Welcome Aboard! Thank you for sailing with us.

- 04/07/99 17:59:56
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Hi Jose: This is Al Figueroa, from the St. Louis church..I met you at the Emaus retreat, and we were in the small group together, remember? I found your business card in my car and I decided to check out your web site. I was just writing to say Hi, and to let you know I was very impressed with your site. I can tell you have invested a lot of time. I have not had an opportunity to view the entire thing, but what I saw I liked. Anyways, I saw and heard you during the Easter Mass, but I didn't get a chance to say Hi. I hope you and your family had a super Easter. This is all for now..I better get back to work. Take care..I'll see you at St. Louis Bye

Lilyana Pedroni - 03/23/99 08:51:33
My Email:Magiff@webtv.net
City: Fort Lauderdale
State: FL
Country: USA

Hola, your web page is great..... Saludos de la sobrina perdida .... Lilyana Pedroni ( diana)

Martin Battaliou - 03/10/99 20:26:03
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Rock on people, this is a great site. Thanks for letting me sign your guestbook. Keep up the good work.

Re ards
Martin Battaliou


- 01/01/99 15:50:01
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Joe Marcinkewicz - 11/09/98 03:49:15
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Country: usa
Your Sea Adventure: happy hour @ cafe iguana

jose, just wanted to thank you for stopping by! hey i'm in the market for 40' to 48' sloop. price is most important. need a good price.

Cindy - 09/09/98 08:52:31
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comment: Nice page.... please come visit my site :-) Thanks, Cindy

Carolina Urdaneta - 09/07/98 13:27:13
Country: venezuela

Felicitaciones por su home page tan espectacular. Hasta pronto. Buena travesia.

Pedro Torres-Rivero - 06/04/98 00:51:45
My Email:tracysca@true.net
City: Caracas
State: DF
Country: Venezuela

Muy impresionante tú página. Ahora voy a entrar en los detalles. Te felicito. Very impresive your web page. I am going to see details in. Congratulations.

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