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Yep, that's me in March of 87 while I was in Leadership School.

For a picture of me with my son click here.

Well, I've decided to update just a little on the site. There have been changes made to some of the services I had on my page so I've finally got the chance to edit them. The Ham Radio Web Ring has been moved because Yahoo made some changes and the owner didn't like them so he move the ring to a new server. Have not added myself back but I will when I can go to the site and complete the steps to get it done.

Hello! I'm 40 years old. I enjoy Amateur Radio, Computer Programing, reading, and listening to music. I hold an Amateur Extra Class license. My call sign is AA5KR. I have been a ham for 15 years. I have a station set up now. I'm using a Titan DX vert. and a Ten Tec Jupiter radio for my HF station. I do SKYWARN weather spotting when I get the chance using a 2 meter mobile. Follow the link below to find out more about Ham radio. I'm active on 7.263.5 LSB at 0100 UTC on a lot of nights. That is the OMISS net frequency. I'm also active in the Navy MARS program. We don't get much traffic but it helps kill time.

I don't get the time anymore to go to the chat rooms I use to visit. If you use the panel below and page me I may be online and will get it via ICQ and can meet you somewhere if you send the URL. If you have ICQ my ICQ number is 809781.

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