The Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife which was made famous by Jim Bowie in a dual on a sandbar near Natchez, Mississippi, was first made by his brother Rezin Bowie who wrote in 1838 "The first Boweie knife was made by myself in the Parish of Avoyelles (Louisiana). Rezin, brother of Alamo hero Jim, was living in Avoyelles at the time he had the knife made by his blacksmith, Jesse Clift, according to a letter from Bowie's daguhter to the LSU president written in the 1880s.
Other states and towns have tried to lay claim to being the birthplce of the Bowie knife, but these are the two strongest peieces of evidence in its origin.

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Bowie Knife, Its Origins
Reazon P. Bowie, Jim Bowie
Stephen Bowie, The Bowie Family

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