Recommended Books on the Civil War
THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR HOMEPAGE A great site with many historical links and many reenactor links.
THE U. S. CIVIL WAR CENTER Another great site.
11th MASSACHUSETTS HOMEPAGE A site devoted to this unit.
15th MASSACHUSETTS VOLUNTEER INFANTRY A site dedicated to this unit.
CYNDI'S LIST OF GENEALOGY SITES A very good list of links pertaining to the Civil War.
DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY - THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR an exhaustive listing of Civil War links
CIVIL WAR IN MINIATURE an abriviated history of the Civil War
CIVIL WAR INTERACTIVE a great site for links containing a rating system and capsule reviews for each site listed
THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, 1861 - 1865 A great site with many Civil War documents and articles
1st MARYLAND ARTILLERY BATTERY - CSA a site dedicated to this unit
Paul's Civil War News Trading Card Page A site showing the original 1962 Civil War trading card set plus a good section on Civil War weapons.
Letters of the Civil War A site of actual letters written during the Civil War.
Battle of Gettysburg Homepage A great site with information on this battle.
2nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry A site dedicated to this unit.
2nd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery A roster of this unit.
3rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry A geneology page with a great section on the 3rd Mass.
27th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry A site dedicated to this unit.
36th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry A site dedicated to this unit.
The Civil War A Civil War site with a special section on the 44th Mass. Malitia
53rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry A site dedicated to this unit.
Lest We Forget An African/American site with a good section on the 55th Mass. Infantry.
1st Mass. Cavalry A site dedicated to this unit with links to other unit sites by the same webmaster.
Confederate and War Between the States Links A good link list.
6th Alabama Infantry A site dedicated to this unit complete with roster. The 6th Alabama battleflag was captured by the 22nd.


Civil War "ReEnact" Home Page A great source for reenactor links. A few other "goodies" also.
Champlain Rifles (14th Vermont Co. F & 123rd New York Co. E)
19th Alabama Infantry Regiment
22nd Alabama Infantry - Company D
33rd Alabama CSA, Co. E / 6th Indiana Infantry USA, Co. A
48th Alabama Infantry
Newton's 8th Arkansas Cavalry CSA
17th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Regiment
37th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
55th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry - Company A
49th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Company F
1st Kansas Volunteer Infantry
14th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
5th Louisiana Infantry/22nd Ohio Infantry
7th Louisiana / 57th Indiana
1st Maine Cavalry
20th Regiment, Maine Volunteer Infantry, Company E
9th Massachusetts Battery
10th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment
28th Massachusetts Inf., Co.'s A, C, and H.
2nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry
3rd Michigan Volunteer Infantry
4th Michigan, Company A
Corinth Rifles, 2nd Regiment, 4th Brigade Mississippi
27th Mississippi Infantry, CSA
Jackson Light Artillery. Missouri , CSA
E Company, 4th Missouri Infantry, CSA
6th Missouri Infantry - Company A CSA
5th New Hampshire Volunteers
14th Regiment, NYSM, Co. E
21st North Carolina Infantry Regiment
6th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
14th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry
21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
11th Pennsylvania Infantry
104th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
114th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. A
7th Tennessee Infantry - Company B
37th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry - Co. H
7th Virginia Infantry, Company D
33rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry - Co. A
Co. A, 37th Virginia Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A.
42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment - Co. I
2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
2nd Wisconsin Infantry Company C
1st United States Infantry
2nd United States Cavalry
Battery B, 4th United States Light Artillery - Wisconsin
American Civil War Historical Re-enactment Society a group of Canadian reenactment units.
Mifflin Guard Home Page a mid-atlantic group of many units
The Civil War Reenactors Homepage
The Trans Miss Brigade an umbrella group of confederate reenacting units west of the Mississippi


THE UNION ARMY WEB RING - A new ring devoted to the North during the Civil War. Contains many links to great sites.
The Grey-Blue Gazette An internet magazine and general information center.
The Civil War Circuit Stuff CenterGo here to get lots of FREE things.
28th Pa Volunteer Regimental Band A brass band using authentic period instruments.
Fall Creek Suttlery
C & D Jarnagin Co.
The Blockade Runner
James County Mercantile
Camp Chase Gazette An on-line magazine for reenactors with some great links and informative articles.
Civil War Interactive An online Civil War magazine.
The Civil War Music Store
Angel In Dixie An amusing site with an introduction inte "Southern Culture".
Walden Fonts and Clip-Art A site offering authentic looking fonts and clip-art for the Civil War period and others.

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