This site is dedicated to Master Kurt Bellman's Riverside, CA
Kung Fu San Soo studio.


In memory of the Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo, who gave San Soo its personality and legacy....

And one of Jimmy's top masters, Master Al Rubin.  He was my first master and I can only hope I become a fraction of the practioner that he was.  His insight and commitment  fueled San Soo in Riverside.

These great men will be forever missed and forever respected.  They laid the foundations, upon which, we will further the tradition of this parctical and devastating art.


The ancient art of Kung Fu San Soo, has it's roots traced back 3000 years to the Kwan-Yin monastery in the village of Pon Hong, Southern China.  The formal name or Chinese name of the art is Tsoi Li Hoi Fut Hung.  These names refer to the 5 families that compries the San Soo system of Kung Fu.

The art is a free form style of fighting, which does not rely on a set order of moves or techniques.  Movements are taught to the student in a whole technique, with
all the specific components of that techinique being stressed.  This breaks the technique down into its individual parts so that, the student can modify the technique, or inter-mix it with other techniques they have learned, to make up new moves or handle different situtations.  Not all fights run in a set order so, it is vital to the survival of the student that the art be fluid and able to be change at a momnets noticed to allow for changes in thier opponents.  This is what sets San Soo apart from all other arts.

The art was brought to America by Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo (Chin Siu Dek).  He received two books prior to leaving China,which were passed down though 5 generations from his great, great, great grand father Chin Moon Don.  These books contained the essence of Tsoi Li Hoi Fut Hung.  Master Woo had a very colorful past, to say the least.  It is told that he was an enforcer for his uncle, who was a gang leader in Canton, China.  By age 14, he was feared by many people in the village, due to his command of the San Soo art.  It is also said that he would post open chanllenges in the city square, boasting that he would take on all challengers in a fight to the death. From historical accounts he never lost a fight.

In 1931, Master Woo was sent to Los Angeles to live with family members.  He began teaching San Soo at exclusively Chinese recreation centers to make his way.  In 1959 Master Woo opened his first studio in El Monte, CA.  It was here that the first non-Chinese were taught the art of San Soo.  Master Woo's approach to trainning was one of realisim.  He had the experience to know what worked in a fight and what did not.  He approached his method of instruction with the idea that real trainning yeilded a real fighter.  There was no "mystical force" that one must harnass to implement his techniques.  He taught his students how to control a fight, if there was no othere way out of the confrontation.   he felt that this secret power was found in good solid practical fighting technique.  This was the basis for his successful teaching method.

Master Woo taught hunderds of students his powerful art, which yeilded some highly proficient masters.  One of which was Masater Al Rubin.  He was the owner of the first and oldest studio in Riverside, CA.  He was a very charismatic person who was a friend and a highly respected teacher.  His students are considered to be some of the finest practioners around.  I started with Master Rubin in 1985 and was with him until his very untimely death.  His passing was a tough blow to the  San Soo community but, due to the quality of the students he produced, his legacy continues.  One of his top Black Belts took over the studio a few years after Master Rubins death, Master Kurt Bellman is now the owner of the Riverside studio.

Master Bellman is a good successor to Master Rubin.  He is
very well versed in all aspects of San Soo.  He has the techincal proficience and expirence to turn out quality students with solid skills.  Master Bellman's emphasis is on the essence  San Soo.  He teaches Ah Soo (base 45) lessons to his students, as well as the mirid of techniques handed down from master to master.  His ideology is to keep San Soo intact, as it was taught to him and all of Master Rubins students.  There is no "watering down" of the original San Soo concept, by tryng to appeal to the fleeting public cravings.  We do not wear pads or protective equipment, we do not compete for points or trophies and we do not train one way for tournaments and another for real life fighting.  Master Bellman believes that form practice, hard/ technically proficient free style work outs and a sense of family/ community build confident fighters

Master Bellman is ,without a doubt, one of the best teachers of San Soo in the martial arts community.

If you would like to contact Master Bellman or come down to the studio, please use the following info to reach him.

                                                                                                                   written by, 3rd degree Black Belt Rick Wheeler

Kung Fu San Soo, Riverside

3832  (A) Pierce St.
Riverside, CA   92503

(909) 689-9759