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My hitch:

This page is becoming an exercise in "how to feel old." I was an Operations Specialist (Radarman for you older salts,) while I was in the Navy; and was in the Pacific Fleet, homeported in San Diego as well as Sasebo and Yokosuka, Japan. I was on four ships, and I've discovered that all of them have been de-comissioned since I got out of the Navy in 1979. Therefore, the Navy Public Affairs Archives doesn't have pictures for me, (well, there was one of the Bainbridge, and I torqued it around a bit in PSP, and it is now the background image for this page,) and there are no homepages to link to, but I did find a few news releases. The ship's in question are:

Time flies: Tiger Cruise 97

Twenty years ago I was the sailor. Last year I was the guest of the USS Harper's Ferry LSD-49 on a Tiger Cruise from Pearl Harbor to Camp Pendleton, my sponser being a member of the Marine Detatchment, hey I tried talking him into the Navy! By the same token my Dad was in the Army, so I guess one of the grandkids will join the Air Force and one will probably join the Coast Guard just to keep the pattern going....
I'll probably do a page on the Tiger Cruise once I get the photos scanned and have some time to do the markup. Anyhow, if you get the chance to do a Tiger Cruise I'd recommend it.

More stuff about my hitch:

gif of signal flag positions for semaphoreOne of my non-OS jobs was "Duty Signalman Inport" when I was on the Gompers. We had a few extra OS's and were short SM's in the E-4 and below range for four section inport duty, so by qualifying as an inport signalman I helped out both OI and OC divisions, plus I got to spend my duty days kicked back on the signalbridge rather than comm watch in CIC or quarterdeck watches. It's hard to beat the view from the signalbridge. Once I was on the White Plains I found that knowing semaphore was a real asset, since I could shoot the breeze with guys on other ships during unreps.

Even though I was mildly bummed out about the fate of my former ships, all was not lost. I kept track of where I was while searching, and have been following the links wherever they lead, and am processing the results into a Navy Netsurfing starting point. This will no doubt be constantly in a state of upgrade. If I am missing a favorite link or even your link, let me know, and I'll put them in.

Moving back to San Diego after a 20 year exile in the Midwest, and getting settled (not to mention getting addicted to Flight Simulator 98, which has chewed up most of my free computer time,) has left my page high and dry for awhile. There's quite a few busted links and so on, and I'm in the process of tracking them down and repairing or replacing them. Hang in there with me, I'll take this page through an extensive overhaul, and have her back in shape as soon as possible.
Bill (20 November 1998)

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