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Jimmie Alexander, USMC

Hi....I'm Jimmie Alexander
I am a WALKING DEAD survivor.
I plan to build this address into a multi-faceted Vietnam related website.
My interests are Veterans (Including their familes), Poetry, and fishing.

Wanda and I would like to thank Family members, Friends, and Vets
For the inspiration and support needed
To compile these pages of Healing and Remembrances.


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For My Father..."I am with you",..Love Jamie.

Those who were forgotten
Those who made it there
Several are still lost forever
And those left standing are few...

Some died for their country
To keep me safe and free
I pray for those not here now
And the father returned to me.

Dad, you've served your country
You fought valiant there day and night
You've taught me to have courage
And when and where to fight.

Your Loving Son, "Jamie"

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