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Welcome to this little non-historic corner of my webpage. Itīs impressive you found your way here. I must say. Well you came here to find out who I am I guess, so here goes:

Name Henrik Schou

Geographical Location Denmark

Age 24

Date of Birth 26.07.74

Hobbies Miniature wargaming, boardgaming, eh..this homepage and other totally dull stuff...oh yeah..and the American Civil War.

Eduction Librarianship (yes Iīm a librarian, bet you hadnīt figured that out). I completed the 4 year education in 1998. And instantly began studying for another 2 years to get a masters degree in information science. Must get my head examined.

Speciality Well its obvious to everyone that it isnt html-programming or graphics. My speciality is information science and intranetīs. Besides this I worked quite a bit with construction of indexes on the web, search engine design and so forth. Why am I telling you this ?

Favorite Wargames Great War at Sea vol. 1, War and peace, Empires in Arms, The Civil War (VG), Thunder at Cassino, Blackbeard, Vietnam and offcause World in Flames (which I have a special ability to lose every time I play it).

What I enjoy Beers, the company of friends, cats and dogs and other fluffy animals, only 4 legged ones please !. Good food, good movies and other things in that category.

What I hate Stupid people, people who acts without considering others (includes bad drivers), when beer goes stale, people making statements about things they really should keep their mouth shut about !

Ignore the red glasses..it was a joke. Cant remember why it was funny though!

Well..what to say next.. I live with my girlfriend (she actually put up with me for 7 years now..impressive) in a nice flat (filled with military books, miniatures, maps and other war related stuff. She studies at the university. I still work for AM Multimedia / Bynet.Dk. A friend of mine, whom I worked with on the Danish Television show Hi-Score got me a yet another job as a game reviewer at games.jubii.dk. A nice way to get all the new wargames for the PC.

Feel free to add me to your ICQ list and ask questions or comment on the pages.

UIN/ICQ: 972206

Email: grimsqueaker@hotmail.com feel free to drop me a letter. In fact please do as i rarely recieve letters from anyone. Please note that I actually get alot of questions from people all over the world about this page..If I dont answer itīs not because Iīm being rude (well maybe also that), but because itīs hard to keep track of the many problems and questions I try to solve and answer for you guys.

Thank you for your visit.