Updated Aug 20 2009  -  Added links to Transsonic Band YouTube videos.
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We (The Transsonic Band)  played a birthday party at the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle July 26 2009.  
Here is a video clip.   (Mony Mony - Birthday)
We (The Transsonic Band)  played a block party in Seattle August 16 2009.  
    --->     Here is a video clip.
   (Cold Shot)
    --->     Here is a video clip.    (Sharp Dressed Man)
  --->     Here is a video clip.     (Anarchy in the UK)
( Video camera  operator:
   Jeanie Derange  )
    --->     Here is a video clip.    ((Rock n Roll All Nite)
Put on a cute little dress and send me your cross-dress pics!  
  Dress like a little girl and email your pics to me at:    Penny_26@hotmail.com    
Don't forget to put  your wig on the right way around,  adjust your bangs,
take off your glasses, and put on some lipstick.  ((Any more requirements??  Geezz!!))  Let me know if you want me to post 'em.
Michelle M, Michelle N, and me on the Ferry to Victoria
A brush with stardom...  A pic with Peter Pan,  Cathy Rigby,   after her fantastic show,  i think i need some more pixie dust.
At the autograph table in the lobby of the 5th Ave Theater in Seattle   Dec 2004 Kirsty's Play House
Mary Beth's Fantasy
Princess Elli
Petticoat Pond
Ms. Vicki Rene's website full of T-girls ( i found myself on page 450)
in a square dance
dress from
Petticoat Junction
i should be on stage.  
        There's one leaving in 5 minutes!
Little Emma
More Canned Fruit in Seattle at Safeway 2003 !!
left to right..

Michelle M, Margo,
Michelle N, and Ginger
My first Little Girl Party Dress 1998 - this dress is from Caroline's Kids Catalog aka Wardrobes by Caroline - don't know whatever happend to them.
at Northgate Mall Halloween 1999
Terry, and
This is actually my real hair.

In most of the other pics on this web page, i have a wig on.

See what you can do for $39?
Come roller skating with the GLBTQ group.  email me at Penny_26@hotmail.com for details.

             (     Q for questioning??      )
some more pics from the pile...
GLBT? Somebody give me a BLT on whole wheat!
Don't forget about one of our favorite stores...
at Sakura-Con N.W. Anime Convention
An autographed  pic with Susie McMonagle and John Hemphill after  an encore production of MAMA MIA  at The Paramount Theater in Seattle 3/22/2008.          Gotta be there.
in my room wearing a dress from Sugar n' Spice Creations
This is Cindy Marie.
    Hugs and cuddles!
A pic with Martin Charnin at a production of ANNIE at The Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater 8/19/2006
In this production, Olivia Juliette Spokoiny is Annie.
(front row left)
also for you theater buffs,  i have seen the play ANNIE live on stage 6 times now- what's up with that?   You might get the idea that i'm an orphan or just wanna marry Daddy Warbucks or something.
saw Tony Curtis in Some Like It Hot at the Paramount Theater.    Tony Curtis is really great!!!.
Here's a pic of Tony Curtis and Michelle M and me by the stage door of the Paramount Theater in Seattle after the show    (April  30  2003)
My first time out of the house at an Emerald City meeting 1998 in my Sugar n Spice dress with my dollie
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