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199th LIB

Troop D,
an integral part of the 199th Light 
Infantry Brigade, was a mechanized unit
composed primarily of six M113A1 Armored
Personnel Carriers (APC's), three Sheridan
Tanks, and one mortar track for each platoon
during the Vietnam War.

My Father,
Melvin "RED" Royer, served with Troop D, 2nd Platoon,
from January to September 1970, until a wound he
sustained after driving over a land mine sent him home.
This page is dedicated to "RED" and all of the men he
served with from TROOP D, 17th Cav, 199th LIB.

God Bless you all...

RED standing in front of his APC, Track 21


"RED" --- (Several pics of RED in the Nam)

NEW!!! "D-troop" --- (pics donated from visiters)

"D-21 Interviewed" --- (An article/interview of several D-21 members "including Red": Donated by Slim)

"THE WALL" --- (D-troop Reunion Pics by Skip Brockner at "The Wall" in DC)

"SKI's PICS" --- (Pics donated by Joe "SKI" Tchinski, D-26 driver)

"Ambush Aftermath: 4/1/70" --- ("blown up tanks & dead NVA" by Rich "Slim" Mahnken, 1st Plt, T15)

"Redcatcher Reunion 2000" --- (A link to Ski's reunion Pictures 2000)


APRIL 1, 1970

April Fools Day, 1970,
was a sad day in Redcatcher history. General Bond,
the only U.S. General Killed during the Vietnam
War in ground combat, was KIA along with several
other Redcatchers, including  SSgt Billy Schaffer,
CPL Daniel Flynn, SFC Jay King, PFC Eldon Moore; 
and SP4 Everett Ankrom and SP4 Edward Howard who 
died later from wounds sustained that day.

I am interested in dedicating a page in honor of
the fallen and wounded that day.  If you were
there and have any articles, pictures, or memories
to share, please E-mail me at the address below. 
Any information would be helpful..   Thank you.

"KIA list, pics, and info 4/1/70"

(Redcatcher articles from the Stars&Stripes: 1970)

"U.S. General Slain! (3Apr70)"

"The Last Letters of a Slain General (31May70)" NEW!!!

"Huey Crash Injures 199th Col. (7July70)" NEW!!!

"199th Inf. Brigade Active Duty Ended (27Sep70)"

"Departing 199th 'Did All It Could' (28Sep70)" NEW!!!

"Old Guard Leaving Viet War (30Sep70)" NEW!!!

"199th Bows Out With Taps, Fame (13Oct70)" NEW!!!

(more articles to arrive soon)

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