwww!  Ple, owww!  Spank me, owww!

     "That's better.  I'm going to give you a few more hard
spanks, baby."

     And she spanked with strength and force, loud smacks and
splats rained down on the pre-teen's crimson bottom as she
wailed.  Mrs. Parker stopped when the child's bottom looked like
two burning coals.  She let the heat spread out across the girl's
cheeks and into the hot flesh for a minute or two.

     "Okay, sweetie," Mrs. Parker said when her daughter's cries
had subsided.  "Hand Mommy the paddle now. Thank you.  I'm going
to give you ten hard spanks on your bottom with this paddle for
the first lie you told.  Now, while I'm spanking you, I want you
to think about the lie you told.  I want you to feel the spanking
while you're thinking about the lie.  Perhaps if you do that,
you'll remember the paddle and that you must always tell the

     Mrs. Parker raised the paddle

     WHACK!  And the first of the ten spanks landed on Shannon's
tender, defenseless muffins.

     "If you lie, sweetie," WHACK, "Mommy can't trust you."
WHACK!   "It may be" WHACK "very important one day" WHACK "that I
believe what" WHACK "you say, but if" WHACK "you start lying to
me" WHACK "now, I won't know whether to" WHACK "believe you when
it really" WHACK "counts.  There.  Now I'm going to wait a moment
to spank you for the second lie.

     Shannon sobbed, her body convulsing, her red eyes puffy.
She wiggled her bottom from side to side.  Mrs. Parker smiled

     "I know it hurts to be spanked, honey.  I don't want to hurt
you but I must teach you to do the right thing.  Okay, baby.  I'm
going to give you ten more hard spanks on your bottom with the
paddle and, again, I want you to think very hard about the second
lie you told Mommy while I'm spanking you."

     WHACK!  And the next set of ten slapped Shannon's pert buns.

     "Girls who get away with" WHACK "naughty behavior live a
very" WHACK "sad life, baby.  You see them" WHACK "on the news
every night."  WHACK!  "They end up in prison because" WHACK
"they were never taught that there" WHACK "were consequences to
bad behavior" WHACK.  "I couldn't bear to let that" WHACK "happen
to you.  You need to be" WHACK "spanked when you've done
something naughty.  There.  It's all over now.  Lie still,

     Shannon sobs slowly faded into soft crying with an
occasional hiccup.

     Mrs. Parker put down the paddle and placed her hand on her
daughter's thighs and held her while the heat burned across the
child's bottom.  After a moment or two she helped the child to
her feet. 

     "Lie across Mommy's bed, honey, on your tummy."

     Shannon, her crying having subsided, lay tummy down on her
mother's bed.  Mrs. Parker again lifted her child's skirt.  She
lay down next to the 12-year old and took her into her arms.  She
stroked the child's burning bottom. 

     "There, baby angel.  Your spanking is all over with.  I know
you'll never do such a naughty thing again and that you will
never again lie to mommy."

     "I never will, Mommy.  Never," Shannon promised through
teary eyes.

     "I believe you, honey.  I know that spanking hurt your
bottom, sweetie, but I want you to know that when you do naughty
things, it hurts Mommy.  It's like a heartache.  It's painful for
me to have to spank you, but I love you too much not to
discipline you.   You have to learn that there are consequences
to naughty behavior."

     "I learned Mommy.  I'm going to be so good!"  And she raised
her head and covered her mother's face with light kisses.

     Mrs. Parker smiled.  That's my baby angel.