A Tribute
Our Veterans

vet no forget

Some of you fought in wars that were both before
my time and alot more popular than the one which
raged through the years of my childhood, youth and
young adulthood. Others of you were already busy
fighting during this time, hoping to make a difference or
loving your country enough to obey without question.
Whether defending our freedom here directly or through
defending the freedom of those less fortunate in distant
lands, you still fought for the principal in your hearts,
that help give me the opportunity to have that childhood
and youth unshadowed by the worries known by many
of those you fought to help over seas. Still others of you
shared the same time span of childhood with me, or were
only a couple of years older, but YOUR life would be
abruptly changed and forever altered by what you were
called upon to do. This page is dedicated with the deepest
love and gratitude to all of you for all you have given.

If you are a Vietnam Vet
Please click here.

Some of you were seriously
injured or disabled
Some came home to be
buried, or not at all.

Some of you would be forever haunted by
those you left behind or what you saw.

Women/we served with Just as much Pride

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ken memorial

In Loving Memory of
Ken George

agent orange vets

A MUST SEE!!!!! Visit Doc Stanberry's site
and see how YOU CAN make a difference...

Soldiers of the Cross

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