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    Welcome to the "unofficial" home page of the 5th Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Flight at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota. We are Minot AFB's bomb squad. Come in and take a look around.

    The Current Roster has our assigned personnel and the Photos link has some pictures of our gang in action. The Photo Cube, Photo Album, and Photo Carousel are pages with very cool photo display applets. Check out the EOD Links for other US military EOD unit websites--we think it's the most comprehensive list around. If you're new to all this, you can learn more about EOD--the military bomb squad--by following the About EOD link.  The EOD Humor link has some funny bomb squad cartoons. If you just found out you are going to be stationed here, you'll find some useful information on the Coming Here link.  Don't forget to check out and sign our Guest Book.

Our Mission              Careful, our mascot bites!   

    We provide peacetime and wartime routine and emergency bomb squad support to the 5th Bomb Wing here at Minot AFB. That means that we protect resources and operational assets from explosive hazards. We do that by mobilizing qualified personnel with technical information, highly specialized equipment, and explosives to effectively neutralize, remove, or dispose of explosive hazards.

    We also provide routine and emergency support to the Air Force Space Command's 91st Space Wing, also located here at Minot AFB. Yep, that's two major commands and two wings here at Minot. We're special. We're also busy.

    In peacetime, our missions typically include routine and emergency response to: munitions accidents and incidents; bomb threats or actual finds of suspected/actual Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs, or homemade bombs). We also provide explosive and bomb squad expertise to a number of federal agencies to include DOE and the United States Secret Service. We provide training on explosives hazards and safety to various organizations, and when we are not out performing bomb squad missions, we spend much of our time training to meet ever changing worldwide bombing threats.

    In both wartime and other conflicts, we deploy to troubled locations, providing bomb squad support and expertise to the deployed organizations.

      No matter what the situation or circumstance,  we provide combat ready, technically proficient, highly motivated teams to give our customers world-class EOD services.

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