Jagdpanzer Jagdtiger (Hunting Tiger), SdKfz 186

Jagdpanzer Jagdtiger

The Jagdtiger was the last and unavoidable product of the German Army's decision to convert existing and available tank chassis into tank destroyers. The tank destroyer would carry a more powerful gun than its tank cousin with the basic vehicle's turret diameter. The Jagdtiger used the hull and chassis of the Tiger II with a fixed box-like superstructure housing the fighting compartment built over its center. The superstructure was designed to mount the very formidable 128mm PaK 44 anti-tank gun; this combined with its very thick armor made the Jagdtiger the most powerful armored fighting vehicle of the war. However, shortage of the gun due to Allied bombing meant the Jagdtiger had to settle with the 88mm PaK 43 instead. Only 48 of these vehicles were completed before the war's end. The Jagdtiger had very good firepower and protection but lacked mobility and maneuverability, like the Elefant. However, when the Jagdtiger went into service Germany was on the defensive everywhere and mobility was not very essential.

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Technical data and/or diagram of Jagdpanzer Jagdtiger.
Two types of suspension were used on the Jagdtiger. This example has the Henschel suspension, the other type uses larger roadwheels from Porsche.
The massive Jagdtiger with its 128mm gun was a powerful weapon, but it was underpowered and too heavy to be anything other than a purely defensive weapons. Not many were made before the war's end, but the 200mm frontal armor made it a difficult vehicle to knock out.

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