The music on this page is presented as an evening military formation and parade. If I could ever get the sounds of soldiers marching, commanders shouting commands, I would put them in here also. Perhaps, one day . . .




Gen Ken This is Army Lieutenant General Claudia J. Kennedy, Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence. Gen. Kennedy is a 27-year veteran of both the WAC's and the integrated Army. Her field is Army Intelligence. She has also served with National Security Agency. She is a graduate of the Army War College. She is the first woman to reach that rank, awarded that rank in March, 1997, by President Clinton. She is an example for all women soldiers to look up to. She makes sure she is back at home by 7:30 each evening to catch reruns of Seinfeld, which she calls her, "training film."
This Colonel Charlotte Cochard. She is currently the 44th U. S. Army War College Secretary. She has served tours with Army Intelligence and National Security Agency, both in the United States and in Europe. She has served a tour at the White House. She is a 27-year veteran of the Army, being awarded her commission at Ft. MacClelland in 1969. Col Coch
Col Hob This Col. Oveta Culp Hobby, the first commandant of the Women's Army Corps, 1942-1945. Col. Culp served as Deputy Secretary of the Army for Women's Affairs prior to her appointment as Commandant of the Women's Army Corps in 1942. Col. Hobby was always active in Texas politics and was the wife of the Publisher of the Houston Post, later assuming that position upon his death. In 1953, President Eisenhower appointed her to the position of Secretary of Federal Security Agency, and later became the first Secretary Health, Education and Welfare, a position she held until 1955, when she resigned to return to Houston to take care of her ailing husband.
Old Uni WAC Paris Nam Unif>
Post-Korea dress uniform WACS on parade WAC Viet Nam-era uniform
Mess Dress FDR
The is the Army officer's mess uniform President Roosevelt reviews WAC soldiers at Ft. McClellan in 1944.


Fort McClellan, Alabama

This is the Women's Army Corps Museum on the grounds of Fort McClellan, Alabama. All WAAC and WAC troops, and until the end of gender segregation in the Army, all women were given their basic training here. I have fond memories of Fort McClellan. I did my basic training here, I came here for OCS, and I did my MP training here. Most Army women who trained here recall it with great affection. Note the WAC flag flying in front of the building. We marched many miles behind this flag.

This museum has been slated for closure. This is a crime. It is the only museum in the military dedicated to the women who have served their country. The museum at Aberdeen Proving Grounds will remain open at that sexist-plagued base. Some officials have said that the museum is dead. We tend to believe them. When was the last artifact you have seen on exhibit that had been archived?


This memorial is dedicated to the women who served in Vietnam, all 29,000 of them, and especially to the 9 Army Nurses and the 56 civilian women who were killed in that conflict. One woman, Doctor Vielli is still listed as a POW/MIA.

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I have a two-fold mission with this page. The first part of this mission will be to dedicated to Women in Service, especially the woman soldier, both enlisted and officer. All the news and information I can find on women in the service will go here.

The second is that I have a life-long interest in flying, and military aircraft will be a large portion of this page.

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