I'm sorry nothing much has happened on this page for quite some time, but I've been reasonably busy with school and studying. I have recieved information and pictures on the NZSAS and I just have to get around to putting it all up. Now that I'm on holidays maybe something will finally get done, although I still have to study for my final exams.

Welcome to my NZSAS homepage. For those of you who don't know the NZSAS is the New Zealand Special Air Service. They are New Zealand's special forces group. They are an elite group of troops that are extremely fit

The Special Air Services carries out specialist functions operating under high security conditions. To be part of the NZSAS you must undergo rigorous mental and physical testing. The NZSAS has a rotating programme where you will build your skills in areas such as long-range reconnaissance behind enemy lines and counter terrorist work.

While you wait for something to finally happen on this page, I suggest reading "Bravo Two Zero" an absoloutly awesome book worth reading. If you've read that, then there are lots of other SAS books out there. For titles and authors go to Camerons SAS page and look at his book list. I myself have recently purchased two SAS books over the Internet.

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