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This website is dedicated to the men who served with the 22nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment during its term of service from 1861 - 1864, the Civil War. Contained herein you will find a complete unit history, pictures of the original unit, and some stories and anecdotes to show how they lived and thought. The complete roster of the original unit (over 1300 men) has been started.

The 22nd was formed by then Senator Henry Wilson (later Grant's Vice-President) in the Fall of 1861. It was unusual in that there was a sharpshooter unit, the 2nd Andrew's Sharpshooters, and an artillery unit, the 3rd Massachusetts Light Artillery, attached to the regiment. This was because Senator Wilson originally started to form a Brigade but, due to an urgent need for troops, he only formed a Regiment.

The 22nd served mainly in Virginia with the Army of the Potomic. They saw action in, among others, the Peninsular Campaign, the Wilderness, Antietam, Gettysburg, and finally the Siege of Petersburg. Of the over 1300 men who started with the regiment, only 124 returned with it when the 22nd was retired from service.

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