Welcome to my Military Police page!! This is a site to tell and show you some of the stuff that happens in the MP Corps. Here are a few Pics with small captions. If you want to see more please visit the links below to learn more about the U.S. Army and the Military Police Corps.

Updated Pictures from Kosovo

The US Army Military Police Corps has a wide variety of missions, I consider it to be a catch all career field. Most people think of MP's as the Army's Police Department, which is true, but MP's provide many more services than just Law Enforcement. Combat Support being one of the larger roles, it includes tasks like Convoy Security, Area/Zone Recons, and Hasty Attacks for just a few examples. The Pictures contained on this site are ones that I have taken over the past 11 years, some were also donated by current or former MP's from all over. I hope you enjoy your visit here and please sign my guestbook so I know you stopped by. Thanks!

1Lt Arthur Gene Ecklund

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